Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Heading Home

I'm thinking alot about home lately. Not just a house or physical structure, but the places where I feel safe, welcomed, supported, loved--simply, home. Recently the place and space of "home" has expanded for me. I have some old, and some precious new, wonderful people in my life who I proudly call my family and friends. It's as though because I'm receiving giving and carrying love I'm always heading home because of it.

I believe the fact that I'm writing more often and more sincerely has affected the deep connections I am feeling. Once a week, and on an occassional weekend, I am in a writing group run by among other things, songwriter Nerissa Nields. I did not know she was a songwriter and performer until after I had gotten to know her, so I began listening to the music of the Nields Sisters after-the-fact.

There is one song Nerissa wrote that carries me directly to the connections I feel everytime I hear it. I wish I had written it myself. I'm sharing the lyrics and not the music, which is unfortunate, but this pretty much sums up what I hope to give and get from the people I love and care about.

Heading Home

Will you walk with me down the lonesome highway
Though at times we’ll have nothing to say?
Will you come with me though I won’t know where I’m going?
Someone will show us the way.

Will you follow me through the rain and the snow
The way the wise men go, they seem to know
When we follow our star, it won’t matter where we are.
Oh, for love made long ago, I’m always heading home when
I’m on the road with you.

Will you say “I do” even when you think you don’t
And hope things can change in a day?
Will you say “I love you” even when these are just words
The way words sometimes are when you pray?

Will you see me when I get mad again
I’ll apologize again and again
For the one thing that is true is I’ll fall again for you
Oh, for love made long ago I’m always heading home when
I’m on the road with you.


  1. I feel like my blogging friends are another home. A virtual home. I feel warm whenever I visit.

  2. Acceptance, warmth, home, serenity...ahhhhhh....like soaking in a hot tub.

  3. Blogging has really surprised me. I did not think I would be so involved with it and follow through with people who take the the time to comment on my blogs. I just wanted a place to post my art so my sisters can check my paintings...Then I met some people who I think are really wonderful. I'm still cautious and I really get disgusted when someone with a vile blog comes and visit my blog. When I follow the link, it's a totally filthy site! I delete their comments!!! Another surprising finding is that I am starting to open myself to ideas that I would have generally dismissed because they were not in harmony with my philosophy. I read and listened because I got the impression that the person is "good". I surprized myself. When I think or hear of a place I sometimes tell myself "Oh that's where Suckytoes the blogger lives." When the typhoon Milenyo devastated the Philippines, not only did I think of my family and relatives, I thought of Yang and Gorgeous, Sidney, Menchie and all those bloggers. I am amazed at the vast talents. Most of all the laughter seems endless. I suppose I can consider my fellow bloggers friends. They have certainly enriched my life. And I don't know if people who have known me for years will believe me when I tell them I met someone through the blogs, a kindred soul, the friend I have been searching for in my whole life, who took possession of this space in my heart and will that other blogger feel the same way? They'll probably tell me I have too much free time and stick to the inter-office junk email, the ones we immediately delete.

    Sorry kj. I took so much space. I hope your other guests don't kick me out! The songwriter's lyrics are nice but I love your introduction.

  4. That just about sums up what I hope for and offer in a friendship.

    And I'm with Andrea on the blogging thing.

  5. this is such a gorgeous piece, kj, i teared up once i read it.

  6. I love, love, love this song. TOMORROW!!!!