Sunday, October 22, 2006

Ms.kj Does Italy.....

This is a sure cure for depression: look out an airplane window and be awed by the splendor of it all.

We stayed in the little village of Maiori on the Almalfi Coast. This is its pier. I barely know how to operate a camera so this beauty is the real deal.

JB dragged me shopping four days in a row. Given the bargains in leather and ceramics, I did buy a few things for myself, but I complained about 60% of the time. As an alternative, I begged her sit with me over a cup of cappuccino and watch the world go by. She obliged about 60% of the time.

Few washers or dryers in this part of the world.

Imagine having and taking the time every day to buy your fruit, vegtables, meat and fish. I was enthralled by the rhythm of daily life in Maiori.

JB does not allow me to post her picture on this blog, but who could resist this shot? Besides, you still couldn't spot her in a police lineup.

This is the view across the street from our hotel. The cliffs of Almalfi and the Mediterranean Sea are majestically everywhere you look.

I love storefronts. Always have. Always will.

I'm lying on the beach, feeling the warm sun, looking at this panorama, and can't believe my good fortune.

The Almalfi Coast consists of buildings, neighborhoods and communities, lemon groves, and thin winding roads ribboned around the coastline, way way high up. In one variation or another, it looks like this.

No doubt I'm headed back to Italy again one of these days. The food, folks and coastal beauty was awesome.


  1. wow! absolutely gorgeous! i hope i get to travel some day...

  2. KJ these photographs are fantastic! You are quite the photographer, humble yet getting me awed with these shots. My favorite is the image of the fruits and vegetables. What a colorful town. Thanks for sharing and oh...I could easily dig JB's pose - that is so classy and I like the shopping part about her. Never mind the police line up, blow up her picture and post it at my hairdresser's salon, I love her hair!

  3. ruby--i'm channeling travel energy your way.

    ces--hairdressers love jb. i personally resent how easy she and her natural curls have it.

  4. Oh. My. Gosh. What gorgeous shots, KJ! And now I want to go to Italy somethin' fierce. It looks like you had a lovely, much-deserved, mini vacation! See you soon!!

  5. These are great! The ones of the mediterranean remind me a lot of the French mediterranean! Absolutely stunning...and gives me a longing for some chocolate, bread, and cheese!

  6. Fantastic shots of what looks like a fascinating trip. That one shot of the Med and the mountains is great.

    Never been to Italy, somehow missed it and France, but gotta go now.

    Glad you n JB had a good time. But where's YOUR pic?

  7. You are making me want to go back again. I'm flooded with warm feelings whenever I think of Italy.

    Glad you had such a great trip. How did your back hold up?

  8. liz, my back held up unbelievably well! i wasn't the last to stumble along even once!

    i am now smitten with italy. i will definately go back. i had no idea it would be so beautiful and so welcoming (not to mention the food...what's better than pasta as a salad course with every meal?!)

  9. Thanks for stopping by my spot. Love your pix...feeling nostalgic... I love that part of the world.

    Re your comments on storefronts, I saw a FAB documentary on a 70-year-old woman striving to get her paintings into the Royal Academy, and she specializes in storefronts... here's her site link if you're interested:

  10. JB dragged me shopping four days in a row...

    Does JB need a sister?

    KJ, those photos are breathtaking! When I was in high school, I went on a 2-week group trip to Grenoble, France. During that time, we took a side trip to to Turin, Italy. While I enjoyed, France, I LOVED Italy. I plan to take Q (and maybe the boys when they're older) back there someday.

  11. val, jb would love a sister. she would actually settle for anyone who would also look and touch and discuss every item in every store.she is particuliarly partial to clothes and shoes and fabric. it is a very unfortunate event that she got stuck with me.

    i'll let her know she has options.

    welcome back. how was your weekend?

  12. Mmm ... makes my mouth water! I want to go to Italy! Waaah!

  13. Yowza! I have been to Italy on an all girl trip with my Mom, sis and my sisters friends and we all had the time of our lives, twice!!! Two different trips all of us together and I have lots of wonderful pix like you do. Really wonderful, I'm so glad you had the best time!!!

  14. I love Italy. You chose a fabulous spot. Wish I was there x

  15. I'm soooo jealous! Your pictures captured the real charm of Italy. Glad you both enjoyed your trip :)