Friday, October 06, 2006

Songs of My LIfe

Cherrypie tagged me to share the songs that mean something to me. I was belting out and lip synching songs in the privacy of my bedroom as a pre-teenager. I've used broom handles as microphones and pretended to sing passionate songs in great theatre halls. Even after the nun teaching my first communication class pulled me aside and told me I could only move my lips and to cool it with my passionate attempts to sing, I've continued to be a fantasy singer. I admit I can't carry a tune. Oh, but I try.

So here are my favorites:

1. Someone to Watch Over Me: This George Gerswin tune has been sung by everyone from Ella Fitzgerald to Willie Nelson to the student in Mr. Holland's Opus. I listen to it and I tear up. The title says it all: who doesn't want this? And to someone to watch-over back....

2. Twist and Shout : Is there a better song to dance to? Mary Chapin Carpenter does this song fiddle country justice. I won't tell you what my daughter Jessica said about my dancing at her wedding to this song, but my uncharacteristic response was "Who gives a sh--?".

3. Blowing in the Wind: When I first heard this Bob Dylan song, I understood something about a peaceful world, and I deeply felt the wisdom and inspiration to do my part. I am a child of the 60's, really, and that has had a profound impact on who I am and what I believe.

5. Halleluiah sung by kd lang: This song mesmorizes, haunts and transports me whenever I hear it. Her voice is stunningly beautiful.

6. True Colors (Cindy Lauper)--Jess and Mike chose this song for their first dance at their wedding. I was surprised Jess liked it and it will always remind me of the day my favorite daughter married a man she truly loves.

7. If We Only Have Love"--When I was in college, I loved Charles Aznavour's "Jacque Brel is Alive and Living in Paris". I saw the play at the little Charles Theatre in Boston and listened to this album over and over. I've chosen this song in particular because in my mind some things are always true. Love rules.

8. The Great Peace Train: I'm at a Holly Near concert in my early 30's. She a lesbian comfortable in her own skin, has a fabulous voice, and isn't afraid to speak of peace without apology. All are qualities I want for myself--then and now--ok, ok, so I can't have the fabulous voice.

9. Angel in the House: If you haven't heard this sweet song, I recommend tracking down the group, The Story, and the cd of the same name. Jonatha Brooke was my neighbor and a dog friend when her cd was released. It was chosen by People Magazine as the pick of the week. Jonatha and I and and a varying dozen or so other people often stood in the open field of Cold Springs Park and talked about dogs and life and how this music was made. I look back on these days in the same way I currently cherish my blog relationships.

10. John Denver anything except his really hokiest songs: I like his simplicity, respect for nature and mountains and soaring. Last Christmas jb bought me a two cd collection of his greatest hits. You can see me happily singing along with him on the Massachusetts Turnpike. Of course, I am totally oblivious to you.

11. And last, Andrea Bocelli's Con Te Partiro. I'm not much of an opera fan but I played this song in Provincetown for the two years we lived there. Somehow it helped me understand both the sadness and the joy of life. I was knee-deep into both at the time, and hearing Bocelli belt this out helped me feel better about being very very human.

So now I'm tagging: Popscholar, Ruby, ValGalArt--Any interest in sharing the songs of your life?


  1. It's impossible not to sing along to John Denver when driving.,

    Thanks for playing along x

  2. Oh dear, I am too old fashioned. I only know No. 1 and No. 11. The rest I've heard of Cindy Lauper - liked her and k.d. lang - I have at least 5 of her albums. Her voice is divine.

  3. cherrypie, you sing with john denver? ooooh.

    ces, i am pretty sure you would like charles aznavour.

  4. #5!! Oh man, the first time I heard her sing that Leonard Cohen classic my jaw dropped. I already think kd lang is the best singer of the present, but the power of that song. Wow. I just had to find it on YouTube right now and play it. Thanks for the reminder, kj, and I really enjoyed reading about the rest of your choices.

  5. Just reading #5 gives me goosebumps -- I highly agree. Fantastic song and with that voice, you can't go wrong!

    I love the Story! And I love that you were dog-walkin' buddies with Jonatha. :)

    Happy weekend, my friend -- how's the back?

  6. melissa, today i feel like my old self. i am moving better and the effects of anethesia, which had me feeling alittle "distant", are fading fast. i've got a year of exercise and reconditioning ahead.

    i will be so glad to see you later in the month! now i know you and it will be so great to share and read and write and chat. !

    have a great weekend!

  7. kj, yes I like Charles Aznavour. I have his duets with Patrick Bruel. I love listening to French songs but my husband can't stand them.

  8. My computer wasn't refreshing your blog for some reason, so I just got to read all you've written in the past week -- I left an oodle of comments. :)

  9. All your descriptions are so delightful and deep! I hope i won't disappoint!

  10. K.D. Lang has an amazing voice and although I didn't know a few, great list.

    Last post was fun! Lost made my jaw hang open :)

  11. I like reading about others' favourite songs. Some of these would be in my 50 favourites. When you get to middle-age, there are just so many songs to choose from ... old and new.

  12. This is marvellous - a really enjoyable post!

    I might even 'self tag' :]