Thursday, July 13, 2006

The Thursday Thirteen

1. I have a master's degree in rehab. counseling

2. The best hot chocolate I've ever had was at Angelina's cafe in Paris

3. I know how to use an electric screwdriver

4. But I don't know how to change a flat tire (and probably never will)

5. I went to a butterfly sanctuary today and was afraid of the butterflies (they flew all over the place)

6. I eat red meat 2-3 times a year

7. I eat chocolate 2-3 times a week

8. I like grocery shopping and paying bills but I hate doing laundry and vacuuming

9. My 2 week stint with the Red Cross in New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina changed who I am--for the better

10. I stash away 20 dollar bills a couple of times a month and one time I accumulated over a thousand dollars that way

11. The funniest movie I've ever seen is "Sordid Lives"--I've seen it 3 times

12. I don't accessorize very well

13. When I come across a joke I like, I'll tell it to someone else every chance I get


  1. kj… thanks for the continued visits will i go through my adjustment period… the visits while i was away helped to bring me back… just what the doctor ordered… but i guess that's why you do what you do… rehab couseling is also something i could make use of… my wife and i have been rehabbing this old house for years and i just can't find the time… probably not the same kind of rehabbing… ah well… up too late again… peace…

  2. #5. I can imagine.

    I like #10.

  3. I am the same with number 6 and 7!

  4. I'm completely with you on number 13!

  5. Hey feel free to do my grocery shopping for me! Just kidding. Thanks for your comment on my "Skyline" piece...wish I was going away, too. Alas, no summer vacation for me. Living at the beach will have to do. However I did get away to Vermont for a weekend last month. First visit. Fell in love. Can't wait to go back!

  6. I love the bit about the butterflies:)

    Love to see you openning up on your are so interesting!

  7. I'm glad I'm not the only one to have been afraid of butterflies :) I went to the Butterfly Place in Tyngsboro, MA and I was so jumpy. It was very embarrassing. What the heck did I think was going to happen to me? But I just couldn't help it.

    I think that is wonderful and generous that you went down to New Orleans.

  8. I have a great idea a year from now we will all meet up at #2!!! That way we can all finally meet and have the best hot chocolate in the world plus go to Paris! Whaddayasay???

  9. The butterfly bit cracked me up. I'm going to have to try #10!

  10. so nice to know i'm not alone my desire to avoid head-on collisions with butterflies!

    ah, how i wish i could sit in angelina's for hot chocolate a year from now. an intriguing thought...

    it is so much fun to compare notes with eachother! michael, ces, amy, elsa, joy, val: join in for the thursday thirteen any time. all it requires is 13 pieces of information about yourself. a--you have introduced a grand idea for summer fun.

  11. Thanks, KJ. I just might do Thursday Thirteen this week! Sounds like fun!

  12. Yes, I think I will try a Thursday 13 this week. Good idea. I wonder what I will come up with.

  13. Dang! #10 sounds fabulous! :) I loved the butterfly thing -- very Hitchcocky. :) When I had the Jeep and was driving while pregnant with Charlotte, I thought to myself, "You know ... maybe I should learn how to change a tire on this thing before I have my baby ..." I got to where I was going, got out of the car, and heard, "Sssssssssssssssssssss." I learned how to change the tire ..