Thursday, July 06, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

1. I would drive all day to have lunch or dinner at Mr. Sushi in Brookline. I order the california rolls, chicken terraki rolls and shrimp tempura rolls--no raw fish for me--these three are a piece of heaven.

2. The first time I remember deeply crying was when i read Nobody's Boy. I was probably 1o and it was the first book i ever checked out of the library

3. I was cast as Aida in a Neil Coward play my senior high school school and during a few performances I made up my own lines a couple of times, to the pleasure of the audience and to the dismay of the lead actress

4. I can uncover or create any resource for any occasion. I'm just persistent.

5. I love playing slot machines even though I lose every time

6. Two of my best friends were killed in accidents before they turned 30

7. I love Paris for reasons I don't understand but I could live there

8. I'm a good counselor

9. My first car was an Austin my father rebuilt for me. It had little hands that stuck out for directionals and I was only allowed to drive it two miles to the busstop and back. He later rebuilt a Metropolitan for me, which was probably the smallest car ever made. It had a little bench for the back seat.

10. For the first time in my life I have a yard with full sun. I am a squealing-with-delight gardener these days.

11. I am re-inventing myself as a writer. When my first publication occurs, I plan to celebrate with a hot fudge sundae,and then a trip to mr. sushi.

12. I love my laptop computer more than I ever dreamed I would.

13. I'm 58 (wow!)but feel alot younger: I'm pretty satisfied with my life these days.

ps A: this is for you. I was arrested for breaking and entering at age 13 because i and 2 of my friends happily met three boys we liked for a little get together in the woods of a private boarded up estate. one of us got the idea to open a window and check out the estate. first we stood on a little table and broke it, then an alarm went off, then the car wouldn't start, and then appeared two policemen who actually surrounded us. it took a week for them to call my parents about it and my father brought me to the policestation and volunteered me to pick up leaves as a punishment. I was mortified, and by the way, none of the three of us ended up with any of the guys. such is the life of a 13 year old...


  1. I love California rolls!! I'm with you, I don't do raw fish. I'll have to remember Mr. Sushi if I'm down in that area.

    I agree with you about Paris - it's such a wonderful city. It's got an aura about it.

    You'll have to let me know when you're published. I will definitely buy the book in an independent book store :) BTW, what kind of book are you writing?

  2. I'd like to visit Paris, but I'm a little intimidated. I know how to say exactly two things in French. My name is Liz, and Where is the bathroom, please?.

    Come to think of it, that's pretty much all I ever say in English.

  3. elsa, put mr. sushi on your list and order my 3 favorites! my book is called good work!--about how to choose good work and then find it though a job search. wish me luck!

    liz, all i know how to say is "do you speak english?" and "can you help me-i'm lost" you make me laugh!

  4. Sushi is a favorite here at our house -- even the kids hold their hands up in joy and shout, "YAAAY," when they see their dad rollin' the California rolls. He did one last week with shrimp (cooked) cut so they could spread out over packed rice and between the shrimp and rice he tucked a little wasabi ... oh. my. god. It makes my mouth water just thinking about them!

    I loved reading this -- I'm getting such a clear and warm picture of you and what your heart is like. :) I had lines in a French play once in sixth grade -- funny thing is, I still remember them ... and my dog was in the play with me! Paris was where I saw my first impressionist paintings and cried my eyes out.

  5. thanks for the clarity re: the breaking and entering! ;) That's a great story.

  6. that's a hilarious explanation of the B&E, kj! i'm not a sushi person (i love my seafood, but cooked, please!)...but i hear you on the laptop thing!

  7. KJ - Good luck with the book! And thanks again for the Mr. Sushi recommendation.

  8. No.1 sounds delicious. There with you with the raw fish. Humans discovered fire and harnessed electricity long time ago.

    I cried with The Good Earth by Pearl S. Buck. I cried so hard on the pages, it almost got torn.

    Making up words in songs - so that's when you started to do it!!!Very funny!!! Such mischief :-)

    Persistent and full of initiative, I say.

    I could play the slots until my arm hurts. Once I won $76.00 in nickels - very heavy bag. I had no time to exchange the coins so we carried the money bag to the airport. We bought a lot of food at the vending machine to get rid of the nickels.

    My best friend died after we graduated from nursing college. She drowned when the the passenger ship Dona Florentina collided with an oil tanker off the coast of Manila.

    I have never been to Paris but last night we were looking at a friend's travel pictures. She said the sights were wonderful but the French people stink. They do not shave, do not shower frequently nor use deodorants. I can't wait to smell Paris.

    I am intimidated by counselors. have a very interesting life. You are full of delight and you appreciate even the simplest things in life.

    58 is a good age. I think any age is good if you are confident, happy and have no debt.

    You are very interesting.

  9. KJ- I know a decent amount of French and didn't need a bit of it in Paris. Most Parisians have better English than Americans do French, and they're in such a hurry all the time, that they'd rather converse in English. I had conversations where I spoke in French and they responded in English! Personally though, my heart lies in the south of France.

  10. nicole, when i was in paris two years ago, i at least tried to speak french and that got me alot of points and alot of help. i had nothing but positive experiences with the local folks.

    i can't wait to visit the provence and other areas. this fall jb and i are going to the amalfi coast in italy but next year i hope it's southern france.

    i remember your story about riding your bike in france.