Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Not Ready to Make Nice

"I'm through with doubt.
There's nothing left for me to figure out.
I've paid a price.
And I'll keep paying.
I'm not ready to make nice.
I'm not ready to back down.
I'm still mad as hell and
I don't have time to go round and round and round.
It's too late to make it right.
I probably wouldn't if I could.
Cause I'm mad as hell.
Can't bring myself to do what it is you think I should."
The Dixie Chicks

A few years ago the country-singing Dixie Chicks publicly criticized President Bush's actions in Iraq. They were effectively blackballed throughout country music and their song play and careers came to an abrupt halt.

It's not my intent or style to use this blog to advance my political opinion, or anybody else's. But taking this stand took courage and I admire that.

The Dixie Chicks are back with a new cd called "Taking the Long Way". And in that cd is a song called "Not Ready to Make Nice". Without knowing in advance how they and their music would be received, they made another decision to stand by what they believe in. You might not agree with them, but I for one admire their courage yet again.

And it's gotten me thinking about courage and conviction. I like the clarity and firmness of "not ready to make nice". It's clean and honest. It's realistic about consequences. And it's free of guilt. In this teetering time of nuclear weapons and tough guy approaches, I vote for more not less courage and conviction. And on a more mundane level, following the recent writing prompt on "guilt", I find it refreshing to be so clear and firm. No late night tossing and turning about something you believe is right, and that's a good thing.

"Taking the Long Way" is a really fine album. The Dixie Chicks have had their comeback tour cancelled in some states and venues due lack of support or concerns about safety. While there's still plenty of fans, I encourage you to buy the cd, enjoy it, and support these 3 women for speaking their minds and exercising their backbone.

Not ready to make nice is the opposite of numb, and I'm for more of that too.


  1. I don't buy many CDs, but this one is on my list. Thanks for the reminder!

  2. i don't buy many either, liz, and i'm delighted with this one. glad you'll be buying it.

    ps and about your cabinet handles: how are they?!

  3. kj,

    I don not think that the Dixie Chicks were blacklisted, if there is such a thing, when they criticized the president. The issue is their manner of criticizing the president or anyone for that matter. I can't remember any Dixie Chicks song or any of the pop country singers' songs and have no plans to buy a cd. However, if I go to a concert expecting to hear music or be entertained, I sure don't want to hear political ramblings from the entertainers especially when I paid for the show. If I want to engage in or hear political discussions and criticisms, I could turn on the tv and listen to the talking heads. The Dixie Chicks are pretty but I doubt if they will be remembered like Loretta Lynn, Patti Paige or even k.d.lang. People I work with, know more about the Chicks' controversy than they do of their music. That defeats the purpose for musicians, does it?

  4. I agree with you, KJ. I admire the Dixie Chicks for voicing their opinion regardless of consequences. Having enough belief, conviction and courage to voice their opinion - especially at a time when the majority of opinion would go against them (back in 2003).

  5. kj,
    thanks for visiting my blog. And yes!--I love that song as well. Actually, I love singing along with it when I'm driving alone at night. Did I mention that I like to sing it LOUD!? Their intensity is so raw. The song holds power! Maybe it will even wake a few sheep from their slumber.

  6. hi ces, i've taken alittle time to think about your comments. i really like the dixie chicks'music and sing along with alot of their songs. but different tastes is what makes the world go round.

    i'm not a big country/western fan, but i hear plenty of political ramblings by c & w singers, strongly supporting one way of seeing things. the dixie chicks presented another way of seeing things in a forum that doesn't ususually offer that kind of diversity. the reaction was (in my opinion) pretty extreme. it seems to me to be more of a "blue state" "red state" division and that both baffles and saddens me.

    all this said, whatever the dixie chicks expressed a few years ago is now the prevailing view of many Americans. I admit I'm glad of that.

    ps i love kd lang.


  7. k.j., k.d. rocks! She has a very beautiful voice. It is good to have favorites.

  8. I did not mean to ignore your message about the Dixie Chicks but I honestly do not know them and have not heard their music. I also try not to discuss politics with friends. Ask me about Disney Channel shows though, because I know every cartoon and non-cartoon characters my kids watch. In fact I even know the secret ingredient of a Crabby Patty (Sponde Bob Square Pants).

  9. ces, i liked your response. disney over politics sounds fine to me.


  10. jessie, i'm glad to hear from you. i love the first 3 songs on the new cd. i sing along quite loudly myself.


  11. This CD has been on my list. I heard the DCs on NPR recently and I agree with you here...