Sunday, July 23, 2006

Thursday 13 for Jessica

Last week was Jessica's 29th birthday. But not just that: we now know she is safely 13 weeks pregnant. We will welcome and love another treasured person in our family. Wow. I imagine I will be a playful vibrant grandmother: I certainly know there is plenty of wonder and mystery to share and discover.

In honor of Jess' birthday, here's a Thursday 13 for her:

1. 15 minutes after Jess was born, I ate a ham and cheese sandwich and could have eaten another.

2. When Jess was 14 I made her get a summer job, thinking the value of work and her own spending money was a good thing. She and her friend Annie found work in a shoe factory. After resisting the whole idea, she came home the first day with a new found enthusiasm. "it's really cool, mom. They'll pay you in shoes instead of money."

3. Jess could be a top notch detective. When Charles Stewart murdered his wife, she was weeks ahead of anyone else in saying he did it.

4. Jess could also be an attorney. At the youngest age she could persuade you her made-up words for scrabble were real.

5. Jess could also be a professional shopper. Nobody finds bargains like this girl.

6. She and I took a 3 week trip to the West Coast when she was 12. We started in Berkeley, drove down Highway 1 to LA and Disneyland,then San Diego, then drove across the Red Desert (?)through Utah to the Grand Canyon, where we rode mules half way down and my fear of heights just about had a heart attack.

7. I could tell Jess loved Mike the first time I saw them together.

8. Their wedding last September is a permanent best-memory: I can still remember every detail. They couldn't stop laughing through most of the solemn ceremony and that made the priest and minister laugh too.

9. The wedding party and parents, all formally dolled up, were trollied to the 3 pm tour of Fenway Park, before the 6 pm wedding in downtown Boston. The pictures of us all in the bleachers are priceless.

10. There is nothing worse than seeing your little child's feelings hurt by her friends: you'd like to beat them up for being mean, but of course, alas, you've got to choose a more non-confrontational path.

11. Jess has held on to almost all her friends from junior high, high school, and college.

12. I can't explain what makes Jess so funny, but you just have to listen to her for a few minutes and you know that she has a cynical and unique wit and way of seeing that no one else does.

13. I would absolutely positively run right into any burning house to rescue this daughter of mine. And knowing that, since the day she was born, has made me a better and better person.

Happy Birthday, Jess. Here's to everything ahead. Love Mom


  1. Wow, this is so sweet. Your words reveal you are a very loving mother. I love the wedding details. Quite extraordinary for a wedding party to go on a tour before the ceremony. Good luck to you and your daughter. Great expectations, indeed!

  2. What a fantastic tribute. You are a truly devoted mom! I haven't got a daughter but when my sons reach that age I want to write something like that! (Happy Grandma-ing!)

  3. Ditto on what Ces said, "How sweet". Congratulations on being an "expectan" grandmother! And I just LOVE that the wedding parent and parents got a tour of Fenway Park - now THAT is VERY COOL!!

    BTW, Happy Birthday, Jess!

  4. Oh, I loved this! I imagined doing this for Iris and Charlotte someday ... I can only imagine what will be "in" then, as blogs are now. :) Thank you for this -- it's beautiful. And congrats on the grandchild-to-be!

  5. Love you too mom!

    PS - I've been working in a corporate setting for 7 years now and I would still take shoes in lieu of a paycheck :)

  6. Awesome, kj. What a delightful look at your daughter.

    CONGRATS to the whole family!

  7. WOw, congrats to Jess and to you, a grandma in the not-too-distant future!

  8. Congratulations!! I hope her son or daughter will have her personality.

  9. what a cute post; fun to read! Congratulations to Jess and the family!