Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Sunshine and Buffy's Great Adventure

to spend time with a (not so) near and (so very) dear friend: I am short on words and long on true blue love.


this was the first time lori and i 'met' in person, but not the first time we laughed and cemented the hands of friendship. I am most fortunate to be her friend.


lori was the most gracious and best human being, hostess, tour guide, companion, and friend anyone could ever hope for. I was sad to say goodbye.


And Chuck and Owen and Kimberly: thank you so much: a total pleasure.
. .

The following is copied (okay, stolen) from Lori's blog but of course I had to add my two cents:

we had fun times ten! (times a thousand). there were visits to stearns wharf in santa barbara (the most beautiful and serene views), the zoo (did you know certain monkeys have blue balls? forgive me for being graphic, but OMG!), the mission, summerland beach cafe, cafe luna, the corktree cellars (we are both very skilled at eating, drinking, talking, giggling, and snapping photos of eachother and everything around us simultaneously). we went to the seal rookery (stunning) and beautiful nursery's and garden's (how many--3? 4?), we ate hotdogs at the hotdog cart (and sat on our very own kindness rock, aha ha ha buffy) and rode the kiddie train at the zoo (we were the only adults not accompanied by kids). we dined on enchilada's and lobster macaroni and cheese (not together!) (with chuck, who is a fantastic wonderful guy). we spent a blissful hour at summerland's sacred spaces (very sacred and very special, sf) where the gift of this shawl came from). we went to the beach, the marsh, and up the foothills (for the views) (we went everywhere!). and we talked, laughed and talked some more. (hahahahahahahahahahaha) it was a good good (good good good) time. isn't blogging wonderful we kept saying?


thank you, lori graham, my friend. Until next time,





  1. It looks as if you had a fabulous time! Lovely photos...I really like the one of the two of you! You both look as if you were totally relaxed throughout.

    Sounds like scrumptious food was served, as well!!

  2. Found your blog via Lori's post. I enjoyed reading both posts. It made me smile to hear the story about two bloggers getting together and having a great time. Hooray!

  3. Omgomgomg. How wonderful. I wasngoing tonemailnyou and ask ifnyou are having fun but no need to do that now - it's obvious

  4. Tsup*!* Wonderful to see the two of you having a brilliant time and Kj, you found the only known siamese twin flamingos in existence. Good thing you had your camera ;) Smiles*!*

  5. Sounds like a wonderful trip (and your photos are fabulous)!

    Thanks for sharing the sunshine :)


  6. I am so homesick for California! boo hoo hoo! lol! And I was married in Santa Barbara. It is one of my most favorite places in the world. I'm glad you had fun, Miss KJ! xox Pam

  7. I just looked at the pictures!
    Tomorrow I will be back and read the words!
    So happy you both had such a good time;)
    I( know how special meeting a blog friend in real is!!!!!!!


  8. Wonderful photos and thank you for sharing the happiness.

    Your joy is leaping out of this post.

    x Robyn

  9. super trip for sure and to meet a super woman, both. I am amazed KJ at your wonderful self.

  10. omg, this trip had to be fabulous! Just the photos themselves are enough for at least ten posts! I'm so glad you enjoyed getting to know your friend, kj, but you have to realize that it is you who allows people to be themselves, and that makes for a good friendship.

  11. As Emily would say: "Waaaaaaaah"!
    Tried three times to comment....ok - this is the charm! Great photos of two friends having a glorious time!!!!!!

    And I DO SEE Emily's ears poking up behind KJ and Lori in several shots!!!!!


    ♥ Wrobin ♥

  12. marion, definitely a fabulous time. we were relaxed from start to finish. i think it was easy to take nice pictures because we were happy xo

    hello ann marie, thank you for coming by. yes, we had a great time. lori, as i'm sure you know, is a treasure.

    mim, Omgomgomg!!! yes! definitely obvious. very wonderful. next time i think you'll be in these photos too. xo

    annie, hahaha! the siamese flamigos. you make me laugh outloud!

    thank you kristin, my photos are nothing compared to lori's. she is a photographer to behold. it was awesome to be snapping away with her. p.s. ♥ (good job, girl!)

    pam, i have to say i found the area spectacular. i could live there. i like knowing you were married in santa barbara, and i can see why you would be homesick.

    marianne, 'special' is the right word. i know you know. xoxo

  13. robyn, you are so right that my joy is leaping out of this post. spending time with our mutual friend was a total joy. i miss her already...

    suki, thank you for such a high compliment. the truth is i am elevated by the company i keep ♥

    margaret, honestly, it was easy for me to be me because of lori. she is easy to trust, easy to love, easy to be with, and easier still to mutually fall on the ground laughing. i am the lucky duck in this friendship.

    wrobin, i missed you! (i tried) :)
    we had a grand time. now i have to look at the photos again in search of emily's ears.

    lo, hahahaha! i was just about to respond to your comment before i realized you haven't yet left a comment!!! how funny is that?! (great minds....) you were with us in spirit. ♥

  14. i'm really glad you had a great time here in california kj,i surely did too, and i still can't get over this amazing blogging world.

  15. i forgot to say thank you for everything, i loved most how much we laughed all the time!

  16. Aren't you glad they invented digital camera's and memory cards? Good lord kj film would cost you a fortune and your retirement savings to boot! Nice pics though.

  17. What a beautiful snaps!!!

    All are beautiful but if i have to choose only one then golden fishes in the pond

  18. Like I told Lori, Lucky Ducks! How wonderful! It is true that blogging is wonderful and has brought many good friends into our lives. xoxo

  19. Once again I enjoyed the pictures and read the text this time!
    Wow what a visit!
    Must say your pictures could have been from Lori.....which means you both make wonderful pictures:)
    So happy it turned out the way you probably imagined it to be; just wonderful magical .
    yeah meeting blog friends in real is magical!


  20. I told you she'd love you ;)

    I gasp and ooh and aaah at every photo. It looks like you two had a magical time together, and I love how much of it was spent in nature. My kind of place.

    And I love that garden/Buddha shop. Wow. You could fill a book with images from there!

    How clever of you two to mimic one another on your of each other taking photos of each other. The fisherman pose! Such fun! And ravens...for me?? I'd like to think so.

    i wish you had the type of comment window that came up by itself so I could keep going back to reference.

    I'll just sum it up by saying I'm pretty sure I know how you felt. Meeting kindred spirits in the flesh after writing to one another for a while's priceless.

    With all the crazy stuff that's going on around the world right now, how lucky we are to be able to grasp these golden moments.

    They'll never tarnish you know. They'll always be a shining memory ;)

    love you~


  21. I am so happy you two got to meet, KJ!! That sounds so wonderful all around and the pictures are amazing!! Much love and TSUP!! Silke

  22. lori, in a word: ♥

    mark, i won't even tell you how many pix i took in all! any talent i may have is discovered in large numbers! xo

    shubhajit, i am not surprised at your favorite. this space was sacred. you could actually feel the cool holy air

    annie, lucky lucky ducks we are. the experience is just amazing

    marianne, i remember the moment you walked up the path in ptown. how beautiful you were and are! thank you for comparing my photos to lori's but no way. watching her in action was so great--she makes it look so easy!

    i loved her too, lo... your comment is so great i keep referring back to it:
    -- yes, we were in nature but hahaha, we had our coffees and lattes too!
    --you would have LOVED the garden space. see my comment to shabhajit about feeling the air.
    --lori and i didn't plan to mimic photos. it was all so spontaneous and natural, the best kind of friendship (as you know, pp)
    --of course the ravens are for you
    --love you too ♥

    silke,how nice to hear from youwe had a blast! TSUP! and love to you too

  23. Somehow this did not show up in my dashboard??? WT*??? (I really am disliking Blogger at the moment...)
    Beautiful photos---the one of the Buddha is particularly lovely...
    To quote my mom; "And a good time was had by all"! :-)


  24. hello anne, nice to see you today :) twas the best of times. delightfully special ♥

  25. Wonderful Blog!! Beautiful photos!! Can't wait to read your book :)