Sunday, March 20, 2011

Mish Mash: A Weekend in Words

It was a glitzy fun weekend and I forgot my camera.
That was unfortunate.
This weekend my son-in-law Mike hosted a glamorous bowl-a-thon (hee, can glamorous and bowling possibly go together?) to raise money for Boston's Children's Hospital, who is sponsoring him in his first ever 26 mile run in the Boston Marathon in April.
Let me get the ugly truth out of the way: I bowled a 65. That included at least two frames of zero pins knocked down and ten frames of slamming the ball so hard on the alley I'm pretty sure my teammates were just thankful I didn't crack the alley in two and get us all kicked out.
The event was held in Boston at a bowling alley part nightclub that spanned three floors and was super cool and super classy. (where was my camera?) Beforehand JB & I got to spend some great time with Mr. Ryan and no-longer-baby Drew; then we beamed watching Mike so competently handle this big event; we loved meeting his and our daughter Jess's friends; we were tickled that JB's art and the donated art of several of my blog friends (Lo, Lori, Pam, Marianne, in spirit Mim) was very much appreciated and contributed to a good cause.
It had been a hard long difficult week. Really I'd had a week from hell, and I don't say that very often. It was good to get away and good to laugh. Such as:
Mr. Ryan proudly announced that had just learned about George Washington and Hammerhead Lincoln.
Ryan, haha, do you mean Abraham Lincoln?
Yes, he corrected himself, Hammerham Lincoln.
And not even ten minutes later, he pointed to his chest and said, 'Look, I have nibbles.'
And today, thrilled to be at my beloved Mr. Sushi's for lunch, I emailed my friend Lo to tell her I was at Mr. Sushi having an organism. Leave it to my Iphone to guess at the O word incorrectly.

And finally, this morning JB and I were checking out of our hotel and the hotel manager approached us.

"I was watching you two at breakfast,'' he said. "Are you twin sisters?"

This was not the first time people have thought JB and I are sisters. But twins!

"No," I said, "We are partners. We've been together 25 years. But I'm getting worried. You know how some people start to look like their dogs?"

"No," he smiled. "You both look great. Even your jewelry is great."

"Well, we are kind of cool," I said.

We all laughed. But oh dear God. From the looks of it JB and I are going to walk arm in arm looking like a pair of elderly old maid sisters one of these days. Maybe even now. This does not bode well for my aspiring babe goal. And since when have we looked alike anyway? Not... :^)

Here's my final thought: If I can laugh because my grandson has nibbles and knows about Hammerhead Lincoln, if I can bowl completely pathetically and live to tell about it; if I can hang out in nightclub bowling alley so totally proud of these two adult children I love so much; if I can have an organism eating sushi; and if I resemble my attractive fashionable partner, well, things can't be that bad, right?

Ask me how I'm doing in a couple of days. Because please god, I'm ready for a new and better week all the way around. And not just for myself....

love kj


  1. Aww wishing it for you too. Sounds like a fab weekend. As for forgetting your camera? Shame shame shame! I should tweak your nibbles.

    (god, i love you!)

  3. haha, i'm sorry it was the week from hell, but at least your reflections on it were charming.

    i can't stop smiling over hammerhead hammerham lincoln, tee hee hee! so so cute.

    i'm really glad the event was a sucess and made some money, that is so cool Mike is running, and his very first marathon is Boston? wow!


    p.s. since i dont' know bowling, 65 sounds really good to me.

  4. When we were about 7 and 8 my sister came home and proudly annoumced that she'd been learning about orgasms at school. My mum almost had heart failure. My sister has always had this happy knack with muddling of words.

    We are often taken for partners she and I, which gives us both a giggle and strangely it kind of lifts us too. We are the closest of friends and I guess people sense that. Unfortunately for me she is the glam babe out of us two.

    I never knew one could orgasm from sushi. Shall have to check this out ... in the interests of science obviously!

    Hope this week is better KJ ... for us both. xx Jos

  5. I love Hammerhead Lincoln. I am in love with that - what a cutie!! I hope you have a much, much better week. I hope it is all unicorns and rainbows and orgasms - hahahaha. Sorry about that last one. Rick and I are beginning to look alike, too, which has me worried because he has a BEARD. :)) xox! Pam

  6. may this week be one of joy and peace for you. Loved your weekend story. well, sometimes stories are funner for the lack of a camera.

    I have been told I look like Bibbity, whiskers and all. Just kidding.

  7. Well, look at it this way--DH and I have been married 26 years, and I get to start looking like HIM! (already working on the facial hair---thank you menopause...NOT!!!)
    Life is enjoying the small moments because they come every day.
    Big moments come, and fly by.
    I'm all for the little ones...

    (even my vert-word is making fun of me...."haryino"'s seen me pre-tweezers...)

  8. lori, from a week of hell to a week of delight--that's my plan :)
    yes, it is a big deal that mike is running in the boston marathon. we will root him on from heartbreak hill, named that because it's a push up up up six miles from the finish line p.s. xoxo

    jos, that is hilarious! maybe there is something about women of similiar ages being affectionate and/or so obviously comfortable. as for orgasmic sushi, jos, you have to find your own version of MR SUSHI. it is a hole in the wall restaurant, nothing fancy, that has orgasmic sushi (i muffled my sounds for the benefit of other diners) :^)

  9. pam, hahahhaa! since i've seen rick, i would like to assure you that although you are both attractive & kind, no worries, although i have a feeling both of you have infectious smiles. ♥

    suki, cut it out! it's too early in the morning for me to be laughing like this. besides, mr. bibbity may get nervous that you may snip off his whiskers to avoid the mixups.

    anne, what's with that, anyway? are we destined to tweeze away? i have enough trouble holding on to my nail file and face cream.

    'Life is enjoying the small moments because they come every day.' anne, this is so true and well said. easier said than done sometimes, but so much easier once understood xo

  10. hahahaha!!!! Hammerhead Lincoln is my new all time favorite Ryanism!!
    I could gobble that kid right up!
    I can't wait to see what comes out of Drewbie's mouth :P

    65? hahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!
    I think that's better than I would do, honestly ;)

    Twins????? TWINS?????? hahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!
    You didn't tell me that one. Hilarious!! I loved your comments back to him :)

    Sounds like a great weekend Ms. KJ. I know you're proud of Mike. I'll be rooting for him on the day of the marathon. I now that boy has been working his buns off, literally.

    I hope you have a better week! Just keep CA in your sights ;)


    haha, word veri is "pring."
    I guess Spring isn't quite here :)

  11. Aww, sweetie, I'm sorry you had a really tough week. But I laughed myself silly over the organism and the they go together, do you think?

    I'm sorry you forgot your camera, too. I do that on a regular basis! But your words more than made up for the lack of photos!

    Both you and JB project charming and graceful and loving've become very alike in that way. If I ever start to look like Graham, I'll have to buy me a wig! Congratulations to Mike!!!!! xoxo

  12. The week may have been bad - but your weekend sounded wonderful!

    I must join in the "Hammerhead Lincoln" fan club! I love how Mr. Ryan has his own way of looking at everything! What a delight! "Nibbles" - a-ha-ha!

    You and JB are gorgeous babes in your own right! couldn't have a better "Twin"!
    (And....I know your both were wearing fabulous jewelry!!) AND....having never bowled.... I am with Lori - 65 sounds good! What IS good? Please enlighten!

    May this week be as bright and happy as the weekend was!

  13. Laughter is the best medicine...thanks for the dose! You might enjoy this song (you can listen to if for free--What's
    So Bad About a Nipple?

  14. My paternal grandmother used to say "mishmash" which drew me to read this entire post. And laugh I did at your bowling fiasco, your grandson's adorable translation of the English language, and your look a like experience with JB.
    Went from week from hell to hysterical weekend sounds like to me. Yippie.

  15. I love "nibbles" and hammerhead lincoln so much. I once had a young cousin (Jewish from NYC) tell me about Johnny Applestein - and she insisted that was his name. He must have been from the bronx.

    so glad it all worked out.

    (still giggling out loud at hammerhead)

  16. It all sounds pretty good to me! Nibbles. Quite an appropriate near-miss!

  17. lo, you and mr. ryan have alot in common! it was a good weekend, i wished you were there throwing balls along side me. :^) my 65 bowling score is pretty damn low. it means i averaged 6 pins in each frame. a perfect score is 300 and the most important and revealing fact is i came in LAST on our team of 8. i was only slightly mortified....

    marion, HAHAHA! organisms. nibbles. balls. it's all too much, don't you think? emily would say none of it is her fault. she's starting to influence me, marion! xoxo

    robin, you're calling me a gorgeous babe. oh kiss kiss!!! there is no hope for a bright as of now: outside is SNOW & SNOW, i'm sure lo is depressed. shocked, even. where did it come from? what will the crocuses say? as for mr. robin, he is so delightful. i could listen to him forever. i can't wait until drew starts chatting too :) stay dry, robin!

    teri, i haven't listened yet but i surely will. the title has cracked me up already! thank you. hahahahee!

  18. lynn, i love how honest you are about my sometimes looooong posts. writers love to throw in all those words, don't they? :^) you're right, it turned out to be a silly fun weekend. you summarized it succinctly :^)

  19. mim, johnny applestein!!! i love it! that is totally adorable! and i'm still giggling about hammerhead lincoln too. i think it's even funnier to correct it to hammerham!!!! ♥

    cs, AHA HA HA HA!!!!

  20. Even with my damaged right arm I will sign a edict as queen of something or another for you to have a grand old week filled with nothing else but whatever you heart wants.

    We are all babes, even some of us old queens - I know you know what I mean aside the fact that there was no pun intended, I hope none taken :)

    Hugs and love from here as well.

  21. allegra, if i am to have a grand old week, it is so ordered that you shall have a grand old week too. we are indeed queens of whatever place and planet we so choose, and our wish for peace, prosperity and passion shall be forthrightly granted.

    (always always so great to hear from you. ♥)

  22. this was rich rich rich - love all the word goofs. kids never fail to entertain in that category ;-) (nor do i phones, for that matter hehe!)

    glad to hear the bowl-a-thon was a rousing success for a very good cause~

    (and the next time i drive through springfield illinois i'll fondly remember it as the birthplace of good old hammerhead.... ;-)


  23. Sounds like the weekend away was just the tonic you needed Kj. I think your grandson(s) are going to keep you and your heart twin in laughter for many a happy year*!*

  24. Sorry you had a bummer week and I hope the week ahead is extra kind.

    I like you 'mish mash'... you are a wonderful writer.

    Nibbles for nipples is just wonderful.

    xx Robyn

  25. what a great post kj - no pictures necessary!! you painted it brilliantly and have left me smiling, leaving me feeling grateful and warmed by your humor and love! blessings and hugs, xox K