Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Easy to Love Snippets from the Art Fair

I'm tired to the bones.
All these memories
and all that love
hovering overhead.
This YART filled a space
with grace.
Not much time to take pictures.
But here are some
in no order,
a JB Bowl

8 cups of confectioner's sugar
two friends in the kitchen
pink frosting overhead
one unending sweet hilarity
YART 2010 in the side yard of kj's # 9 was pretty damn fine.


  1. What a great festival it was, Karen! And good weather too. But I can imagine that you and JB are worn out. Take care and thanks for the beautiful pictures of all the stuff and people who are having a wonderful time.

  2. I realized later that your grankids cute hairstyle must be the "in" thing among littleones. Do you know Babs? She has a photo of her grandson Jack on her blog way out in the midwest or is he from Texas maybe and he has the same hairstyle. I like it. Maybe I'll get one too.

  3. It was the best damn weekend!


  4. Oh yes...... the BEST, BEST, BEST WEEKEND !!!!! Love filled the air...and in these uncertain times, the weekend in #9 brought a refuge from outside cares and worries - and helped to replenish our souls....

    Oh - the pictures!!!! In my haste to post yesterday, I forgot to mention Messrs. "R" & "D".....who are as adorable in person as they are on photos! Ooh....and you included the shot of our "Mt. Everest" made of flour! That made me start laughing - again!!!!!

    There just aren't enough words - but the pictures do a damn good job!

    You. dear "KJB" and the amazing JB, are without a doubt the BEST HOSTESSES in the Galaxy!

    Kiss Stells for me......tell her Auntie Robin misses her....

    I miss you all!!!

    I love you all!

    ♥ Robin ♥

  5. mim, tsupmwah!

    wieneke, it was great. and yes i am worn out! i have never cooked so much for so many! but in a good way ♥

    suki, id didn't know either, but i'm glad that jess and mike style mr. ryan and drew-bie's hear because myself, i would like less cuts and longer strands :)

    lo, it was as good as the celebration weekend JB and i had in ptown six years ago. i am so glad and so thankful for all of it. ♥

    robin, sniff. it's quiet around here! stella is snoozing without commotion: i think she's catching up and liking that. i hope by tonight i am caught up too and no longer tired! i will never forget how much stella loved your pats. what a look on her face! boy, the house did a good job of welcoming and accomodating us all. expect for our collective three meltdowns :) it all went so smoothly. i'm happy. i'm glad you are too.

  6. What a thing you have created kj and jb. It's really just incredible. I keep telling people here about it.
    And OH that bowl.


  7. Oh YES,,,that bowl!
    I'd love seeing more of JB's pottery,,,I so love good pottery.
    (and this is more than good)

    Funny,,,I too prefer long hair on the little boys. The short cuts are cute, but make them look so much more grown up.
    (lord knows, there's plenty of time,,,)

    It feels like it was just THE most perfect gathering of souls,,,thanks for all the great photos, kj!

  8. I have so enjoyed reading the many posts on this weekend - it's like having a recurring good dream!

    You really have to see the end of my last post. :-) ♥

  9. So sad I missed it, but so happy for you all. xoxo

  10. Tsup*!* Looks like a happy time was had by all
    which makes the tiredness all worth while. Hope you have a feet up weekend planned for the coming one*!*

  11. I like jb's bowls... they're beautiful and I like the whole concept and creations that were share in your yard.

    Happy resting and enjoy the memories now x

  12. I love JB's bowl and the felted flowers and the Peace Rocks shirt and the recipe for friendship...