Monday, October 25, 2010

JB's Sunday Morning

There were a few additions in my household when I woke up on Sunday morning.
It is autumn here and the yard is giving way to leaf covers and waning flowers. Soon the first frost will come and then the first snowfall. There are no more tomatoes in the garden and except for the pines, the towering trees are almost bare.
JB is not one to miss last chances. So when I shuffled to the kitchen for breakfast, she and her scissors had completed a run through of the yard, and in her lovely style, flowers were everywhere I turned.

Mostly flowers. But also, one froggie light and three silly monsters.
Sunday morning at # 9 was a colorful thankful wonderous affair. One more lucky duck moment in an otherwise complicated world. :)


  1. What a sweetie she is!!! I'm so impressed with all the flowers she put all over....

    You are one lucky woman!!!


  2. How lovely. I don't envy you your snowy winters, but then I don't envy me my wet ones. I guess that didn't make a lick of sense, but that's what happens when the Willamette Valley rains waterlogs one brain.

    Hi to Emily. Tell her I'll wait for her to grow up if it takes a hundred years. I'll be 161 if it does, and I can but hope that neither of us will have lost our looks.

  3. My gosh...... your house must look wonderful with all those flowers!
    And indeed you are one lucky duck having such a sweetheart making your house into a home.
    Love the pictures! Sweet post KJ!

    Love from Chicago ;)


  4. I don't blame JB grab the last of the summer before it's covered by the long white blanket*!*

  5. Inspiring - I gotta go get the cutting tools and get those hydrangea's in. Sweet to find all those flowers around the house. sweet.

  6. Thank goodness for those who help us have our lucky duck moments!! Your flowers are so wonderful - all of them!! But you know how I feel about zinnias... ;-) I've been reading in your blog and just loved your entries about your writers workshop - so many nuggets of wisdom there for all of us who create! Thank you!! Love, Silke

  7. What a gorgeous sight to wake up to! I'm so glad we still have a few zinnias left in the garden, too. Just a few beautiful little splashes of color to delight the eyes and soul.
    I love that little frog in your first photo!

    I hope you and JB are having a good week, Twinkles.

  8. Lovely zinnias, kj...mine did not come through the smoky August and so it is really nice to see one of my favourite flowers.

    I love flowers in front of pictures or photos. I think it adds something homey to the whole look. Thanks for the pretty images!

  9. That JB is a keeper. The flowers are stunning. And I love that photo of your mom and daughter.
    You are a lucky ducky. xoxo

  10. beautiful. i love little vases of flowers all about. froggie is so funny give the real frog you had not so long ago. glad you had a peaceful day.

  11. That wonderful JB....such a lovely woman - with such an artistic eye....all those flowers look gorgeous and happy and are such a gift of love! The two of you are lucky duckies for sure!

    The froggy nightlight is too cute!!!

    And hey - "Snow" is "flirting" with Emily!!!!! It's going to be quite a Winter!

    Love to you, JB and Stella!


    ♥ Robin ♥

  12. Kj, so lovely to hear from you.
    The world we knew is growing and expanding. So exciting! Renee is certainly helping us!
    Really loved reading your message!

    Loads of love!


  13. aww it's the simple things that make us smile, she's a national treasure your JB and your house is cute beyond words.

  14. I want to borrow JB. I'm not sure I'll give her back - lol! How lovely, truly, to wake up to flowers and monsters and a frog. You lucky ducky! xox Pam

  15. I remember the flowers she cut for me when I stayed with Stella. She really does have a magical way around the house.
    I love the hydrandeas on that rose doily, and oh my, the one on the fireplace in front of Robert's painting!!

    What a nice post KJ.

    is it possible we haven't talked in two whole days??

    Call you soon!




  16. Oh my goodness, and now Jb's gift is shared with all of us too! what a lovely lovely post kj. It is just what i needed to see.

    Thank jb for making the world a bit more brighter and a LOT more beautiful. and you too sweet kj.


  17. Lovely, and such a cool thing for her to do. My hydrangeas are long since browned. I should have cut them, I suppose, but somehow I loved them on their shrubby base.

  18. What a wonderful thing to wake up to!

  19. hello pattee! are you traveling? i am glad to have flowers in my life. i planted all of these in our yard and it is so cool to have such abundance all summer and fall.

    snow, emily is still in cleveland visiting her uncle bunny. but i'll tell her what you said! :)

    marianne, it is so great to have flowers all over, even the bathroom! i have been thinking of you and thinking of you. i love chicago and next time i'm pretty sure i'll be seeing you there! ♥

    annie, the yard is winding down. today felt like summer but the temps will now be in the 50's and 40's F; then one night there will be frost. i'm not a fan... :(

    mim, get out there and cut!!!! you won't regret it. ten minutes, mim, and you'll be happy for weeks! ♥

    silke, you and i and our zinnias. ♥ i'm glad you got to read all those quotes from the writer's conference because several times in the day i thought of you and the emerging, now for real, artist that you are.

    angela, froggie is in the back hall where the washer and dryer are. i like seeing his light and silliness. but the best part of the back hall are three small paintings by ms. studio lolo: an owl, a raven, and a gorilla, all named, all happily settled in. xoxo

    marion, tsupmwah!!!! thank you, i'm thinking i'm going to try again tomorrow :)

    annie, i will love JB for all of my life...the photo is at jess' wedding. she and my Mom have a special bond. i think it shows. xo

  20. suki, i too love little vases and flowers all over, here and there. the salt and pepper shakers have been a big hit. as for frogs, i'd prefer no more live ones in the house!

    robin, i'm glad you have gotten to know JB. but i must correct you before you get in trouble: JB is mr ryan and drew's GRANDMOTHER, not aunt! they call here BB. (bee bee). it is adorable hearing ryan call to her from the hall to the kitchen (an area you know!)p.s. i love that you are looking forward. yay and double yay!

    hello julie!!! i agree totally. your spiritual journeys are incredible. and yes, renee is here to help. unbelievable, but true. ♥

    hells, all i want to reply to you is that i love you. i love reading your comments. you make me happy. ♥

    pam, it really was a fun way to wake up. i plan to reciprocate. :)

  21. lo, isn't it so nice that you know the house? i love how comfortable you are here. your house has an equal amount of special touches, that's for sure. and yes two days! but i called tonight!!!

    lori, anything i would do that would bring you pleasure gives me pleasure, so that is a good deal!!!
    thank you for your sweet comment sf.

    cs, we had plenty to spare!!! but i know what you mean: i always have trouble cutting flowers from the yard! (though i love to)

    hello barbara, i quite agree. xo

  22. How wonderful. What a lovely surprise. :)

  23. Oh honey...those flowers! I can't even pick a favorite they're all so lovely...and so artfully arranged...and the header looks stunning!

  24. I'm a big fan of lucky duck moments and may there be many many more.

    Enjoy your time with snow when it comes. I imagine that to be magical.

    x Robyn

  25. purest green, i visited you in scotland last night! thank you for stopping by. i loved seeing that view to the ocean. xoxo

    chrisy, your energy makes me laugh! i'm glad you're back ♥

    oh robyn, i am NOT a fan of snow! there have been winters when i love all the beauty and invigoration, but just as often i complain about the driving and effort to manage around white mounds. but maybe i'll pull some encouragement from your comment..... :)

  26. what a lovely series of gestures from jb to wake up are one lucky duck but also lovely yourself to show appreciation in this way~

  27. Beautiful flowers everywhere - make the most of them! Love that froggy light cover!