Monday, February 08, 2010

Time for a Rhyme


The toilet’s fixed
The grasses cut back
The appointment’s made
The snacks are packed.

The taxes aren’t done—
You can’t have it all—
But the trip’s been booked
& the garbage hauled.

The work’s wrapped up
The car’s been serviced
The stoops are painted
& no one’s nervous.

The time got spent
Finally put up the sign
Put the car in reverse
Put aside the divine.

The garden’s weeded
New bulbs on their way
& detoured hearts
Have had their say.

The weight’s been moved
To a straighter line
I might even be
Almost mostly fine.

Still, I had this loss
It’s a mile wide
I’m trying my best
To put it aside.

I’m familiar with hope
I know it well
But do circles close?
I'll let time tell.



  1. spring's not far
    dear kj friend
    new buds, new blooms,
    help a sad heart mend.

    i'm not a poet
    not like you my dear,
    but you inspired me
    to bring some cheer.

    (did i understand you kj, did i? oh i hope).

  2. Cute, KJ. Mr Ryan is cute too, and does a marvelous job on his hair.

  3. In Quaker tradition, Meetings are silent unless someone feels moved to speak briefly. Occasionally a second person will feel that whatever was just said fits their own thoughts or experience and will say only, "Friend speaks my mind."

    Friend speaks my mind.

  4. Oh doh I've not done my 2009 tax yet.
    The weeds have grown
    The lawns unmown
    The days are drear
    And have no cheer
    It's warm and close
    I am morose
    But Paris plans
    Are now in cans
    And sadness past
    Has gone at last
    I wish I could
    parle vous
    So get on Skype
    You silly moo!

  5. Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    Sugar is sweet
    and so are you.

    Ain't I talented?

    love your rhymes

  6. The time got spent
    Finally put up the sign
    Put the car in reverse
    Put aside the divine.

    I like this but personally KJ I'd take the above and reset it as the second to or the last verse.

  7. Doesn't Baino just crack you up?!?!
    Love all this poetry.

    Hang in there, spring is just about ready to break into song.


  8. I read your poem
    it was quite swift
    It gave my heart
    a little lift

    And if I could
    you know I would
    grow tufts of moss
    to cover your loss

    But for now I just hope to convey
    That you're dear in my heart in every way

  9. Ahh, kj, your poem was super...and look at all the talent it spawned! I loved reading your post and all the rest of the great poetry. Time for a rhyme, indeed...thank you!

  10. KJ, I came to visit and am glad I did. Beautiful words, beautiful. I shall come again, no doubt.


  11. Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    I'm schizophrenic
    And so am I.

    *I mean no disrespect to the ill, honestly.

  12. what a delight your poetry is. cheers my little heart.

  13. lori my friend
    if smiles could bend
    this message i'd send:
    your poem is supend.(ous)

    thank you, snow. mr. ryan's hair is currently uneventually short and cute. xo

    cs, this touched me. thank you. xoxo

    mim, roses are red
    violents are blue
    do you know who
    says BOOHOOHOO?

    baino!!!! HAHAHAHAHA! this is awesome. you silly moo? made me laugh and chuckle. you can do this, girl!

    mark, you're right, the strongest verse. i should pay you... :)

    barbara, aaah, thanks.
    tufts of moss....nice!
    this doesn't rhyme
    unless i say it twice. :)

  14. marion, i awoke to seven comments this morning and laughed my ass off, even before my coffee. ♥

    linda, if spring
    were to sing
    i would tap
    then clap
    (oh dear god....) :)

    cat, hello, thanks for coming by. nice to see you here. xo

    darling lo, wrong diagnosis i think... :)

    soulbrush, cheers your little heart? well, that is quite a compliment! thanks and feel better xoxo

  15. Oh love that line about 'detoured hearts', lovely!

  16. sag, thank you. i see you've been galivanting with your camera. xoxo