Friday, February 05, 2010

For Renee

A brave and wonderful woman has lost her mother at a time when her own strength and that of her family's is being tested and retested.
This snippet is from a poem* I wrote a few years back, when my friend Willa died, and when I finally began to understand that love endures.
If I were dying tonight, perhaps there would only be minutes,
Perhaps only seconds,
To tell you that I will leave with all the love
I have ever felt, and ever given.
I will take it all with me, tucked under my angel wing—
The accumulation of grace from every breath I have ever taken.
* to read the poem in its entirety, click on Blogland Lane on my sidebar.


  1. Prayers summoned and sent for Renee. Her mother is with her.
    Your poem snippet is beautiful and I hope you post the whole poem one day.

  2. How beautiful - what a lovely gesture for dear Renee.

  3. So few words used to convey such a wondrous thought. You are love.

  4. kj - what a beautiful poem. xoxoxo pam

  5. I've always felt that if you make your love for people clear, you don't have to worry about not being able to tell them in those last minutes - they know. And you are right, it does indeed endure.

  6. Lovely kj. Renee needs all the support she can get right now. I didn't post publicly but my heart breaks for her right now. You have a generous soul darling.

  7. So sorry for Renee to have lost her mom. That is a special relationship. Your poem moving. Blessings to all, Suki

  8. Beautifull and moving KJ, you are such a beautifull person.

  9. Love does endure...forever and a day. It's a beautiful poem, kj, you are an immensely loving soul.

  10. That's so beautiful. Prayers for them every day. They've suffered so much.

  11. Just beautiful, kj dear.

    Hugs and love,

  12. Beautiful, Kj. And a comfort.Our dear Renee is so brave. Love and prayers to her and her family.

  13. She'll love that. It's a beautiful snippet that sums it all up in a package filled with your heart.


  14. A beautiful, heartfelt tribute to a wonderfully brave woman. We are fortunate to have you and Renee in our lives.


  15. beautiful kj. you are an amazing woman, and all things good.
    your poem says everything. much love to renee and her family.
    love to you dear friend.

  16. you are a gem. I feel so badly for Renee and her family, it's all just too much

  17. Here’s what’s astonishing: I will also leave all that love behind ...

    I love the way you write KJ. The way you capture and convey feeling. And I love the way you are so open to the possibility of love being found in the most unusual circumstances.

    Funny that my favourite line is actually this one though

    Tell the truth when it matters least
    Because then you will be sure there is another honest person in the world.

    It just catches at my heart because it is in the small things that we can make such a difference.

    You've chosen the perfect poem for Renee.

    xx Jos

    xx Jos

  18. lydia, i see that our have read the entire poem on blogland lane. thank you so much.

    caroline, our dear renee...we suffer with her, and yet we cannot know the depth of what this all must feel like for her.

    mark, we are a mutual admiration society. xo

    thank you, pam, it is reassuring to see your avatar and comments here. i know how much renee means to you. ♥

    snowbrush, thank you very much.

    cs, i may be screwed up here and there but like you i do my best to let people know i love them. and i don't hold back smiles: i give those freely and i'd say i get about 80% of them right back. oxo

    baino, and speaking of love, i love you honey hells.

  19. suki, my Mom is still alive but i am told there is nothing, bar nothing, like losing your Mother. i can still see your beautiful Mother's face so clearly. xoxo

    mariana, the feeling is mutual

    marion, thank you. i take comfort in your friendship and your wisdom. ♥

    LD, more suffering in one family at one time than i have ever seen. i imagine renee as a Senior Angel and i love her all the more for that alone.

    angela, love you, twinklierest twin.

    thank you annie. renee has that rare combination of bravery and articulation. words can't say how much we have all learned from her.

    lo, ♥

    deborah, xoxoxo

  20. robin, i know how much renee has touched you too. we are a community in mourning with her. xo

    lori, love to you too dear friend. now and always.

    mim, if i still drank, i would want you to meet me and i would let my tears fall into my glass, you and i, so sad for our friend renee.

    jos, this comment you've left means alot to me. thank you. i like that line too, and i so appreciate that you've taken the time to let this poem into your heart. ♥

  21. In the end I think Love is all that is left. I am not sure, I haven't ended yet. (Not tryin to be flippant, I really just don't know).

    Sometimes, when the hour is dark and the house is quiet, I am closer to those who have gone before than those who are still here. It's a good place to be-much quieter than the hear and now.

    I am just typing what I feel and I'll leave someoe else to make sense of it all.

  22. Such a beautiful poem for Renee! It's so sad for her and her poor family! I do know from my own mother's passing many years ago that her mother's loving spirit is with them and all around them... Love, Silke

    P.S. You asked on my blog about my all time favorite cookbook...gave me an idea for a blog post. Stay tuned!

  23. you are the embodiment of love kj, and your love reaches me through renee's pain. you are an angel.

  24. I am so sadden for Renee and Jacquie..
    All those siblings, the ones I don't know... the sadness they have to bear... and your right even when Renee and Jacquie are struggling with their own health problems...

    My heart is with them.

    Thank you Kj~I love you~

  25. hugs and condolences.. difficult times.. am so sorry!!!

  26. Dear love thank you. Thank you for many things.

    Thank you for this poem, I have read it before and I loved it then and I love it now like a dear old sweater that I find comfort in wearing.

    Thank you for being you.

    Thank you dear friend for the most beautiful flowers I have ever seen besides the most beautiful flowers you had sent me before.

    kj the flowers are amazing. Shelly opened them when they arrived as I have been in and out of it and in some terrible pain. They are trying to adjust my meds.

    I went and dragged myself with Colette to the funeral home to see my Mom this evening, she is so beautiful. I couldn't sit more than a few minutes though darling.

    I love the flowers and I love you.

    Renee xoxoxo

  27. Beautiful poem...I send love and support to your friend, Renee.It's so difficult to lose a mother.

  28. All the love Renee effortlessly pours forth comes back to her in little notes and poems from all over the world. What a shining light she is and how much we all love her!

    She is our "senior angel", another kj term.


  29. I read your poem over in Renee's comments - it's beauty and wisdom have moved me deeply. Blessings to you, and my heart is with Renee. ♥

  30. debra kay, there is such elegance to what you have written here. ♥

    silke, oooooh, exciting. i'll be on cookbook lookout!

    jeez, soulbrush! you are very sweet and very funny! if i'm an angel i am a wild one!!! xoxo

    i love you too, pattee, i love getting to know you. you have given so much to renee; it always warms my heart.

    how do we know, hello! thank you. it's nice to hear from you. xo

    renee, aaawww, i am SO glad those flowers lightened and brightened your day. thank laurel for sending them. we both love you forever and then some.

    cynthia, thank you for coming by and for your good wishes.

    dear linda, yes. we share the love and spread it far and wide. what could be better? it easily extends to arizona and back! xo

    karin, thank you very much. you are very kind and i am glad my poem resonated with you. ♥

  31. I love the poem. I love the poem.