Monday, February 15, 2010

Come Play With Me...

My Australian friends may recognize this poster,
but aiside from the enthusiatic invitation,
it has little to do with today's post .
The word today is INSPIRE.
How many words can you think
of that rhyme with INSPIRE?
desire, attire, fire, plyer,
conspire, tire, liar, buyer
I could go on,
but perhaps you will have more fun
if you think
about this yourself.
There are ALOT of words
that rhyme with INSPIRE.
And if you wanted to be really smart
and include three syllable words
you could go to
and there they would be.
And why am I telling you this?
Well, I could make up a POEM
with all these rhyming words.
I could say

My heart's desire
did not inspire
the friar
who changed my tire
when my car caught fire.
And....well.....YOU could make up a poem too.
Because there are SO MANY words
that rhyme with INSPIRE
that maybe if you started
you would be a poet just like that.
I am tired
of being wired
so instead
I'm taking my head
to bed.
.How about penning a poem of your own,
here or own your own blog?
We've done this before
and it's pretty fun.
The only 'guideline'
is to make it rhyme
some how some way.
Beyond that,
whether you're an artist or a writer
or a photographer or wanderer
or a seeker or a psychologist (hee hee CS),
let your rhyming child self have some fun.
Wanna play?


  1. The funny thing for me is that I seem to have left comments on several blogs recently explaining that I can't do creation-on-demand things. If asked, I can't do punchlines for photos, supply questions for the ask-me-anything posts or participate in any of the many themed day posts that are around. There's something about expectations that paralyzes me.

    So, don't let my non-participation make you think I love you any less! ♥

  2. cs, don't worry about it one bit! i'll do it for you:

    i won't be a liar
    i can't be a trier
    but if i could
    i would
    but maybe not
    if i thought
    my fire
    was just desire.

    oh dear god..... ♥

  3. I'll play~
    Does it have to be inspire?

  4. pattee,

    if inspire is not your desire
    choose what you want to fly a bit higher

  5. higher and higher
    I hear him cry-er
    lower and lower
    she doth go-er
    they both did try-er
    were a wee bit shy-er
    and lost all desire!

  6. I'm laughing so hard I'll have to come back!!

    I swear. I can't breathe after reading Soul's poem!


  7. Okay I'm back. I just jotted something quick while starting dinner. I do like a challenge though ;)

    For those who
    And never tire
    of letting me embrace
    my heart's desire
    Encouraging me
    Through stormy seas
    and muck and mire~
    Oh how on earth
    do I let you know
    that it's
    I admire?


  8. KJ My Friend

    Friends never sway
    While others may
    We count our blessings high
    Even though some may lie.
    They didnt know what they had
    Which is really too bad
    Because in you I found
    A friendship so profound
    That they lose with no win
    Because I will love you
    With all my means
    Even when it seems
    I am silent and of quiet means
    I am here giving thanks
    Because with you as my friend
    I know you will be there till the End

    Love Sonia

  9. Oh ya woot woot me...I am inspired and very tired, I need some sleep and dont make any peeps. I will be back, in the morning when I am fresh, to keep the game going with any knowing of what the hell I am doing, just rhyming and hooting.


    if you aspire
    to give in to desire
    you might need a plyer
    to put out the fire.

    gee you could write about fizzled passionate moments and sell thousands of books. i love this playful side of you, joss! very very awesome!

    ms. lolo, if there is a contest, you have won already! bravo yippee! how did you do this?!

    awwwh, sonia, what a sweet sweet poem. i gratefully accept the permanent role as your loyal friend. thank you thank you. ♥

  11. I think...
    sometimes my attitude stinks.
    when I inspire,
    it lights a fire,
    of which I never tire.
    So I think...
    I should inspire
    instead of sink.

  12. OMG marie! a terrific poem with a great message. i am VERY impressed!
    no sinking for you, marie. you are a survivor!!!!

  13. oh kj, you are a poet and so much fun.
    i however am not fun at all right now and way too tired to do more than read and make unfun unryhming comments, while drinking a glass of yummy red wine and chasing owen.
    can i be excused this time?
    :) :) :) ♥

  14. lori,

    of course you're tired
    instead of inspired
    i hope you retire
    forget the hair dryer
    stay off the high wire
    not even desire
    should confuse or conspire
    instead please acquire
    a peaceful attire
    from a fashion supplier.
    and just so you know
    you i admire.

    wake up! wake up!

    no, don't listen! relax & enjoy!
    :) :) :) ♥

  15. Oh!
    I dare not,,,,you guys are GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD!

    Well, maybe a silly.
    No guarantee of a dilly.
    it's nearing the hour,
    the brain's out of power,
    but see there, I tried.
    I did, really!

    Grinnin,laffin,yeah snortin,,,,
    Soulbrush, wooooooooo!

  16. (Ps) kj When i was in hospital having a mastectomy
    my wonderful bloggy friends kept a candle
    burning for me on their blogs...

    If like me you would like to do the same for our dearest Renee
    follow this link... the Angels can see it too

  17. I do not like po-e-try
    I end up with the urge to pee
    I have no words that entertain
    So from fine verse I shall refrain

    I liked your little kangaroo
    and jump I shall 'cos jump I do
    However if you must persist
    a little poem I can't resist

    If you must write please make it fun
    Cos bad poems really hurt my bum
    And there are those within this sphere
    Whose po-e-try offends my ear

    This may be one of those, I think
    I know my rhyme perhaps does stink
    But at least it is some fun
    And frankly doesn't hurt my bum!

    I like silly . . (oops break in pentameter and rhyme . .so sue me)

    Please now do not get me started
    It's night and time I really parted
    But if I giggle . .ooops I farted
    Off to bed, I am being carted!

  18. And Secret Agent Woman . .I so, so, understand. I used to be a 'creative' but just can't do it on demand.

  19. And you're all sucky poets but you're fun!

  20. I really am being carted off to bed now. Just as well before I offend anyone. If I did sorreeeeeeeeeeee!

  21.; You saved my day again.

  22. lo,

    just so you know
    i could never tire
    because you inspire.
    my life is not dire
    or filled with fire
    ok, i walk a high wire
    but just to acquire
    a friend i admire
    who will never expire
    so may i inquire
    and wish you a briar
    patch of roses
    so before i close this
    thank you for being
    a friend i desire.

  23. KJ, It is so chocking me up. I feel lost without her, knowing she is in pain is the worst and then her being ill and hoping she will be able to stay with her family. Thank you for writing to me about the lightened candle and hoping I have done it right? My little daughter and I have prayed for her near this candle. God bless you and Renee!

  24. he did acqui-re
    a musical ly-re
    she thought she would die-er
    if he didn't buy-er

  25. May I please inquire
    how I may aspire
    to any sort of poetry?

    My brow will perspire
    and my brain misfire
    should I attempt frivolity!

    Perhaps I require
    a serious desire
    to rhyme to carefully.

    I'm left to admire
    rather than aspire
    to such creativity.

    Ok, kj, can we get out the crayons next? ;>)

    P.S. Nollyposh - GREAT IDEA! It's done.

  26. OK, I agree with Baino, we are pretty suckey, but not you kj!
    This is HARD stuff to do - to do well. You just make it look so easy. Talent shows.

    This was hilarious.


  27. I love the candle for Renee. I will get back to the bloggies in the evening and add it. It's lovely, and Renee is a light for all of us. **kisskiss** Deb

  28. babs, you not only tried
    you had to decide
    to rhyme
    this time
    and good for you
    you did it just fine!

    nolly,. you are so wonderful. the candle is spreading around the blogs and speaking for me, feels like something so loving to do for our renee. nolly, i think you and marion should meet one another. xoxo

    hells, you'd better face up to it: you can write rhyming poetry! this is really good! and i know you could have gone on for many more verses. you make me laugh my ass off, hells. ♥

    julie, we are in this together, loving and praying together. your candle looks fine. together strong.

  29. okay soulbrush, that's it! you have to do a clapbook of sex limmericks! you crack me up! xoxox

    linda, your poem is awesome! you even used a good structure, which of course i don't know what it's called, but i read your poem with rhythm. you can write poems too, linda! this is definite and compelling evidence!!! xoxo

    deb, it's nice to see you here. our collective candles carry hope as well as light. together strong. xoxo

  30. Fun!
    But I can't do this in English.....
    For me You rhyme with inspire!


  31. crows always break rules... i have added a 'd' to the rhyme:

    uncle S didn't want to get retired
    he knew some new tricks had be conspired
    and for this purpose, some monkeys should be hired
    as these thoughtless though creatures never get tired

    monkeys devised some tricks that he admired
    but as you might have guessed, some of them misfired
    and strangely enough even one of them backfired