Sunday, February 07, 2010


JB had a birthday this weekend. We had the luxury of celebrating it however she wanted, so from then to now we've seen the movie Avatar (amazing 3D--you have to see it); had our favorite pizza, went to an Capella concert, somebody got some pretty good presents, had brunch this morning at the best little restaurant, did what we wanted, and yours truly prepared a good home cooked meal.

(Okay, so perhaps it doesn't look gourmet-ey,
but believe me, this little dessert was awesome. )


It makes me happy to make JB's birthday memorable. She loves birthdays. Some years it's been a bit of a challenge (pain) for me but usually I'm able to find something she will love. This year it was a designer blouse or jacket--I'm not sure which, actually--a blue and black pattern with big glossy black buttons and tight black sleeves and over sized pockets and hot pink thin trim all inside. Very cool. And some barrettes and one bar of soap that I left around the house for little surprises. And one card that I paid $ 9.99 for because you opened it and these multi-colored little lights blink "YOU ROCK", like a neon sign in Times Square.. It is also the coolest thing.


I am also including a couple of photos of Mr. Ryan's recent Birthday Party. Can you believe that 3 year old children would by themselves! climb up and slide down this truly high what-ever-it-is? I hope you are surprised too because otherwise I've become a wimp.



Has any one else had a birthday recently? And by the way, how might you like to spend your birthday? If you would have it the way you'd like it....♥


  1. Sounds like a wonderful Birthday and yes that meal looked gourmet!!!

    I love those singing cards!

    My Birthday isn't until June... but what I've always wanted to do was have a bon fire on a beach, have seafood and lay on the sand with not a worry ~

    I love you Kj~

  2. Glad you had such a wonderful Birthday weekend ! What nice things you came up with!
    We went to Avatar last weekend and we all loved it!!!!
    Unfortunately we didn't do the pizza part, but McD.
    Mr Ryan indeed looks so tiny on that huge thing. Good he has courage!
    I am not fond of my own birthday so I try to do as little as posible...... but eh you have to celebrate life so I have learned not to skip it anymore...

    Before I always did something nice with the family to make sure I wasn't at home but the last few years I tried to include my parents.

    We both have tulipson the table ;)


  3. I am blessed with a truly courageous nephew who like Mr Ryan has no problem climbing the dizzy heights of these massive slides. Scares the bejesus out me!

    My birthday is in a couple of weeks and I go for the full on ME day. We sleep in til late morning, take a long soak then off to KFC for lunch. In the afternoon we get the family all together for balloons, party games and cake (we are all just children of various sizes and ages in my family!!). Then in the evening Trev cooks his special curry then lemon meringue pie for afters because we just have to have it.

    Trev is a part-time musician, so the rest of the evening is spent in front of the fire with a couple of guitars and a songbook or two. Perfect day. Can't wait!! xx Jos

  4. What a fun weekend you've had! I haven't seen Avatar yet - I'm probably the only one!! I like low key birthdays - I'm not counting any more! A nice meal out with some good wine will do just fine!

  5. Happy birthday to JB and that certainly DOES look like a gourmet dessert by my standards! My birthday will be spent in France. I'll do anything to avoid the family picnic!

  6. I love birthday fuss...for me! This year we had a catered clambake while all my family was here. I don't need presents - except from mr. T - but I love hearing "Happy birthday". T's birthday is jan 4th and he always says it is the worst day for a birthday as no one wants a fuss at that time of year and he is right.

    Happy Birthday JB!!!

  7. oh yipppeeee another aquarian, happy b day jb, mine was thursday. because it is so soon after xmas i find mine a bit of a 'blow out', sorta and happy b day mr ryan, another aqua? yah!

  8. Happy Bday spring chick.

    My birthday would be spent in a camper in Big Bend National park...with just quiet, watercolours, and paper, and pencils.

    Love ya dear friend.

  9. Happy Birthday to JB! Looks like a wonderful time. Tulips are my favorite cut flower.

  10. Happy Birthday to JB! And what a wonderful way to celebrate it!! That dessert ... definitely gourmet! And I loved the flowers!

    I always find I spend my birthdays as I really like to, quietly with Daniel and sometimes a few close friends. I am not a party girl, so we usually have a special dinner and do something that's different from our usual "stuff."

    Wishing you a wonderful Monday! Love, Silke

  11. Happy Birthday, JB! It sounds like it was wonderful. As for the slide, these little guys know no fear! Maybe they should have one for adults, so we can learn why it is fun to go zooming down a plastic mountain (mine would have to be doubly reinforced so it wouldn't POP!). For my birthday, I would love to grab the family and go on a road trip, preferably to some place like Yellowstone (but in the SPRING). Have a great week! xox Pam

  12. Glad you had a wonderful birthday JB!

  13. Sounds like you pulled off the perfect birthday ;)

    Happy Birthday JB. Blessings and good wishes for many more! XX

    Ever since I had cancer I vowed to embrace every birthday from then on.
    That was 19 years ago this Valentine's Day since I had my surgery, so Valentine's Day means a lot to me for that reason.

    My birthdays are usually low key but definately celebrated! Now that I'm back "home" I'm not sure what this birthday will be like. Will I spend it with family or friends or both? Or alone?
    I do have a very close friend whose birthday is the day after mine :)
    Maybe we'll celebrate together now that we only live 2 hours away!


  14. A bouquet of tulips! Pink or yellow are my preferred colors, would guarantee a happy birthday for me. And it's not easy because my birthday is in August!

  15. pattee, gemini? how wonderful it would be for the gypsy caravan to celebrate your birthday in provincetown, on the beach, lobsters and corn on the cob and baked potatoes and clams and not a worry....i love you too pattee, ♥

    marianne, your faithful friends certainly want to celebrate your birthday!! what an achievement when we can leave the past behind and celebrate ourselves however and when ever we want to. xoxo

    jos, this sounds so perfect i wish i were there! my favorite part is the guitars and fire and songbooks. that always grounds me where i am! happy upcoming birthday, so nice to have met you.

    caroline, i am like you. i am shy about my birthday so dinner somewhere wonderful is plenty fine for me too. ♥

  16. baino, HAHAHA! so how bad is it that i imagine meeting up with you in france?! :)

    mim, you have a couple of now local and very caring friends who want to celebrate with you. right?

    joss, aquarians are the best signs, so open and interesting. mr. ryan is a capricorn--he is going to be mr. competence, i think. i'm still singing happy birthday to you. that photo of you and lo made me laugh my head off.

    oh sonia, you've described heaven on earth! YES!

    cs, tulips change my perspective this time of year. they bring me HOPE that my yard will be green again!

    silke, you, me and caroline could have our quiet dinners together!!
    :) here's wishing you a wonderful week. you are painting some terrific women!!

    pam, do you know i think i would have been truly afraid to slide down that thingy. i think a play camp for adults would be perfect. i love the sound of that! pam, you might see sonia at the campsite next door. look for a cool looking woman with brush in hand, painting away... ♥

  17. mark, by JB's standards, her birthday was four star. :)

    lo, about that very close friend whose birthday is the day after yours: you bet you'll be celebrating together. it will be a woohoo tradition.....♥

    middle, my birthday is in august too. by then i'm willing to settle for hydrangeas or zinneas, but i can see why you want tulips! xo

  18. How fun! Happy Birthday JB!
    The cake looks yummy!
    Yes, Kj you are a whimp I would love to join Ryan on that slide!
    No fear!
    My birthday is next month, but I have to work, I will however do something nice for myself on the weekend.

  19. annie, happy upcoming birthday! the last sign of the zodiac.

    your last post was so uplifting. it made me happy!

  20. Looks to me like you know how to "do" birthdays just right! The table setting was just gorgeous.

    My birthday was in January. Splendid gifts came from my sis in Indiana (I miss her). My blogging friend Francessa who has become like a sis sent me a crystal/silver necklace from Austria (I wear it nearly every day). And my husband gave me a package of three white crew socks. This I am not kidding about!

    As long as we are on the topic of birthdays, the latest post by Maggie May will take your breath away. HERE

  21. hi kj
    just wanted to drop you a note to say thank you for the song and the figarwi tribe story ....they did make me laugh, that was so thoughtful of you ...
    love jacquie

  22. If it is all about me, then I want to start the day with a pot of coffee, croissants with apricot jam and butter and the crossword puzzle.

    Then off to a spa where I get a head massage and hair color, cut and set. A manicure. A pedicure. Then a feel good massage while my facial sets.

    Off to Avatar in 3D, again. Followed by a 6 ounce filet with Bernaise sauce and grilled asparagus and a butter lettuce salad.

    Dessert would be vanilla custard ice cream from Culvers.

    It is hedonistic, isn't it?!!

    Happy Birthday JB - kj did it right!


  23. dear kj,
    what a lovely day you made, i love that you hid little surprises around, so so thoughtful.
    happy birthday to jb, i'm thinking it was an excellent day! (yummy meal, good job you!)

    and little mr.ryan, oh dear, boys...i do know about them. so exciting to watch, or better, cover your eyes and pray!

    xo lori

  24. Sounds like you all had a wonderful celebration! How lovely!

    My birthday is in July, and in the past, I was able to celebrate quite often at Falcon Ridge Folk Fest- one of my favorite events on the planet.
    One of these years, I hope I have the great joy of celebrating this way again, with some amazing music and incredible people, CurlieGirlie at my side.



  25. lydia, three white crew socks?! he must have had a compelling reason for that!! i am off to check out maggie may's blog. that's funny because i just named a snippet "maggie may

    oh jacquie, how glad i am to hear from you! i'm glad i made you laugh and i've been worried alot about how renee is doing . if you read this and don't mind, send me an email. ♥

    linda, not hedenistic at all! it sounds like a perfect day, i could get into every part of it. and a day at a spa: aaahhh. xoxo

    dear lori, i like hiding little doodads here and there. :) you know ALOT more about boys than i do. okay, i was married to one for twelve years but it's been pretty much a sisterhood in our family until jess married mike ♥

    j, how are you? it's always so nice to hear from you. you know what i'm going to ask: any chance of heading this way to the Big Yellow? i've heard the rain at falconridge has been pretty formidable the last few years...

  26. Oh, Kj, you know I would just love to head back to The Big Yellow. Great and Magical things seem to grow within that house, with such wonderful guidance, company and love.

    I am not much of a writer, but the creativity workshops sound like something I would adore! Unfortunately it just isn't in the cards right now.

    But someday, someday you know I will get there!! I just hope it is a time when you are there, too!