Monday, January 25, 2010

Some Favorite Things

Emily! Help!
I'm winding down a wind-down weekend.
Nothing dramatic.
Or awe inspiring.
Mostly Ordinary.
for me,
is happily
more than enough
these days.
Still, there are some things I want. More and more, for longer and longer: I want to be content exactly and fully where I am. I want to look back no longer with sadness but with gratitude. I want my friend Renee to be comfortable. I want Angelina and her brothers to be adopted. I want my knee to stop holding me back. I want to walk my mile and a half again each day with Stella and my pen and moleskine. I want the US Congress to stop acting like A--holes. (sorry). I want to be able to tuck my tee-shirts in. I want volunteerism to catch on like wild fire. I want Jessica to have every single thing she needs for all of her life. And JB and Mr. Ryan and Drew and Mike too. I want love to be in high fashion and stay that way. I want world peace. I do. I want world peace. ♥


  1. KJ, beautiful, very beautiful post. This is so the best wishes ever!
    They're right up there on my list.
    It is odd how we do miss one another in our posts. Thank you for coming over and leaving me a lovely message to read this morning. I got to visit you and read this post also, such a loving way to start my day.
    Have an awesome day!



  2. beautiful, beautiful post! That pic of roses made me feel more cheerful too!!

  3. Very inspiring! I want those things for you...and for all of us.

    And I want you to have a great week. ;)

  4. I hope you and your loved ones really get everything you hope for KJ!
    Beautiful post!
    And I hope we will meet also this year!


  5. Hello, my dear friend. I want these things for you, too. And for those you love. Did you know that you are one of my favorite things?
    Hugs and love,

  6. They're all reachable, obtainable wishes KJ, don't you think?

    That's very hopeful ;)

    I wish all those things too, for all of you.

    I wish I could invent "bats be gone" for our Renee.

    And Oh, I almost for got.
    I love you. You're an amazingly awesome friend ;)


  7. julie! what a treat, here you are first thing this morning! i'm not going to miss your posts anymore, notifications now in place. :)
    have an awesome day too heart sister ♥

    how do we know, now in the middle of winter snow, howi long for those outdoor roses. it's nice to hear from you. i'll be by soon xo

    lydia, i want you to have a great week too. good things happening on blogland lane: the artists and writers are peeking out frequently

    marianne, meet this year? please be advised i so look forward to that! lo says i can squeeze in for hugs and giggles. what an awesome thought. when are you coming dear friend?! ♥

    angela!! you're here!! hello my twinklierest twin. you are one of my sparkle gifts from 2009. i hope you know that is true. xoxo

    lo, could you paint or draw a bottle of bats be gone? like an old medicine bottle like the sloan's linament my father found buried somewhere years ago.

    and lo, i love you too. we have a wonderful enduring friendship. yipee-i-0 :)

  8. Lovely things to wish for, and Kj, you can tuck in your T-shirts now :-), no one cares and if they do, who cares :-).
    Fly on over and let's have a cup of that coffee.
    xoxo ♥

  9. Aaah,
    Nectar of the gods,,,,one more cup please and thank you,,no no, just black, thanks.

    Actually, I think that must be a requirement to be a US Congress member,,,,

    Mostly ordinary is good. Very satisfyingly good,,,,,,,,

  10. 'raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens', it's the simple things in life we all crave, the rest is just garbage. may you get what your heart desires sister.

  11. annie, i can't tuck in my teeshirts due to my own vanity. :)

    babs, you are a wise woman on all counts. :)

    soulbrush heart sister, how true. and bottom line i think it's about relationships, connections, and creativity (substitute passion for any of these) ♥

  12. Wanting what you have, contentment, love, health, peace. What better life could there be?

  13. cs, it's the wanting what you have part that trips me up.... :)

  14. Oh KJ KJ KJ
    you rock it sideways, you do, honest. I lovey lovey love this post. thats one of my favorite things about you, you know, is how i think i am going to comment on the first post i come to, but then i keep reading down down down, and just like that moment when you see the perfect kitten at the pound or ice cream at the creamery (you know the ones that burn more calories allowing you to wear shirts tucked in) or sparkly shiny pretty just for you, i just know i have to comment on how happy this one made me, cuz obviously, you wrote it just for me. And i thank you.
    XOXOXOX Rhonda Roo