Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Animal Wednesday: My Year in Review by Emily Rabbit

Hello Everyone, It's me, Emily.

I thought I would do what kj did and
look back at the year and maybe even further back.

This is me, by Sonia
I made a mistake in the way I am showing you these pictures so I don't know what this is going to look like and I hope I don't have to do it again because I would rather be practicing shooting my marshmallow-now-Brussels sprouts gun which has been a lot of fun and I am going through Brussels Sprouts like you wouldn't believe. I shoot them in the open windows of kj's neighbors.
Anyway, in case anybody forgot or never knew, here is a picture of my house and where I am supposed to live if I didn't spend so much time with kj and JB.

And look at this picture of ME drawn by SONIA, who is kj's friend and who I am positive would be fun to get in trouble with and to take trips in the car driving fast with the top down. Sonia and I have tattoos and we are both very fun. My mother doesn't know.

Maybe this is the first story I ever did--I can't remember but I do remember what my tail felt like when I used that hairdryer. Now I just jump up and down and shake my tail until it is dry and sometimes I use kj's towel and roll in it with my legs in the air for as long as I want to.

Have you ever done that because it is the most fun.

So who remembers about my Uncle Bunny and his friend Janis Joplin? Sometimes Uncle Bunny chokes up when he talks about her because he says she would have been happier as a crazy rabbit singing Me & Bunny McGee.

In 2009 Uncle Bunny opened a pellet company in Cleveland. I went with him once and it was mostly okay except that he was stricter than kj so I didn't get to sneak out as much.

Oh and I lost my money last year instead of doubling it and even though I wrote this letter asking for it back I never got it and kj says I should wait and see what happens, that maybe I will get some of what I lost back but that is not the same as doubling it so no matter how you look at it this was a shame for me even though it was not my fault.

I spent a lot of my summer in Provincetown with Muck, Truck, & F___ Duck. (kj is censoring my blog).

We bobbed in the ocean every day and I told kj if she bobbed every day for one month she would never worry about anything, because when you bob and you just lie there and relax the last thing in the world you would
want to do is worry. You should try it. I'm not sure it works in the bathtub so I recommend a lake or ocean.

So let me tell you about kj's job. Here we are on a street that looks very .nice but if you were here at night when it is dark you shouldn't be because I heard kj say that sometimes there are gunshots at night, not every night but who wants to be having fun on the sidewalk and worry about bang!notfair!

But mostly kj drives all over town without a worry. She sees grownups in their homes and kids in their homes or schools or daycare places. Every 50 minutes or so, kj is off to another place and she likes all that variety and change so I go along for the ride sometimes. You might be wondering why I am wearing my purple bikini in this picture. Well, even though it was warm enough it was not a good idea. kj said it is never a good idea to walk around town in your bikini because it might give someone the wrong idea, I think she means that someone might think you have bad taste in bathing suits. So if you didn't already know, it is probably wise not to walk anywhere except the beach in your bikini no matter what color it is. I hope this advice helps you.

. Do you believe in dragons? Do you know any? I can't remember why I took this picture but I do remember being surprised about the red high heels. How can a dragon walk in red high heels, not because they're red but because they're high. Anyway, as you can see I have a lot of different friends--not just rabbits like myself. I think it is good to stir things up and not live life like you are looking in a mirror, right? So do you believe in dragons? Do know any? Because you should.

Ms. Lololo painted this of me looking JUBILANT. This is exactly how I look when I get my own way, eat all the jellybeans I want, roll down hills, shoot my new marshmallow gun, laugh so hard I fall to the ground, and kick my feet in the air just for the heck of it. This is how I look when I am happy, when I play, when someone is nice to me, when I am right and everyone knows it. This is what JUBILANT looks like. Do you recognize it?

HAHAHA! Here I am pretending to be Emily Guru. Don't ask me what that weird purple smudge is because that happened mysteriously and if I start thinking about it I will get scared and I don't want to because I am having fun being JUBILANT right now. I can't tell you anything about Budda Bunny because I am too little to know, but I think it has something to do with being smart enough to stop worrying and play instead.

Oh! This! Remember when I got arrested? How I had to stay in jail until kj came with my bail out money and then I was in trouble even though none of this was my fault? I think I would have been okay if there had not been broken bones involved on a child but I didn't not mean to kick her while I was crying from my stomach and kicking my feet in the air and I still wonder why the police did not arrest her instead for walking in front of me while I was on the floor. And it was not my fault that the church people got mad at me for trying to sell multi colored pellets, okay, maybe I shouldn't have said they were jellybeans.

I am the worse best friend this one time because can you believe I forgot to include my best friend Marianne's painting of me and she had to remind me about it from Cairo where she is lying at the pool in the sun drinking fancy drinks that probably make her giggle by the time she's ready for lunch. Marianne paints mandalas and she painted me in one, looking like an angel, don't you think? Everyone should have a best friend like Marianne to get in trouble with.

And finally, in this new year of 2010, I Emily V. V. Rabbit wish everyone a happy silly & who-cares life all year. Thank you for being nice to me most of the time and for sticking up for me about getting paid. I will soon be a guest blogger on Marion's blog and I have permission to swear if I need to.


Yours Truly, Hoppy New Year,

Your Friend Emily


  1. Happy New Year to you too, dear Emily. I'm glad you're out of jail. You could be doing hard time, you know, but I'll not mention it, although you WOULD look kinda cute in a striped suit.

  2. Hi Emily it's me all the way from Cairo.
    I loved your description of me having a good time there. I think that's why we are best friends. Just like my idea of having a good time. I know how to take good care of myself (sometimes tooo good and now I have to go on a diet again:()
    Loved to see your review I missed the one with the Buddha so that was nice!
    Hope you still have my rabbit ATC, or have you never got that one?
    You are still in my cabinet and will stay there when it is up to me. Meanwhile I am glad the real you is running around free doing naughty things and having a big adventure.

    Thanks for sharing those with us!!!


  3. Emily, you had quite a year didn't you. for such a young rabbit, you certainly get around...but I agree with KJ - don't wear that bikini in certain places...people just wouldn't understand your taste in polka dots. I remember you in jail and a bunch of other stuff too - you've been so much fun to have Animal Wednesday with this year Em...thanks!!!!

  4. My gosh Emily ... what a time you've had of it this year. You know, I might just have to read back to get the full lowdown on your exploits. You sound like my kind of bunny! Oh ... by the way, the bathtub does kinda work, s'not as good as the ocean or the sea but they're a long old hop from here. xx Jos

  5. Full year, Emily! I plan to try out being 'Jubilant', love that, too. I'll try not to throw myself on the ground too hard though. Delightful post!

  6. phew Emily, I'm exhausted reading about your year! You do have a really nice life do you know that?

    I love how people draw you.(And are drawn to you.) You're like the Mona Lisa of the rabbit world! If you don't know who she is look her up in your Funk and Wagnells. Or better yet, just "Google" her!

    Please ask KJ not to take you into the 'hood' anymore. You could end up getting another dot on your bikini and it would be a bullet hole! I would cry from deep in my belly for a very long time :(

    Okay, I have to get back to painting my mural. I hope you'll visit with KJ next time and come and see it!

    Hoppy New Year!

  7. Hoppy New year to you too, Emily!
    I think you had a pretty good year, except for that jail thing.
    May you roll down many hills and get a zillion jelly beans this year, oh, and more money from Kj.
    xoxo ♥

  8. mr. snowbrush, hello and happy new year to you. i have been out of jail for awhile and i am trying really hard not to ever go back there because really i cried when the police scared me even though i tried to be brave i wasn't.

    marianne! i am glad you are having fun, i knew you would. oh marianne, of course i have my atc and i got carried away and forgot to include it but i went back and did that so now it's there and please don't forget that you are my best friend even though i forgot this one time. i am still having a big adventure and i like it.

    hello mim, thank you for saying nice things, i will do the same for you. you were very fun in provincetown even though you weren't there. kj says she wants to see you soon. what do you think of that, do you mind? she wanted me to drop a hint so i said i would for 25 cents and she said okay.

    hello jos, thank you for the information on the bathtub. maybe you should teach people how to bob in the tub. i am glad you like to get in trouble too. i think that is important otherwise things can get too boring, right?

    ldwatkins, hello, have we met? if we haven't i am glad to meet you and i am glad you will be JUBILANT. that is a good decision. i don't think you should worry too much about throwing yourself on the ground because usually you only have to do it once and people get so flustered then you get your way and a sore shoulder is worth it.

    lololo, bullet hole?!!!!!! i was wondering about that. if you have one of those holes and you drink a glass of water, does the water spurt out of the hole? i'll bet it does. i think i know the mona lisa. does she have false teeth? i might have sat beside her in the park on day, she just stared straight ahead. ps. you should not say 'funk' on this blog because kj says no f words unless it is really really really important. i don't agree with her of course, but she can get pruney about certain things. (she hates hearing about bodily functions, did you know?)


  9. annie, i wish you jellybeans and hills and more money from kj too.

    sincerely your friend
    emily r.

  10. You are delicious Emily.


  11. Annie would never lie, you only could look good.


  12. Looks like a fun year for the most part! Love the rabbit!!!!!!

  13. dear emily,

    as always i enjoy your posts to the absolute utmost.
    you are an interesting little bunny, with super wise advice (must be all that Buddha sitting).

    thank you for sharing. you know, if you put all this experiance you've gathered into a book
    "a little bunny's guide to life" or "wisdom from the garden patch".
    adding all these beautiful illustrations, i would buy one.

    happy new year to you too, here's to lots more silliness and fun (and brussel sprout shooting too) in 2010.

  14. renee, no one has ever called me delicious before. i like it! thank you!

    lynn, 'love the rabbit'? do you mean ME? lynn, you can call me emily, i don't mind.

    lori, who is my official friend in case anybody is wondering, oooooh. what good ideas you have. but i am nervous about getting in over my head. do you know about the rosie fan club? i started it and collected dues but rosie (the dog) did not send out the newsletter i promised and i got in big trouble for that and i thought i was going to be sued and (godforbid!) put in jail!!! i haven't talked about this but maybe i will. so what if i collect money for the book and then i don't do it? do you think i would be causing problems for myself? just wondering....

    yours truly

  15. Emily you rock all you do...with devilishness, enthusiasm, spunk, feistiness,and with pure love in your heart. Im glad 2009 was awesome and made awesome with you in it. LOL...dont forget your pea throwing, hill rolling, and jellybean hoarding lol...love ya em!


    PS...Is Snow thinking you are cute like jailbait? LOL