Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Thursday 13: Awards

This week I've been thinking about blogging. What a treasure it's been for me: a chance to share colors and words, a means to meet people all over the world, and, never lost on me, a surprisingly lovely way to form and hold dear real friendships.
Perhaps because of Blogland Lane (see sidebar if interested) I've been "meeting" some new friends and visitors. I like that, and if you're new to my blog, I'm appreciative. I'm not interested in having hundreds of followers; I try to be selective and stick with the blogs I truly enjoy and value. Some teach me (Mariana), some make me laugh out loud (Deborah); some inspire me (my dear Studio Lolo); others touch my soul and give me courage (Renee).
Anyway, this Thursday 13 (okay, okay, I'm a day late--I've been a bit sick) is about Blog awards. I've had my share. And I'm not above giving some I haven't received. If you can't give and receive freely in the Blogs, where can you?
So start the drum roll: here's a tribute to some very special people. Please take them and share. I don't have the time to add links, but you know who you are and if you want to find someone, they'll be somewhere in my comments....
.Every time I walk away seeing something a new way: Mariana Soffer, Tessa, Renee, Sidney, Snowbrush, Walking Man, Allegra, SweetMango, Kate, Singleton
No me-me-me in these blogs. Just sharing and caring: Studio Lolo, Mim, Julie Ann, Kate, Marianne, Lydia, Caroline, Sonia
A beam of sunlight to you: Kay (Chief), Soulbrush, Chewy, Middle, Jessie, Marion, SStudio Lolo, Marianne, Baino, Debra Kay, Lavender, Lydia, Carla, Suki, Carla, Ribbon, Lori Ann, M. Riyadh Sharif, Aimee, Wieneke, Pieterbie, Dedene, Nolly Polly, Pattee, Deborah, Saggitarian, Julie Ann, Sweet Mango, Suki, Laughing Wolf, Yoon See, Kris, J- (Hopeful Notations), and my pal Cam. You can feel these hearts through the keyboard and into your fingertips: Angela, Allegra, Annie (Blissful Bohemian), Bimbimbie, Teri and the Cats of FurryDance, Babs, Middle, Melissa, Aimee

Gifts to myself: Studio Lolo, Baino, Tessa, Renee, Secret Agent Woman, Melissa, Miladysa, Jessie .
I just LOVE the creativity in these blogs: Deborah (Midlife Poet), Renee, Mim, Angela, Valgalart (xoxo), Bella Sinclair, Jessie

Bravery comes in different forms; sometimes just through showing up: Marianne, Soulbrush, Renee, Human Being, Angela, Snowbrush, Secret Agent Woman, Debra Kay, Suki, Maithri, Bella Sinclair, Allegra,, Sonia, Tessa

Nothing more to add but thank you: Studio Lolo (xoxo), Mim, Marianne, Sweet Mango, Wieneke, Sonia, Baino, Melissa, Miladysa, Sidney, Pieterbie, Babs, Middle, Marion, Yoon See, Kay, Hildegarde
I'm having tea or coffee with you anytime! Baino, Studio Lolo, Sonia, Renee, Middle, Kay, Mim, Debra Kay, Human Being, Melissa, Tessa, Bimbimbie, Angela, Sidney, Human Being, Soulbrush, Secret Agent Woman, Caroline, Pattee, Valgalart, Lavender, Chewy, Jessie, Kris, Merlin Princesse, Marianna Soffer, and with apple pie included, Wieneke and Hildegarde.

Take it, every one of you, because it's true!!!
Good Works, in small and large ways, every day: Angela, Baino, Wieneke, SidneyRenee, , Human Being, Maithri yet again, Allegra.

Laughing Wolf, Snowbrush, Soulbrush, Saggitarian, Middle, Marion, Caroline, Dedene, Lydia Renee of course, Mim, Deborah, Lolo---oh darn--I'm going to end up including everyone. Take it and wear it proudly, except for Sonia, who gave it to me.
. And last but hardly least: THE FIRST ANNUAL EMILY AWARD. This award is given to individuals who know how to play, have the courage of their convictions, and aren't afraid to say so! Because this is a new award, I am limiting it to three people for now.
Studio Lolo, Baino, & Tessa

This is me, Emily. Since it's my award, highlighting the time I got arrested, I'm adding:
My best friend Marianne, my partner in crime Sonia, and even kj, since I am still being nice.
Whew! The End.


  1. Thank you, Kj! What a wonderfully thoughtful thing to do!! I'm touched!



  2. Good grief, I just stopped by to tell you to stay out of the water this weekend since I am not sure if you are up in Cape Cod with the sharks, and look at all these lovely awards. Thank you very much. You know I love awards. **little head about to explode** Deborah

  3. I'm overwhelmed - thank you so much.

    (And I love the autumnal banner.)

  4. award love, nothing beats handing out thank-yous in their various forms, especially when the thank yous are colourful and artistic little badges of honour!
    You are the epitomy of each and every one of these awards you have handed out kj! :)
    Thank you my friend and namaste

  5. Thanks kj but if you don't mind, I'm just going to post the International Reach Out one because that means the most. It's wonderful to have contact with such a broad international community. I hope you're feeling a little better.

  6. thank you kj for giving me an award...
    it means a great deal to me~
    I love blogland and reading your blog.

  7. hopeful, you are very welcome. i always appreciate when you stop by.

    deborah, oooooh, i'm glad your little head is dancing, uh, i mean exploding.

    cs, tsup!

    sweetsweetmango, where is the secret crush award? we both know who would get that...

    baino, BOO HOO BOO HOO BOO BOO HOO HOO BOO. you are one of three out of thousands to receive the first annual emily award and you are rejecting it? WHAAAAT?

    pattee, likewise.

  8. This is very sweet and although completely undeserved because I am incredibly greedy and love to think that others find what I have to say at least distracting from the daily routine, I thank you. If I had an agent I would have to thank my agent as well.
    Since I don't have one, my gratitude is entirely yours. Good night, dear. Have a great weekend relaxing and doing what you like best.

  9. Thank You kj. It is a better world with you in it.

  10. Oh kj what a lovely surprise! Thank made my day. And thank you for your thoughtful comment. You are so right (and very wise). Lots of love, Kate xo

  11. Now I'm going to have to think some more-I was doing a Blog Evaluation to see if I wanted to tighten up my blog and be more "on topic". In the end, I decided it was my random release. I think we all need a place to be random.

    Thank you for the awards-it validates my randomness!

  12. "Some teach me...some make me laugh out loud...some inspire me...others touch my soul and give me courage)..".

    And others try to make off with your rabbit, but you are kind enough to give them an award anyway. Thank you.

  13. I went on a chocolate 'bender' yesterday, and I plan to do it again today cause it was so yummy! LOL

    Thank you SweetHeart KJ, you are a dear, and may they return to you threefold! Mwah!

  14. Oh holy crap!!! ooh, sorry, Holy Moly, I have an award from Emily Rabbit herself?

    Pinch me. Right here, right now.


    Great, it's real ;)

    Thanks, Ms Emily Rabbit. And thanks to KJ for giving me a bunch of other awards.
    Wow. What a day!


  15. Cha'ching. I totally scored seven awards in one post.

    Thanks babe.

    Now the real award should be presented for 'What a beautiful banner you got going on there.'

    Your banner is awesome.

    Love Renee xoxox

  16. kj aren't the grandchildren so amazing.

    I just love them. Josephine loves to do the dishes at the sink. Once you get Mr. Ryan doing that, he won't ever want to stop.

    I am really happy that you had a wonderful day.

    Love Renee xoxo

  17. TSUP*!* You are a sweetie TSUP*!*

  18. my goodness - you are a sweetheart! thank you for your awards...I feel that I have an armful of treasures -

  19. kj,Congratulations on your awards!
    Thanks so much for the ray of sun and the circle of friends. These will come in handy for the coming Fall.

  20. Thanks, kj! I cannot wait to spend time with you next weekend. It's been too long and I can hardly wait!!

  21. Lovely, sweet post. Thank you for the award! xoxo
    P.S. The banner is stunning!

  22. AWWWWWW..Im sorry Im late, been under the weather also...Hugging you with all my heart....

    Hugging and passing a bag of jelly beans to e.r. for the pymt on the award..psssst...two more bags later

    You have been a dear friend..I thank Renee for meeting you. What a great instinct she has. Ok dont tell her though..she been screaming like a banshee lately lol

    xoxoxoxox I accept these awards in total honor and gratefully say "Thank you"...Will post them this week....


  23. Oh, my goodness, KJ! What a shower of blog awards! Thank you ... I cannot wait until next weekend! xoxox

  24. Dear Kj - what a wonderful post! An award for everyone - now that's really special. Thank you so much for including me!!!

  25. Wow! that was the best awards ceremony i've ever been to. What a blessing blogging is, you are so right! Congratulations on all your awards, and thank you Kj for including me!

    The photo up top is really nice, amazing. Is it near you?

  26. Hi kj, odd about that award - have you tried 'save as'?

  27. -thanks a lot kj, it is incredible, because I postulated for the award I told you before I read this last post of yours, I think we are in syncro somehow.
    Lovey and sweet post

    Bye bye.

  28. Sorry I'm late but thank you for my very first ever blog award!
    Big beaming grin all the way from Christcurch New Zealand. :-)

  29. Congrats KJ, you are so gifted in writing and sharing your thoughts.
    Sorry, I can't drop by as often then before not just to your blog, same to others.
    This doesn't mean I don't care.
    I totally care.
    This is my email address:
    Pls. write to me when you are free, I would like to send you some gifts.
    Thank you.

    Yoon See

  30. Thanks KJ!
    I have to put them on my blog...... I had quite a few but lost all of them when I had my blog make over.....

    And I love the last one Emily I nearly cried when I read it wasn't for me, but thank Goodness you stepped in!
    Your my best friend!!!!!

  31. Do you see this? This is me rolling about in rapture! What a dear! And I am hoping to convince Emily to reach out beyond the bars for next time. After all, I am the best friend of Connie Chung.


  32. you deserve them all, Karen...

    bravery... perhaps i need to be reminded of this everyday...

    when you are in a nightmare and all the doors and windows are closed, you just need to be brave enough to break them... or perhaps pass through the walls...

    when snipers kill hundreds in just one day, you just need to be brave enough to walk through the streets...

    when you do not hear the hopeful voice of a 17-year old girl anymore... because she is dipped in acid to mute thousands other voices, you just need to be brave enough to talk...

    thanks for the awards, Karen... thanks for reminding me that i can still be brave... to tolerate... to go on...

    perhaps one day we can sit together and drink tea...

    then i'll tell you about the things i saw when passing over the bridge...


  33. Okay, I finally grabbed allllll of my awards. If I took some that were not intended for me, too bad, you don't get them back!!! In my dotage, I love any attention!!!!

  34. Sweet awards! Love the sunbeam and many thanks. xo