Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Thursday 13 on Wednesday

Thursday 13's a little early this week: a vacation's a-coming.

The Thursday 13 theme this week is no theme.

1. This is my lonely livingroom fireplace. Until one of us orthopedically recovers to lug and stack the woodpile, there'll be no fires in the household. Come by in a few weeks and it should be roaring.

2. Helpful Advice: Never name your car unless you know exactly what you're doing. This is Prissy (named for her attitude in snow). When jb finally traded her in for a Honda Accord, we left her in the dealer's parking lot with terrible guilt. In literature this is called personification.
Prissy called it abandonment.

3. This is Francine. She found her way to us from Santa Fe, joining other personified family members including Frank, Esther, Mildred, Uncle Kitty, and Emily Rabbit.

4. Once a week I drive 100 miles to spend the day with my mother, and 100 miles back. This is the same Massachusetts Turnpike immortalized by Arlo Guthrie and is particuliarly notable for the snail paced drivers in the passing lane.

5. Every bathroom should have this kind of inspiration. Afterall, what better place to concentrate on self-improvement?

6. A while back Andrea and others bared their refrigerators. Or was it freezers? If you look closely you will see Turkey Hill Chocolate Cherry Yogurt, Junior Mints, and Weightwatcher's Chocolate Eclairs. What's a freezer for if not emergency chocolate?

7. Thursday 13 turns serious....kj walks in the park, looks up, and the universe speaks.

8. Here is the spot where I often write. It's a little pond in a great park, an easy walk from my back gate. 9. Here is the spot where I look outside as I write. Amateur that I am, I couldn't get the camera to do it justice. But once I saw a baby fox run by, there are always fun loving woodchucks, and the towering pine and well of geraniums keep me good company.

10. No attempt to clean up the clutter here: it's my writing room and I love it.

11. Ces, this is for you. This is Stella and the miracle of healing.

12. My 90 year old mother has zero memory, really, but she somehow figured out how to call the florist and send me these funky flowers the day after my surgery.

and 13. Just words: Thank you for your visits and comments. You will never know how much they mean to me.


  1. My! You have a beautiful life. I love the colors in your house. Why can't I ever think of such lovely and comforting feminine touches. What lovely surroundings - trees, plants serenity. Thanks for Stella's picture. The writing room is cool. I love this T-13. Have a great vacation!

    Oh the photo of the refrigerator or freezer - that's really opening up to the world! I am afraid my freezer would show how O-C I am.

  2. ces, i am o-c in my freezer and food cabinets and i like it that way!

  3. Junior Mints in the freezer! WHAT A GREAT IDEA!!

    I like to see colors in a house. We have a very similar yellow painted around our fireplace, too. :)

  4. What a warm, cozy, comfy existence you seem to have, KJ. Thanks for sharing it.

    I also love those colors in your house, which really is a home.

  5. my partner is an artist, so i've benefited from her color sense. we try not to look like a crayola pre-school, however.

    and i have alot of squirrel in me: i love small spaces and nesting. if i'm not cozy in my home, i tend to be miserable.

  6. Doesn't look like a Crayola preschool at all.

    Doncha just love squirrels?

    I grew up on a street filled with huge oak trees and that nattering was and still is music to my ears.

  7. I could write in that room, I could warm my feet by that fire, I could learn a few things about interior design from JB and I could hug you for far longer than you'd imagine.

    You'd always be welcome at my door x

  8. This is my favorite 13 EVER! #1 our fireplace keeps coughing, expectantly, each time the temp dips. #2-3 naming things is huge with me -- I love your choices, they say so much. #5 once I photographed some dog poop that had come out in the shape of a pretzel, framed it, and gave it to the dog's human. They put it in their bathroom and called it "fartography." #6 your freezer is so neat ... ours is a potential landslide #7-10 sigh with contentment all around. #11-13 hooray for flowers, moms, and lovely Stella!

  9. cherrypie, big smile.

    you're always welcome at my door too.

  10. kj, I love the "squirrel" quality small, cozy rooms. Unfortunately my husband is the exact opposite, he loves spacious wide open rooms. I love the little things scaterred all over your house. I could get lost just examining each little item. So many colors, are you sure you don't have Fiesta dishes? Your walls are Sunflower and Tangerine or maybe Persimmon. You must have Fiesta...

  11. ces, what little things scattered around my house? i need details.

    we don't have fiesta. we have depression. we also have the dishes from our short-lived restaurant which are sturdy fiesta-like in harvest yellow,green, and orange, which we use daily.

  12. Gosh they are everywhere! I see a lot of things on the table, on the counter, on top of the bookshelves, the blue crystal figurine hanging by your window, the walls, the pictures and paintings, do I have to go on?

  13. gosh, ces. the eye of an artist.


  14. melissa, just a couple of weeks to go. squeal...


  15. KJ: Another emotion-provoking post. Having the week from hell so it's therapy for me! (And I hope to tackle the musuc meme soon...) A few thoughts:
    1. I love it -- your hearth is inviting and cosy yet still eye candy.
    2. My dream vehicle is an old ('60s), square Mercedes sedan, turquoise blue/green, with the matching wheel covers, so I'm with Prissy on this one. My red Ford truck is called Ruby, but she's a pretty solid gal, not frou-frou at all.
    5. Not sure I'd want to be reading that every time I'm on the loo! :)
    6. There's no such thing as emergency chocolate, unless every day is an emergency! :)
    13. Back atcha, mon ami.

  16. Wow, kj, what a beautiful and telling 13. Reflects everything that I know about you and then some.

    Well done!

  17. Aha, the famous thursday 13-posts, now I am getting an idea how it works. Ces is making publicity for your T-13 concept, as you will have noticed. Soon : the T-13 in Flanders (Belgium, Europe) I expect :-)

  18. kj, your house is so much cleaner than mine.Mommy doesn't clean it!