Wednesday, July 05, 2006

The Prompt that Preferred Summer Lounging

Since I suggested this prompt, here it is, but be forewarned: I'm imaginatively floating in an imaginary pool, readying for an imaginary margarita.

The Road Not Taken

I took a left instead of right
And followed an unlikely sight.
Up ahead beneath a tree
Was someone looking just like me.

She quinched her eyes
She looked surprised
She shook her head
And finally said,

“Because I’m here
I’m never there.
I may look lost
But that’s the cost

Of being me and never you
I recommend it through and through”


  1. WOW! That's so, so creative, kj! I sometimes wish that I could travel the other life in some parallel universe, then commiserate with my other self ;)

  2. kris, i will publicly admit that i have more than one character inside myself, and sometimes i let them talk to eachother! i think this is true for most people--kind of like the inner critic and the muse, except in my case they have names (as in emily rabbit, for one, and she is a handful!)

    hopefully this admission does not seal my hospital admission....


  3. I love this, kj! Your creativity with having two characters take the lead in stories is awesome -- the story of the dog interspersed with the voice of the former owner, and now this fabulous poem ... bravo!! :)

  4. thanks melissa. your comments have made my day!