Friday, October 14, 2022


OMG I finally have a new Apple MacAir and already my inferior computer skills have become so much easier. This includes being able to post photos on my Blog without Herculean effort. 

Here's home: where I'm nesting these days. It's a beautiful place to be inside and out. Our house isn't fancy but it's comfortable and welcoming. I spend a lot of time looking on this scene, from the couch, often writing. It's a big deal that I've added Microsoft Word to my laptop. It's been a foolish disadvantage I saddled myself with since every agent and publisher wants manuscripts and queries and everything in Word. So now I can stop worrying about how a document or file will look when I export it. Not to say that I know what I'm doing even on Word, but I'll learn. I'm motivated. 

The time of day and the tides here in Provincetown determine the light of scenes like these. I'm amazed every time. The third shot is just outside my front door. Sunset. 

In two weeks there will be mid-term elections in the United States. It's horrifying to think that people who lied and still lie about our Presidential election still have a following--and a violent following at that. It's a troubled time in the world. I don't know if I can even write about it. I keep thinking that too many people don't understand what it actually means if Democracy fails. 

This glittering scene is one block from our house. It's hard to feel anything but grateful when I pass by this. I'm an optimist. I hope reality doesn't force me to reconsider. Already I'm no longer a loyal fan of  the human race.

 And finally today, this little tree in the front porch is my reminder that the holidays will soon begin. I'm all over that! For some reason I'm far more creative during the Christmas season. I draw more; I search for interesting presents; JB and I bake and decorate our almost-famous sugar cookies. And we have little get-togethers and pot-lucks. This time of year, I do my best to offer some much needed cheer. 


  1. As I read this, the sun is just coming up in my world. And looking at your pix is giving me a wonderful sense of calm.

    As to the state of our politics, I do believe that dark times are necessary for us to evolve into a better society. And these seem to be the darkest of times (although I do not want to tempt the fates) Hopefully the pendulum will start to swing back sooner rather than later.

  2. I love the photos, KJ. Thank you.

    "It's horrifying to think that people who lied and still lie about our Presidential election still have a following--and a violent following at that."

    After Trump entered the political scene, I felt like I had been a rosy-eyed optimist my whole life long, although I never thought of myself that way before. Something I don't understand about then national news reporting is why some races get daily coverage and others none at all. For example, I hear daily about Herschel Walker's misdeeds, but the Republican candidate for the senate here (I recently posted about him) has publicly joked about strangling women to death during sex, and has publicly acknowledged looking at revealing photos of underage girls online. Nonetheless, he is a serious challenger who is widely supported by the Christian Right, and who is spending millions on his campaign. I don't get the lack of attention to someone whose depravity is screaming for attention. What he is, the Republican Party has become.

  3. Have a good holiday season kj! Love from India.

  4. KJ, just thought I would drop by and see if you had put up a post that I missed. Given the lousy weather that your part of the world has been getting, perhaps you would like the it to be October all over again.

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