Friday, May 04, 2012

Now What Would the Title of This Post Be?

Beau Clueless Drive
I’m down the pebbled driveway
Through the picket gate
Hello to the Boston fern
Past the obligations
Ready for a gruesome fall
Brought on by choice
And maybe slightly softened
By fateful foolish folly.
Yes, yes, I’ve chosen this-
Failing to ready
the cemented doorways
and creviced corners; 
Instead I risked it all
For the comfort of believing
In mutuality.
And I’d do it again, 
How about that?—
I am wandering the subdivision streets
Waiting for you who will not leave
The laundry and fluffed pillows for 
Any reason except a few.

I have learned a few things since I wrote this poem:

1. Hearts can indeed break.
2, But sometimes if you're lucky the pieces bounce.
3. Either way you don't forget.
4. And that's probably a good thing.
5. Especially if you don't try forever
    to figure it out.

Happy weekend,


  1. KJ, I absolutely ADORE this poem, especially the first stanza. (is stanza correct? I know nothing about the technical terms of poetry)
    Anyway, it is so loaded with rhythm, and pictures,,,,and I wish I better could put into words my thoughts.

    Personally, I think your #5 is the best/most important thing learned. Sometimes there IS no answer, no why,no explanation,, just the 'is'.
    Happy Weekend sent up your way too!

  2. My title for this would be 'pensive pieces'.
    The words touched me deeply. I can 'feel' what you are feeling, it hurts but it can also heal.
    Big hugs from one who knows. xxxx

  3. I'm with Babs especially with the number 5 part. You know me and poetry but this is very evocative...of something. Anyways I like it, and I can relate.

    Re: heartbreak. Very very odd isn't it? One wonders why we were built with such a strong fragile organ

  4. #3 is spot on but 4 & 5 should be as long as you are not reliving #3 at every turn of the memory.

    My title would be WHY WE HAVE LOOPED MEMORY

  5. I'd call the post 'Open'....because that's what you to to loving...don't change...

  6. Love the it! (and yes, you should write more poetry, not that I'm telling you WHAT to write, just TO write! clear as mud...)
    Hmmmmm.....what would I title this post? "Parting Clouds"
    Because the sun is starting to shine brightly through.
    On the other hand, you know I have a sense of nonsense with words, so perhaps it is better I just close.

    Anne.....who must have appeased the Gods-Of-Blogger as I got the COMMENT BOX today! Whooo--Hoooooo!!!!!! ;-D

  7. For the comfort of believing
    In mutuality.
    And I’d do it again,
    How about that?

    I particularly love this bit because of the "I'd do it again" bit. I like the resilience of it and the acceptance that risks involve ... well risks I guess!

    I think knowing that it's worth the risk should be #6 xx Jos

  8. Kj,yes hearts brake, and brake, and brake...but if you nurture them they are a muscle, they get bigger then before...

    Thanks for the spelling correction I changed it, that is one of my major weaknesses! and you asked if I was as handsome as my father...I am not sure but I will post a current picture of me at the bottom of my blog and you can laugh if you want ;-)


  9. Hearts break and heal and break and heal again. That is, if you are really living.

  10. Interesting to read Wander's statement that spelling is a weakness for him because I am unsure if he meant the spelling in "hearts brake" in his first line. But I loved it for giving me a new way at looking at this. Hearts break. and. Hearts brake. It seems your poem shows both....a heart going for broke and then getting broken, while another heart simply puts on the brakes and stays safe.

    In any case, my title for this poem would be Zingers because I think it is full of great ones!

  11. i agree w/Babs. #5 seems the most important. so much in life we cant figure out.

  12. Wow. This was awesome! I like number 5.

    Kj, you're the most prolific writer! You're such an inspiration to me...I've been away from posting for awhile, although still can't stop writing privately, haha! I so love visiting your blog...always something new! xx