Wednesday, February 11, 2009

First Stop: Seattle

It's a long way from the East Coast to the West Coast--to get from here to there, the better part of the day is spent flying.
I'd never been to the Pacific Northwest before. Although I was only there for two days, Seattle lived up to its reputation for being a vibrant city with incredible coffee, great city living and urban design, and grey skies and frequent rain. I was there to see my niece Hannah star in her 25th play, and she was fanfabulous.
Seattle is the home of Starbucks. The first shop was opened there, and here it is, located just outside the Public Fish Market.
Of course, life is not just about coffee (though first thing every morning I often think that's all it's about!) I don't drink anymore, but I still love the romance and elegance of wine bottles.
Seattle has a huge indoor/outdoor public market, and I found myself looking for signs (as I'm prone to do these days):

The "sign" here is simply how beautiful oranges can be...And the "sign" here is how beautiful JB can be trying on hats:

I apologize for not including a city history lesson with this photojournal, but it's the best I could do at this late hour as I now sit in Palm Desert California, the third stop of a week's vacation. I can at least tell you this is Seattle's Space Needle, for which it is very famous, followed by another weather report and photo of a typical Seattle landscape.
More to come....


  1. Ooh I get to travel again and that's 'fanfabulous'. Love the lizard display although they must be the only creatures on the planet who like brussel sprouts! As for the hats, did I mention my 'fetish' . .yep, involves hats!

  2. ooh lovely photos - hope you are soaking in the sunshine out there in the desert. enjoy!

  3. Welcome to my coast! I'm waving and smiling :)

    I love the picture of JB with the hat!!! And that iguana...hilarious!

    We'll talk soon.

  4. Nice. I want to go to Seattle, and I especially want to see the fish market.

  5. baino, with you in tow, we're off to LA and then the desert. i have to know about your hat fetish!!

    mim, finally no snow! it's not as warm as summer, but the sky is blue and the sun feels great.

    lolo, :)

    cs, the fish market is pretty cool: fish galore plus anything else you might be interested in.