Thursday, August 02, 2007


My mother fell, broke her hip, had surgery on Tuesday, and needs an inpatient nursing/rehab program for 4-6 weeks.

So the answer to "Where is kj/" is this:

I have been spending my nights sleeping in a vinyl blue hospital chair that should recline but doesn't, trying to make up for all the gaps and problems in the United States health care system. This is not anybody's hospital stay of 20 or 10 or even 5 years ago. Some of it is so impersonal and regimented I'm actually feeling sorry for the nurses and doctors, not to mention my poor mother who thank god has me to keep an eye on what she needs when she needs it.

At one painful and uncomfortable point in the middle of dark night, with two nurses trying to insert a catheter that my mother had inadvertedly pulled out, I said, "I know this is hard, Mom. It sucks".

And my ever sharp 91 year old mother without a working memory responded, "KJ, it double sucks."


  1. Awww, it double sucks. :( I hope things get better for her -- blessings and swift healing to your mom and bless you for staying with her! xoxox!

  2. Oh... I hope your mother heals quickly and can stay comfortable. She is lucky to have your love, devotion and care, especially with health care the way it is. It's good that she has that sense of humor...must be a family trait, eh? Hugs to both of you and a very big get well soon!

  3. Oh, kj, I'm so sorry! Sending lots of healing thoughts and vibes her way. Take good care, my friend. See you soon.

  4. Poor you and poor mother.
    I hope she recovers soon!
    I can imagine how you must feel having to try and get some sleep in such conditions. You should be carefull that you don't get any back aches.
    I admire you, but then I would have done the same. In fact: I did the same when my mother was sick and hospitalised.

  5. We will be keeping you and your Mum in our thoughts, hang in there!

  6. Make that two from Australia thinking of you both! Hope your returns are quick as possible ... your Mum has already started :)

  7. kj, i hope your mom is feeling better and out of the hospital soon. she is so lucky to have you.

  8. Oooooh! I am so sorry! I hope that things improve quickly - for both of you! You'll be in my thoughts.



  9. It really really sucks when a loved one is in the hospital.

    Speaking as someone who's been hospitalized twice for giving birth, it makes a huuuuuuge difference when someone you know and love takes care of you. I am sure you were a tremendous comfort to your mom.

    For the record, I sooooooo HATE catheters!

  10. Your mother is Class!!! So funny at 91!
    Good luck to her.

  11. Your mom sounds awesome. I'm sorry you're dealing with this and I hope she's feeling better soon.

  12. It double sucks indeed! Wishing her a speedy recovery and you some rest. HUGS

  13. amazing that she could find humour at such a point!

    Hope she's soon on the mend and you can get a good night's sleep!


  14. Oh it so double sucks, sorry to hear this KJ and wishing Godspeed with healing....

  15. I'm so sorry. I hope your Mom gets better real soon.
    My thoughts are with you.

    Your mom sounds like she is very "with-it" and funny.

  16. I hope your Mom gets well soon. I miss your blog. You are an Inspirational and Thoughful blogger!

  17. kj, it more than double sucks. It sounds like it sucks worse than the biggest suck that ever sucked.

    I had a front row seat as my husband endured many of these issues just last year. Things were just so cold and robotic at times.

    I just wasn't able to sleep in the uncomfortable vinyl chairs because I had to be at home with the boys.

    Sending positive vibes your way...