Monday, August 06, 2007


A couple of quick thoughts from a weary week:

"Ride the horse in the direction she's going"

"Bend like a tree"

"If you can't handle what's happening, wait two hours before you panic"

"Suspend judgement"

"Do the best you can"

"The universe has a sense of humor"

I am woefully behind on visiting my favorite blogs. My mother has been up and down and down and up again. Thank you for your well wishes--things are very hopeful if not definite. I am pleased to report I can still do well with minimal sleep. This week we have family visiting us, my best friend is arriving on Thursday, it's my birthday midweek, and next weekend brings our first annual Art Fair and Yard Party in front of the Magic Cottage. Meanwhile, chores and challenges abound.

That's life. And, I might add, I'm complaining but only slightly. Because when you get right down to it, I have way more to be thankful for than to bitch about. I hope the same is true for you......


  1. "I am pleased to report I can still do well with minimal sleep" is the clue to why you are 'bitching' KJ! Although, bitching isn't doing well, so I might be wrong. *YAWN* I really don't know what I'm saying because need sleeeeeep ..... :)

    PS: Focus on all those other things, blog land won't disappear if you take a week or so off :) Nice to hear from you ...

  2. Oh dear, KJ, I am sorry to hear this about your mother. I hope she will be better soon. But I see that you can handle things well. Stay calm and keep smiling! Warm greetings and all the best.

  3. It must have been a tiring week for you. But at least you have something to look forward to in the next couple of days. A birthday! a visit from someone you love, an art fair.

    Wish I could be there.

  4. anon, you are a mystery friend!

    wieneke, thank you,thank you

    mench, i wish you could be here too, because you too would enjoy the visit 'from someone i love' :)

  5. Take your time KJ, these things cant be rushed, and you only get one mom. Will keep you both in our thoughts till sunnier days return for you both!

  6. Wow! KJ you have alot on your plate. Take care of yourself and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

  7. I'm so sorry to hear about your mother, and hope the hopefulness becomes definite soon. Have a happy birthday!

  8. Take care KJ. Have a HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY tomorrow. I wish I could celebrate your birthday with you. Eat very long noodles.

  9. OK, let this kid try to help you out with some well meant advice.

    I agree with item 1. The only time I rode a real horse was in Zion national monument, when we crossed the river it was difficult enough in the right direction. My wife nearly wet her pants laughing, she was experienced with horses at the time. I kept searching for the brake and stick shift. God I miss stick shifts when I'm in the US.

    I bend like grass, it doesn't break in gale force winds.

    Why the hell panic, it won't help me cope. I might as well stop trying to handle and go and read a good book or catch up on some sleep.

    Never loose your sense of humor.

    Blogs are never a priority, they may still be there when you find time, and they may be down or gone. The world doesn't need blogs to keep on turning.

    Hope your mother gets well real soon, and hope you can enjoy you best friend and the fair and yard party. I'm looking forward to photos :-) Lots of them. Take a lot of your good looking friend, she is a great woman too. And remember what friends are for!
    In difficult times you know who your friends are, and I have no doubt about yours!

    Hang in there, my thoughts are with you.


    It's the 8th Down Under :)

  11. thanks lavender.

    thanks tammy.

    thanks theresa.

    thanks ces (you'll be celebrating with me alright!)

    pieterbie, thanks for your fabulous comments. of course you are right. i will take photos for you. you can see my best friend and our mutual friend (one and the same) in action in the side yard!

    anon, thanks, happy birthday to me....

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