Monday, January 03, 2011

A Weight Lifted in a New Year: Part 1

I'm not saying even the head shot was taken yesterday, but there was a time no one would confuse me with two first graders kind of melded together....

and okay, I admit it was magical thinking and perverse motivation on my part to cut this photo to a size I thought more appropriate...

but now its's 2011 and I'm still an aspiring babe aspiring.


This dress is my current goal:

(I'm not kidding :)


  1. hahahaha, the word veri is : antic!!

    I love the dress and I love your goal. Go for it girlfriend!

    There was a time when I dressed just like that, kind of bohemian chic.

    Very cute outfit. I may have to borrow it ;)

    I got your card today. Yes, I believe it's going to be a very good year!


  2. but lo, should i order it now? do you think i should? do you? should i? and the sweater too? and the boots? now? do yo think i should? should i? sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words :)

  3. Nice outfit - but stop, don't buy it! I've done that (the wedding outfit) and didn't manage to slim enough in time! I'm trying again this year. Good luck kj!

  4. caroline, ♥! ah the voice of reason, thank you. but i'm aiming for 25 pounds off by april. that should put some spring in my sometimes weighty step :)

  5. HAH,,,,forget the dress, I'd settle just for the gorgeous hair!
    I have the boots but my old feet hurt, so they're in the back of the closet.

    You can do it kiddo, I know you can!
    My daughter took off 25,,,Weight Watchers.Walking. Works.
    Her husband lost 40. They both fell off over the holidays,gained a couple, but are right back on that 'ol horse, and feel better for being there.

    Love your cute photos!
    All the best,,,I know you can.

  6. kj, that dress is going to go awesome with your smile.

    love you,

  7. Hi Barbie!
    Anything is possible;)
    But you are a babe already, you know that.
    I have to loose 5 kilos before I go back to work , otherwise I don't fit in my uniform..........
    Good hearing your voice again!


  8. I gotta do that too - and by april - wanna have a contest ms babe?

  9. Nor should you kid. It's a great goal. I once bought a dress and literally lost weight to fit into it for my birthday. It worked. Please tell me you no longer have those shoes in the second photo. GAH. Yes. Buy the dress 2 sizes smaller than you are. I just got into a pair of trousers I've had in my cupboard for 3 years and now they're loose. Awesome feeling.

  10. What the costume only comes in one size?

  11. Whow, you look like Twiggy (very skinny english model in the seventies). I have lost seven kilos due to a very normal healthy diet. Still 3 to go. It is really fun, I can tell you, that all the jeans and other clothes are far more comfortable now. A complete new garderobe in another measure is not necessary anymore. (I hate to shop).

  12. Measure? I mean size hahahaha...

  13. Kj, No one thinks you are kidding!
    Lovely dress. I have started back on my south beach diet and my goal is only 10 pounds, the last 10 pounds :-). Good luck!xoxo

  14. As stated here - you are already a "Babe"...but I know you will shed those pounds - because you want to! Good for vanity - but more importantly - for health!

    I love the dress with the boots....
    you know, you could buy the boots NOW....there are outfits in your closet you could wear them with!

    Mim's "Babe Contest" is great!


    ♥ Cupcake ♥

  15. Just donated the 50 dollars on your paypal donation button I got from Marja today.
    I am happy with the result ♥

  16. I think that dress very much suits you. And boy, do I love boots. But I had to laugh at you literally cutting out part of that second photo. Move over, Photoshop!

  17. LOL Kj you made me laugh from your comment on my blog... thank you for that!


    I can so totally see you in that dress!!!! and I'm not kidding : )

  18. You and me both Baby! I love that dress and I think you can do it and if you can do it so can I!!
    I love Tessa's illustration in your header.
    Thanks for praying for Susan, it is much appreciated.
    Love and hugs dear one.
    The word verify
    is susen, strange!

  19. I love that dress. If it were me, I'd buy it in the size I wanted to be when I wore it-and wear it when I got to that size. Not the same as saying I will be a SIZE XX on DATE.....because that's always a recipe for disaster. Instead-it's a future promise-one day I will wear this dress.

    BUT-if you get the boots and all, don't wear any of it until the day arrives-keep it special.

    Finally-don't buy a size 0 dress-keep it real too-or it's just a waste of time and money.

  20. hahaha! this is funny :)
    You look great by the way... in all the photos you have ever shared here.
    You have a good heart... which means you'll always look good.

    You possibly just need a summner in my city ~ it's soooo hot that it is sometimes difficult to eat and if you do eat you'll sweat it out before the end of the day ;) x

  21. Well just make sure you share some of your tips when you start shedding the pounds...I need help too..and I have a pair of jeans waiting in my closet.Thats a knockout dress Girl!!You Can do it!!Big Hugs,Cat

  22. I love that outfit... very cool.
    (Your New Years Eve sounded like a fantastic night... my kind of meal!!!)


    p.s. I'm going to remember the photo cutting trick - very effective! (and a lot less work) hee hee

  23. everyone, i'm off to help jess with two sick little guys tomorrow so i can't respond individually to each of you. but THANK YOU for the laughs and encouragement.

    and a couple of quickies i can't let pass:

    mim, yes! we're on. i'm doing weightwatchers. til april 30th anyway

    hells, ahahaha! still have the sandals in the back of my closet but i thought the same thing when i posted that pix: argh!

    cat, 21 pounds down and that much more to go. weight watchers. :)

  24. Great goal, but you're already gorgeous, kj. Personally, I wouldn't buy the dress, but I would keep a photo of it or something. Too many times, I have wasted money by promising myself I would get into an outfit. Then somehow, just because the dress is there and I HAVE to wear it at some point, I sabotage myself, rebel...

  25. Gee, I have a weight loss goal too...but outfits? I want to look good nude in front of the mirror but still wear my same clothes, which I have in a box up in the attic labeled 'skinny clothes'...