Saturday, January 22, 2011

Thoughts on the Sex Survey and Mile High Snow

I don't mind admitting when an idea or effort falls short. Such as: one annual sex survey that produced CONSIDERABLE respondents last time around but this time the sharing of intimate information is clearly different.
I thought that might be the case because I've been shy to post the sex survey. And even though it's my survey I'm reluctant to go public with my own preferences and practices.
Know what I think is different? Unlike a couple of years ago, I think many of us know one another in a different way now. I think our blogging relationships have changed, many of us have become and act more like friends, not anonymous'bloggers.' I think that alone changes the dynamic.
So with thanks to the good sports who have taken the survey so far, and with thanks for the silly great comments by all, I am hereby transferring the home of the 2nd Annual Sex Survey to my sidebar. It'll stay up for a while. Just click on the survey image and you'll be escorted to survey questions and survey answers. Let it be known that I am still curious and I will still eagerly enjoy hearing from whomever.
I hope my sterling reputation has not taken a hit. If so please indulge me and like me anyway. Trying to be loose(r) about sex can't really be a bad thing, can it? :)
So now: I am again posting pictures of the snow snow snow around me here in New England. Look at this, Lori! This is a lot of snow!

Meanwhile, the little house at # 9 is warm and cozy.

I worked on a book proposal today
I made chicken soup
I saw my Mom
I thought about the future
I laughed with a friend
I cooked dinner for JB
A quiet peaceful day.


  1. You're probably right a lot has changed in a year. I'll answer your questions after April 7. Otherwise all ancient history for me. Your snow looks lovely by the way.

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  3. I am glad you understood that this was not one of your best ideas. The questions were a bit .... ehm.... not creative. I should never ever take part in these kind of surveys because I think this is too private. No one will live better or worse when knowing exactly what other people do in their bedroom.
    That is not because I am a terrible prude, but I think these surveys complete nonsense. It is not funny, it is not to learn something, it is just a kind of curiosity.

  4. That snow is like sex, too much for some not enough for others and then there is always that maddening middle of the road crew. You can just copy and paste my answers from the last one because nothing much has changed in that arena.

    But DAMNNNNNNNNNNNN that is a lot of snow kj! hahahahahaaha

  5. i was told by a close friend that I shouldn't worry about that survey, but should just ride a bicycle instead. I don't get the connection, but since the bike is up in the basement I went down and had a long ride and now I feel very satisfied and content. Whadda think it means?

    Mim and Em

  6. Your sterling reputation is intact. love the snow pics. but must confess i've had my fill and now wish to have spring.

  7. yep, I think the sex survey days are over ;)

    I went to the bird feeders this morning as I do every morning and the squeaky snow made me smile. It's so damn cold though!

    I could tell the hawk had come for breakfast early. Lots of pigeon feathers near the ground feeder :(

    I think Lori will love the snow because she'll be able to leave it behind!

    Was I the friend you laughed with yesterday?


  8. Maybe the Prude Guild is expanding, kj! We'll have to have a convention soon. Some place warm. ;)

  9. Maybe you should have a link to the first survey. What a difference a year or so seems to have made. But I don't think you did anything wrong. And I also think it's a far more interesting topic than the fake sex we are constantly exposed to in movies and so on.

  10. Lovely photos. As for the survey I think the fact that we are all better friends should make us more open not less! That is how it worked for me anyway. Last time I only answered a few questions, this time I answered all. None of the questions nor answers are X rated, no reason to be ashamed.It's only sex :-).

  11. Wonderful snow pictures!
    Well about the sex survey, to me it feels the cave has snowed in completely ;-P.............
    I feel I have nothing interesting to say on that subject.
    Having to answer those questions now is pretty confronting to me.
    I hope when snow melts and spring arrives things will feel different.

    You stay warm dear , don't get snowed in ;)


  12. If this were facebook, I'd click the "like" button for Annie's comment.