Monday, January 10, 2011

From 4 to 95: A tale of Two Birthdays

Mr. Ryan, age 4
He sits beside me on the couch ready to watch Scooby Do. I put my arm around him but he surprisingly pulls away.

"I'm not allowed to touch those," he says.

"Touch what, Ryan?" I ask him.

"Those." He points to my left breast, the one closest to him

"What?" I laugh. "Ryan, I don't care," I tell him.

Jessica intervenes.

"No!" she says firmly. "He cannot."

I look at her quizzically.

He was touching all the breasts at daycare..."

Rose, age 95


My Mother is sitting on her bed at the Lathrop Rest Home. I am visiting her just after her game of solitaire and just before dinner. She is relaxed and content.

I am telling her that we got the rent check for her house today.

"Do you think I'll ever live there again?" she asks me.

I have a pretty pat answer. "Well Mom, I don't think you'd want to live there alone, would you?"

She nods in agreement.

"No, not unless I get married."

Happy Birthday Mr. Ryan

Happy Birthday Mom.

I can't imagine life without either of you.


  1. Aw ... Your mom, how sweet... My grandpa (much to my dads horror) announced at age 98 he was remarrying.. to Fiona a woman at his "retirement" home. He went as far as to put a notice in the paper and then forgot who she was.... It was very dear and very sweet... I loved my grandpa...

    And Mr. Ryan.... Lol!

    Take care KJ
    Much XXX Pattee

  2. Whoa, Mr Ryan!
    Man they start early, don't they?

    And good for Rose,,,never say never!

  3. Mr Ryan knows what is nice to touch I am giggling here.

    Aww and your Mom so sweet....
    Last week my Mom inquired after the teeth so when I told her the story so offered me her teeth. First I thought she made a very clever and funny joke but after some questions it turned out she was serious.

    Kids and very old people have their own logic....


  4. Just lovely. Happy birthday to them both.

  5. Least we know he's not going to be a leg man! Mom does have to set the limits or she will be the one getting the continual calls from the school...right?

    Happy birthday to two of your most beloved.

  6. what sweethearts, both. to your Mom, well it's never to late to try. Though I am having a chuckle at Pattee's comment. To Mr. Ryan, hmm I wonder how long he'll obey that rule. LOL. Lucky you and lucky them to have each other.

  7. Aww...but how can one give a hug without touching breasts? But then, I don't suppose little Ryan was hugging at day care...heh heh!It sounds like he learned his lesson, though.

    It seems to be a kind of dream for many of the elderly women I see...the idea that they may get married again. It happens often, too, the elderly meet in the senior's homes and sparks fly...long after those sparks should have died down!

    So far, I've been invited to three upcoming nuptials in the senior's home. Two have planned a June wedding, full regalia. The groom is 93 and the bride is 86!

  8. oh Ryan, he's arrived at the boobie tweaking age! hahaha!

    And your mom~she dreams of getting married because it was so damn good the first time around. She just wants to experience that one more time. Aww.

    Hey, we didn't talk yesterday. Is that a first?


  9. one of my nephews went thru a boobie patting stage at around 3 or 4. he'd pat mine and inquire as to what they were. I'd answer - calmly - and we'd move on. Then he'd do it again. Finally his mother said in exasperation "Brian, you KNOW what they are. They are not meant to be patted unless you are married to that person. When you get a hug, you can squish up against them, but NO PATTING". That put an end to the patting, but to this day, he loves a hug.

    LOVE your mom. Just love her.

  10. Ryan's boobie-fetish is too funny!
    Loved "Walking Man's" comment!

    As for your Mum....she is a wonder!
    I love the way her mind works....she is really a sweetheart!

    And so are you!!!!!


    ♥ Cupcake ♥

  11. Oh how beautiful kj, your writing, your family stories. Such a lovely post. And boy does that bring back memories with my own boys.

    Happy Birthday to Mom and Ryan!


  12. Only 4 and not allowed to touch breasts :(
    I love that conversation kj and I'm so pleased that you didn't care. Snuggling up is very important, I believe.

    and you Mother is absolutely wonderful.... but most of all it is your ability to tell a tale.

  13. Happy birthday to Ryan and your mum.

  14. Oh, that made me laugh! I love both Mr. Ryan's and your mom's remarks. Happy Birthday to both! And to you much love... Silke

  15. pattee, fiona! that is hilarious. and so sweet and tender. you take care too, pattee! ♥

    barbara, i know, i feel the same way! xoxo

    babs, my daughter is going to read your comment and call me and chew me out for sharing this little story :) hee hee

    marianne, there is so much i could say about your first sentence (excluding mr ryan) but i will let prudence dictate hahahaha! I love your Mom offering you her teeth!!! that is so totally loving and adorable!!!! ♥

    thank you hells tsup!!

  16. mark, HAHAHA! and yes, you understand my daughter's reasoning very well. xoxo

    suki, mr. ryan should be compliant for a few years anyway, don't you think? :) to me the best part about being lucky is that i know i'm lucky xoxo

    oh my marion!!! three weddings?! oh they must love having you there! i know i would xo. i would faint on the spot if my Mom ever told me she planned to marry. i really would!

    lo, a first!! the drought won't last--i will miss you too fast and too much. :)

    mim, your story should be (and is) a companion piece to mine. totally endearing and adorable. i can hear you tell it! you are the best aunt on the planet ♥

    robin, i wish i carried a tape recorder at all times when i'm with my Mom. she amazes me, what she sees and thinks and says. xoxo

    lori, ah so you have breast stories of your own. :) you know i am not very familiar with boys, having divorced my husband and been with janet for 25 years now. much of the boy particulars are new to me hahahha!!! i could tell more stories but jessica would kill me (ps smooch)

    robyn, well this is a grand compliment from you and i thank you very much! i love telling these stories. you know more than anyone there is so much wonder all around us. robyn, i missed you and i'm glad you're back. ♥

  17. toyin, thank you for your visit and your comments. i stopped at your blog tonight and i can see you can write!

    much love to you too, silke, always. i so much like seeing you here xoxo

  18. Ah this made me smile - you have a wonderful family kj! Sorry, haven't had much time for visiting lately - the sketchbook project is consuming me!! x

  19. Happy Birthday to both,had to laugh for the 2answers ,KJ your a Ritch Lady......

  20. Beautiful! Happy Birthday to mom and Mr.Ryan who made me laugh out loud!

  21. I'm struck by the idea that being married would constitute living alone!

  22. Happy Birthday to two beautiful people!!
    I love their answers!!