Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Animal Wednesday: Snow

Photo by Christina Pantazopoulos

Here's a little sample
of a snow person
New England.


14 inches worth
of snow.


Enough to shut down
nearby cities and towns


Enough reason
to chill and cozy


Please pray for the
families and city
of Tucson and Arizona
& America


and please pray for the
families and city
of Brisbane and Queensland
& Australia


and please pray
for endless snowflakes
falling on
honest tongues.



  1. It's lovely in moderation I guess, like all things. Yep QLD is having a hard time at the moment but we rally together. It'll be alright.

  2. Dang! I was trying to aim that 14 inches at DC.

    Talking with the creator spirit is never unjustified or unwelcome.


  3. only 14 inches???? I would have thought you out there in the wild west would have gotten more.

    I didn't do that tongue thing. I shoulda

  4. we got more than fourteen inches here.

    cried this am as I listened to the tV news (a rare event) and heard Obama's talk and also two friends of the Gabby's tell of how she opened her eye and raised her arm. Very moving. And to see the sweet face of the little girl who died. heartbreaking.

  5. hells, 'we rally together'. yup, a good formula for countries and friends. xo

    mark, HAHAHA! AMEN! on both counts xo

    oh mim, do that tongue thingy next time for sure. i think the act of doing it might even grant wishes.:)
    you and jessica got considerably more snow. i live in a valley and i'm never sure what that means snowwise! but i will say i wanted it to be more blustery....xo

    suki, that a woman with two bullet holes in her head may live and hopefully recover and prosper has more meaning than i can grasp. damn guns and damn duality thinking. xo

  6. Love that Snow-"person"! I thought of all you Eastern denizens yesterday - and am glad to know that you are all warm and have well-stocked fridges.

    So many prayers to say - for so many - world-wide.... not the most auspicious beginning for 2011....but, as Renee said.....Together Strong. May all the strength, hope and love that our little group radiates shine out and bring some relief.


    ♥ Robin ♥

  7. Happy about the snow (can't wait to see it!), but so sad about the crazyness of the world. I wish the snow could fall and cover the world putting everyone to sleep like in the wizard of oz, and when the planet and all its inhabitants wakes, everything and everyone is healed. wishful thinking.

  8. yes yes yes....what Lori said!!!!

    I'm loving the snow. I was just telling Brian that I would take this any day over that nasty humid summer we had last year! I refuse to live here if every summer is as bad as that one.

    I'll move to Siberia ;P

    Not really.


  9. Magnificent snow person! I have them al in my prayers... well... except for endless snowflakes.

  10. Yes, some heart-wrenchingly sad stories.