Monday, September 13, 2010

The Secret of Life

This is for my friend Mark, otherwise known as The Walking Man:

Long ago a panel of Gods and Goddesses held an emergency meeting to find ways to protect the secret of life. They were concerned that as humankind expanded its knowledge and reach, human beings would one day be able to access the knowledge known only to the highest Gods.

One God said, “Let’s hide the secret at the bottom of the deepest ocean.”

“No”, said another, “They will one day have submarines.”

Another said, “Let’s hide it at the top of the highest mountain”.

“No”, said another. “They will one day have airplanes and helicopters.”

There was silence for a long time. Then, the youngest among them said, to the great relief of all, “Why don’t we hide it inside them? They’ll never think to look there.”


  1. Beautiful and true. Life is so full of love and beauty and sadness and joy. We are so lucky. xoxo

  2. My goodness - I've never thought of that.

  3. I like this very very much.
    It is clever and a truth that rings bells for me :)

    Hi ya kj... you are a prolific wonderful blogger and I see that I have missed many posts that I hope to read today.

    I hope you are well and still feeling the benefits of your recent wonderful holiday.

    Be well
    xx Robyn

  4. So lovely, and so true!
    We have all had to look deep into ourselves over here lately!

  5. Lovely, profound and the ultimate wisdom..

  6. Yup. Love this oh wise one ;)


  7. happiness is in me.

    (and its also found in my amazon cart,and in a bar of endangered species organic chocolate, i found it in the new cashmere wool i bought in NYC too, oh and happiness is found in texts recieved from the faraway children i call my own...)

    sorry, i couldn't help being silly, i do know what you mean kj. happiness begins within. and then it's everywhere when you look with a happy heart!

    i like this post about the secret of life!


  8. But then, there are SOME of us who DO "look within".... and aren't we lucky to have all met and become a "family"?

    Love to all,

    ♥ Robin ♥

  9. this is lovely kj --- and the sign on the previous post for the art and yard sale rocks!!


  10. annie, you have the best attitude. your spirit flies high. ♥

    mim, i love this comment! xoxo

    robyn, HELLO dear friend. i've just seen your beach knits. you are incredible. i wish you lived near me.

    lynn, thank you.

    sag, you are in my thoughts. i hope the crisis is feeling past? how scary.

    shubhajit, isn't it, though? xo

    lo, ♥ always

    lori, well! you've certainly chosen the best things to be happy about! your comment makes me happy!

    marie, thank you ♥

    suki, i love fables. i love reading them and i love making them up!

    robin, yes, we are very lucky ducks. and i give thanks for that every single day. xoxo

    thank you amanda. my little girl and her little boys will be visiting for this art fair. nothing could be better. xoxo

  11. Thank you kj for the reminder. The piece that inspired this was for a friend as well as my own need to say what needed saying.

    Now I am back to fighting and poking pins in the giant's toes just so it knows I have not forgotten it is without.

    I am posting today's poetry here today because i don't want to bump yesterdays seditious writing down just yet.


    I din't do
    nothin' yesterday
    never rose
    nor removed my 'jamas
    even tho I
    have beard to
    belly button length
    at times I feel
    like me ol' gramma
    smart as a whip
    but out o' strength.

    (C) M Durfee

    With sincerest apologies to Edgar Guest

  12. attention! attention! mr. walking man has demonstrated quite effectively the magic of his poetry.

    thank you mark. it's a great one


  13. Ha! So true, so true.

    Something I said in an email to you today prompted a post.