Monday, September 27, 2010

Look Around

She bit Mr. Ryan's foot when he got too close
and he overreacted by calling her a "Bad Listener!"

Sometimes I don't stop long enough to look around me.
But sometimes I do.
In the last few weeks I started with farm animals at the County Fair and I'm currently up to the backyard butterfly section in kj's Book of Look Around. (I made that title up just now.) :)
I am swamped, but not enough to not look around. I take that as another good sign. I am in the world these days. There is an Art Fair happening in my yard this weekend, I have a garage full of furniture to move from my Mother's house somehow within a week, I am soliciting endorsements and grant money for Renee's Book of Love, and I have these work reports that never go away.
But most of what I am doing these days is all good. Even the hard part is better. Yesterday I came across a blog comment from someone who has hurt me and could care less, and every comment she intentionally floats seems to reactivate that hurt. But I'm volleying back, leaving a pointed comment of my own if that what it takes. This what I said I would do rather than let more word arrows come without defending myself. This is the 'don't mess with Me' part of my life these days. I like the fact that I am taking care of myself.
But I digress. Mostly this post today is about Looking Around.
& Being a Good Listener.


  1. HAHAHA! the photos of me beside the colt and the chick! i can't believe the likenesses!!!

  2. You should take care of yourself dear Kj, and I am thinking that some day soon that person's comments won't have the power to hurt anymore. Looking around is also good :-). I love that child and the things he says, not a good listener, that is darling. Have a good week and remember to breath.

  3. I hope you will take time to enjoy all the fun. Making preparations is part of that and being busy as well. I can advice because I know what I always forget...... ;)

    Wish I was there this weekend......

    Take care and remember only people you love can hurt you!


  4. Looking around is a good thing. I surely hope I never lose that inclination.

  5. You don't look anything like the horse and chick, other than the gentle love you all project.

    I'm glad you're taking care of feels so good, doesn't it! Time to do that.

    You sure sound busy! I hope you remember to smell the roses as well, dear kj....xoxo

  6. Love these photos... love these words.... you, my dear friend ARE a good listener....and a good "look-arounder"! One of the ten million reasons why we all love you so....

    As for hurtful comments....blow them away, like you blow on a feathery dandelion! They are mere words....and one day, they will come back to haunt the person who uttered them. word verification is: foodally.... which is something we all know more about very soon!
    (With "Secret Agent" and Moi assisting in the can it be any less than FOODALLY!)


    ♥ Robin ♥

  7. Just loved your look around...for some reason I really love the triplets of cows! Such fun photos, thanks for sharing.

  8. Muah! I wandered here, knee deep in muddy water, to tell you that,
    I love you!
    Peace~love, my friend,
    when we remember to look around,
    it's there,
    smiling through toothless grins,
    flying on broken wings,
    growing in abandoned mason jars on the kitchen windowsill,
    scribbled madly on the back of envelopes in 5 o'clock traffic.

    And yes, I've missed you:)

  9. That is so cute, Mr. Ryan's "bad listener" maybe he was thinking, don't get so close, and she didn't listen to him!

    Did you take these photos kj? they are terrific! i love the idea of your look around. Taking photos is one really good way of paying attention to the world and all that there is to see.

    I think when you feel swamped by life, that is the best time to take the time to look around.

    Sending hugs and love.

    p.s. never you mind about hurtful petty commenters, you have a beautiful life and you are too busy looking around to be bothered!

  10. The little chick looks like she's pouting!! Probably regarding that hurtful comment you stumbled upon.

    The person who is still after all this time leaving comments about you, interesting how much time and energy she spends on you ;)

    That butterfly on the zinnia is a great capture!! I thought you didn't have your camera?

    Mr. Ryan, the animal whisperer ;)

    See you soon!


  11. I love your comment here! Your photos are lovely and so are you! Good that you're busy and pacing yourself too!! x

  12. Pardon me? Two words you never want to hear from a GOOD listener.

  13. kj, so who bit ryan? the pig or the pony?? such cute barnyard shots!

    that's unfortunate that a commenter used this forum as a way to hurt you --- and i completely agree with lori that you have a beautiful life and have too little time for that stuff to allow it to bother you -- you go girl!!

    so now am off to read other posts i missed while i was away, as i think i see a frog in a bathroom....

  14. Nice look around, I needed a reminder.

  15. kj I absolutely love this post.
    The photos are wonderful and Mr Ryan is wise :)

    Try not to focus on one bad apple in the bowl... just throw it away and look at all the lovely ones....
    I'm silly aren't I :)
    but I know you know and I can tell that life is good for you as you know how to love and be loved.

    Keep looking around and sharing what you see.... I love it.

  16. PS.... have you got my words of love for Renee's book?
    I'm asking this as I never saw them published on the blog. x

  17. Hey kj! I was just popping over to say howdy-do and now I have a big old crush on Mr. Ryan. How ADORABLE is that? How wise? :)) He has made me smile and remember how wonderful my own kids were at that age. They still are wonderful, just taller. ;) Keep being busy - good things are happening! xox Pam

  18. Your littlt Mr Ryan is adorable KJ.
    Good luck with your yart sale, It sounds like it will be sooo fun. Renee loved craft sales! Maybe she will show up!
    KJ can you block the commenter?
    Have a great day lov u.

  19. ~Love You~ GoodLuck with the yard sale <3

  20. I love you, your big heart and inner strength, and little Mr. Ryan's words of wisdom. We should all take the time to be good listeners and look around more. Wouldn't the world be a better place if we did?
    I'll be thinking about you and your yard/art sale on Saturday. I so wish I could be there!!!!!!!!