Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Animal Wednesday: Emily is in MORE Trouble!

I kj am sorry to report that despite her convincing pathetic story last week, Ms. Emily Rabbit has NOT been in jail and does not need bail money.

Ms. Emily Rabbit took an unapproved trip to Oklahoma City where she visited Babs and Mr. Babs. She arrived home several days ago, exhausted and unapologetic, saying she couldn't pass up such a wonderful adventure and she lied about being in jail because she thought the combination of sympathy and bail money would work to her advantage.

And not just that! With Babs' help, Emily got her nails polished, her legs shaved, and was fitted for a new bikini that is inappropriate for her age. Here she is strutting her new look--can you believe it??????


Emily is currently resting and promising to share 2 % the proceeds of her lolli and jelly garden if she is not punished, and 3% if I do not tell her Mother she traveled without permission.

As for Babs, she is clearly a bad influence who according to Emily told her she could come back again when hell freezes over. Babs must have the patience of Mother Theresa.

And in case you're wondering, here is Emily's version of events. This letter made the trip home with her, tucked into a snug little box:

How should I handle this? She should be punished, right?




  1. Ah, I KNEW Emily was NOT in jail with Lilo. Lilo would NOT want to share the publicity with such a rival as Em-lo....particularly as Em-lo now has a mani-pedi, and wears a new bikini! Plus...she is waterskiing.... hmmmm... what a wild Wabbit! I feel Babs and Mr. Babs showed great restraint with our wild one.... and, she did get out and about for a wee break....after all, it is HARD work planting lollies, j'beans and upside down, thinking up new plans to make $$$$...

    Love the bikini....but, I still feel pink is her colour! As soon as the new crop of lollies comes up, you should invest in a pink-ini!

    Love to you, Stela, Emily - and a big thank you to Babs (and Mr. Babs) for hosting the "Wild One".

    ♥ Robin ♥

  2. This is a pretty funny cat who seems like all cats to have manuvered her way around you and everyone. Absolutely a TIME OUT is in order. But how do you make a cat stay in TIME OUT? When I figure it out, and I WILL go home and practice this with Henry V, as he will surely have done SOMETHING to warrant at least mild punishment before I get home tonight...and see what works best.
    Withholding tuna might be the best. As in clunking a can down on the counter, but NOT giving him any. That would be cruel and unsual punishment and probably too harsh for whatever bad deed he did. But think about it for Emily, as flying away and saying she was in jail, LYING, is pretty bad stuff. Good luck.

  3. Come on don't be too hard on her ;)
    It wouldn't help anyway........

    can't you send her over here for a while????? Would be nice . Then we could teach each other some manners.

    And send my love to my best friend!

  4. Emily went all the way to visit Babs! I am soooo jellybean jealous. Babs is a totally fun, cool gal.

  5. No punishment! She just has an irrepresible spirit.

    And on an unrelated note - Awwww! Got a little poster in the mail. And best of all, my words were first! (insert happy dance here). Thanks!!! ♥

  6. Yeah, no punishment! She should however tell us all she is sorry for lying as I was quiet upset about her being in jail. How lucky
    Emily is to be able to visit Babs and Mr. Babs! What fun! xoxo

  7. Gosh darn that is a beautiful little shed! I love that header. Your yard looks wonderful!
    You should be used to the Emily escapades by now.
    Just smile and nod!
    Love and hugs.

  8. wrobin, em-lo is wild alright. i told her she is grounded and she threw two packages of frozen peas into mid air. one almost hit me on my head.

    lynn, lynn???! fhahahaha! emily is a RABBIT. no cats involved in this tale!!! and i'm pretty sure rabbits cannot be bribed with tuna fish.

    marianne, don't be surprised if she shows up at your front door someday. you will have to tell me right away! xoxo

    chewy, yes, but don't you think babs was a bad influence? :)

    cs, i want an irrepresible spirit too! but do you think we should encourage a young rabbit not even in fifth grade? ps glad you got it, glad you liked it.

    annie, i know you were upset about jail. do you think she will apologize? i am NOT paying her money to apologize!!!

    marie, you're back! that is the magic cottage. okay, i will try to smile and nod, and not just about emily. :)

  9. Hey! i have just read a few entries and i might be hooked! this is just great.

    here is me:

  10. melissa! i had to think for a moment! how nice to see you here! please come anytime. i have just come from your blog--what fun.
    ms. kj r-e-d :)

  11. No, don't pay her to apologize!
    P.S. My blog misses you.

  12. WHOA!

    Tell Miss Em to put those Ta-tas under wraps before some Oklahoma Jackrabbit gets an idea she can't handle. That Little Miss is irrepressible and clueless - time for a talk, kj.

    Unless, of course, you like surprises....


  13. Well, I for one am completely shocked by Emily's new look!! I'm speechless!

    As for her escapades, she reminds me of another impish someone or other. Hmmmm, I wonder who that could be?? did a knockout job on that letter!! Um, I mean Emily ;P

    I'm thinking lighten up on her this time KJ. At least she came home...and hey, she gave YOU a break by taking off for a while!


  14. have you ever considered that maybe she needed a break from you? nag nag nag that's all you do all day long. that poor little rabbit has no peace. i am going to write to the 'rabbit minister' of the british conservative constituency and have her removed to a foster home- possibly to live with lolo or babs or marianne, or robin, or me.mind you, she can't wear that bikini in londontown, I will have to get her a nice (furry) coat and scarf and boots and gloves for winter.

  15. I think, with a transgression as large as this one, where Emily could have been in trouble more than just lying(just think of all those boy rabbits whose eyes must be a-poppin' out of their heads at the sight of Emily in a bikini) that you, kj, have to tell her mother.

    With all those pre-pubescent hormones just getting ready to take hold of sweet Emily, I think this one is too large to handle on your own.

    It takes a village to raise a rabbit, right?

  16. Emily is just having those pre-teen hormones run through her little rabbit body. I would lavish her with attention and gifts, possible buying her and one of her good friends (ahem) an IPad, so that they both can get more writing done. Because don't you think Emily is an excellent writer? xox - Pam

  17. heehee heehee.

    oh kj, every girl needs a bikini. and anyway it was just a little white lie (white fluffy tailed lie).

    i think she's learned her lesson. i'd go easy on her.

    every bunny needs love ♥