Saturday, May 01, 2010

What Would You Do?



Say you are waiting for one of your closest

and totally fun friends to arrive for the weekend.

Say it's a beautiful morning.

Say you have about two hours before the fun begins.

Say you have sixteen work reports to write by Monday.

And there is firewood to stack from last fall.

And say you have two six packs of lettuce

to plant in the garden.

And you are way behind on visiting your beloved blog friends.

What would you do???


  1. DEfinitely sit in the beautiful garden and maybe think about all that other stuff (or not!). Enjoy the sunshine!! Do the other stuff later! x

  2. I would plant the two six packs of lettuce and pray that these aren't eaten like my last six packs by the resident rabbit, haha!

    And then I would forget about the work reports and the firewood,(which since it has been there since last fall, is perfectly alright where it is)wash my hands and plan the greatest weekend I can imagine with my very good and fun friend!

    Enjoy your weekend, kj!

  3. Sip a glass of iced tea and look at the clouds. xoxo Pam

  4. see, don't i have the wisest friends ever? you couldn't buy such sage advice.

    caroline, i LOVE to sit and think.

    marion, my resident rabbit will get in big trouble if she eats my little lettuce. she will have her allowance forfeited for a month!

    pam, i love clouds! are you following your own advice this weekend? :)

  5. kj,

    i will not eat that lettuce because it is way to small and why would i decide to get in trouble for just a little nibble?

    so please keep my allowance coming.

    yours truly
    emily rabbit

  6. Plant the lettuce (and I don't think Emily will eat the lettuce) and then forget everything else until Sunday night
    :-). Have a fab weekend (is it lolo?)!!! xoxo

  7. I would get my friends to help with the planting and the firewood stacking. With good friends you can have great fun doing pretty much anything. The work reports will just have to wait ... your blogging friends will understand. Fun ... focus on having fun. I'm sure Emily will agree ;)

    xx Jos

  8. What kind of silly question is this?
    I will get another cup of tea, sit outside with my laptop and go visiting bloglandia. Happy May Day to all of you and remember a wise piece of advice someone gave me a long time ago: there is always time for work.

  9. i would cry cause the most funnest friend is sick with the yucks and is sad and ready to cry from her tummy.

  10. Say to hell with the work and break out the wine!
    Then you won't remember the work, and you can enjoy your visit!
    There's always tomorrow..... ;)


  11. This little "California Girl" just woke up - so I am late to reply...

    I hope you spent those two hours under the umbrella, relaxing and awaiting....well, I guess just "one of the Graces".... too bad about the other.... but, I KNOW you will have a wonderful time, filled with laughter! (and Cosmos?) Emily is excited - she told me so! But, she did not promise to "behave".... A-ha-ha!

    Blowing Kisses Eastward!


    ♥ Robin ♥

  12. whichever you do, I would be outside to do it. it is just gorgeous up here today in NH!!!

  13. I'd put the lettuce in - that's a quick task and then you could just relax until your friend got there. Hope you have a great weekend!

  14. Break out the wine and relax until your friend arrives. Stressing over the other stuff is bad for you anyway. :-) Have a fun weekend!

  15. Forget the blog . . .your blogfriends aren't going anywhere. Plant the lettuce and sit in the sunshine!

  16. Leave it all behind to spend time with your much loved fun friend :)

    love ya kj

    x robyn :)

  17. Fantastic shot in your header! Really, really good. Thank you for your kind words...unfortunately two of them are much more than spots...about 2 inches and growing. But I am done pouting and am currently stocking up on leggins to wear with my orthopedic swimsuit. I've always been a trend setter....
    **blows kisses** Deb

  18. Hmmm that's a tough question Kj...

    I would plant... do a couple files... plant... respond to blogs...

    Then I'd just forget what I just said and relax!!!

    Much love to you

  19. I'd sit down and visit every single blog friend across the globe because I would know they'd love to hear from me! LOL
    Go enjoy your garden and your friend.

  20. Straighten up the living room, mix margaritas, defrost and marinate chicken breast, ready ingredients for a tropical salad, then take a leisurely bath.

    When your friends arrive, enjoy your margaritas, talk, grill your chicken breast, add greens, and voila, lunch is ready and you day is fulfilled!

    No time for anything else; but everything else can wait.


  21. In that case I would take a glass of wine, sit under that umbrella, do nothing and just relax before the fun begins!!!!!!

    Enjoy your weekend!

  22. Ps
    and just feed those plants to emily saves you a chore..... :)

  23. PS... I love the clouds above your umbrella.
    I love the photos you choose to share up there :)

  24. Oh go to the blogs obviously.. :-) thats me!

  25. do nothing but wait for the bestie friends to arrive and enjoy every moment you have with them, as friendships are precious.and we shall expect photos of the sleepover please.

  26. Grab a book and read for a couple of hours.

  27. I'd enjoy the anticipation and trust that everything else will get done in it's own time. It always does get done, doesn't it? If I know you just a little bit, it all probably gets done rather well... Have fun!! Love, Silke

  28. Oooh I'm late to add my advice. But I'd say plant the lettuce, because it will take no time at all to do it. And it be so tasty and yummy in only a few weeks.

    Then have a seat, look around you, and bask in all the beauty in your life, and the knowledge that you are very loved by all your family and friends. Including us in Blogland.
    Love you,

  29. emily, did you nibble? i think you did! i have no evidence! xoxo

    annie, fab weekend. yes, lolo. she was super good company as usual. xox0

    jos, of all these suggestions, yours is by far the very best! but it didn't work. hee hee

    allegra, you are wise wiser, wisest! i didn't blog. i sat outside and looked around. ♥

    mim, boohoohoo. how much you were missed. i hope you are feeling so much better today. next time will be just as good. tsup! xoxoxo

    anne, ah, another wise woman! we played non stop. i am happy! screw those reports! xoxxo

  30. robin, maybe someday you, and annie too, will be here if we don't get to allegra's garden first! lo and jb and i had a fine old time, every moment. the only sad part was that mim was sick and she was missed. debra kay too. xoxoxo

    suki, definitely outside, until we went inside to play with scissors and paste and paper and cut outs! the collage i did reminded me so much of you. xoxo

    cs, i hope you had a great weekend too. you are SO right about popping the lettuce in. i didn't so at least my hands were clean for company! xoxo

    debbie, hello and welcome. thank you. i will come by to visit you soon.

    baino, no blogging in the back yard and we talked too much to blog until now, when it's quiet. i am actually a very good vegetator!!

    thank you, marie. i did choose joy. i hope likewise for you. xoxo

    robyn, that's what i did! love ya too, robyn. i hope you know...xoxo

  31. Well, when I had arrived the lettuce was planted, the chicken was marinating and the lobster rolls were about to be ordered.
    AND KJ greeted me with dropped-jaw surprise when I pulled in the driveway nearly taking 1/3 of her neighbors lawn for almost missing the turn!
    I do like to make an entrance:P

    I'll post about my weekend there later, but I will give you a hint.

    It was superb and I'm drop dead in love with Stella!

    And the wine was delicious.

    The hostesses had the absolute mostess and then some!

    Yet there were missing 2 pals that couldn't make it:(

    I drank their share of wine:P

    Now I'm off to hug my dog, cat and husband (in that order!)
    I'll do a post soon.

    Thank you KJ my good friend. And thank you JB, my new good friend and art comrade ;)


  32. Latelly I am seriously inclined to seek what I really want, and try not to guide myself by obligations. Everything that needs/deserves to be done, it ll be done by you without the need of deciding or forcing yourself.
    Great dilema we all face eventually By the way.
    Take care KJ

  33. If I'd arrived here sooner I'd have said plant the lettuce and then sit in the sunshine with your coloured pencils ... glad your creativeness won*!*