Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Animal Wednesday: Emily's Bar None Award


I, Emily Rabbit, am giving out my very own award to certain people. It is called the BAR NONE AWARD and it is for anyone who:

--is not afraid to throw themselves on the ground, cry deep from their stomach, and kick their legs high in the air if the situation is important enough

--is willing to roll down hills, eat chocolate even if you might get sick, and a lot of the time play instead of work

--really whine when necessary

--might be willing to invest in a jellybean farm

--and of course try to stay out of jail but sometimes you can't help it and if you do get arrested keep telling everyone it's not your fault

--oh and be nice most of the time and sometimes share your candy

Anyone who wants this award can have it right now!

Last time I tried to give out an award I got in trouble because I left important people out so this time I am giving this award to EVERYONE, but if nobody minds I am mentioning certain people by name:

Marianne: My bestest friend and she can paint

Studio Lolo: kj's bestest friend and she can paint too

Valerie WalshValGal: kj loves her and she can paint too

Soulbrush: who keeps threatening to cook me but hahhaha I know she wouldn't because she is too soft and sweet

Auntie Mim: she paints the best fish and she introduced me to Ms. Em who like me isn't afraid to get in trouble and can't you just see her rolling down hills, jumping off cliffs, and banging into walls?

Lori times five but really six: kj loves her and she takes the best pictures

AnnieCoe/The Blissful Bohemian: she just rolls and jumps and doesn't usually worry about falling

Wrobin/The Very Purple Hour (heehee): I think she kinda loves me and I am sure she would visit me in jail (right, wrobin?)
Baino: her name is really Hells and kj says she is going to sit on the couch at # 9 and drink so much chardy she will tell kj all her secrets

Pam/Yoborobo or is it Roboyobo: I think she and kj are peas in a purple pod

Marion: kj loves her because she knows about wolves and magic and she talks to animals (hello marion! it's me, emily! how are you today?)

Snowbrush: he is so clever and a very funny wise a--- so he makes me and everyone else think and laugh at the same time (I did not swear even though I really should have spelled out a--

AngelaRecada: she and kj are twinkly twins and she gave kj the best Christmas present ever

Deborah/Midlife Poet: I hope she will like me alot alot because I am giving her this Award and she LOVES awards, and also because she is very pretty and she has a pool

Silke: she is kj's new friend and she paints all these nice women who I think might be willing to share their jellybeans

Anne/El Milagro Studio: she is definitely willing to get in trouble if a good reason comes up and I have a feeling she would bail me out of jail if needed

Robyn/Ribbon: she knows how to be sweet and wise all at once and kj thinks she is terrific

Marie/Art from my heart: she makes her fun art look like fun because she has fun doing it and she doesn't mind having fun saying so, plus she can be mushy when she gives compliments

Ms. V./A Fanciful Twist: kj says she would make a great neighbor because she is very unusual and doesn't care if any one thinks she is strange.


Suki!!! Suki is a seeker and she likes me. How could anyone top that? (suki, blame kj for omitting your name even though it was here. Don't forget not to blame me.)

Oh, and just so you know here is who else is getting this award and if I forgot anyone blame kj because it is not my fault. I am just a little rabbit. If I forgot you you get the award double.

beautiful babs, super sonia, party pattee, happy arizona linda, the best watercolorist ever caroline, daring debra kay, smartfeisty allegra, beloved human being, sometimes missing rhonda roo, sweet lydia, wonderful wieneke, supersmart mariana, angel julie-ann, tweety bimbimbie, master poet mark, saucy secret agent, swell susan and cosmo, colorful chewy, talented karin, ms. lakeviewer, the incredible tessa, sweetsweetmango, noble nollyposh, linda lime, sweet sophia, smart cosmic stacey, brave jos, gorgeous chrisy, another master poet kay, terrific teri who blesses all of us with fur, barbara who watches the sky, musical margaret, sweet silver, fill in your name here if i forgot, and kj says never ever ever forget renee.

Please give this award out to anyone who meets the Bar None! description and don't forget to tell them they don't have to behave or be nice to accept the award.

Sincerely yours,

Emily Rabbit


  1. Thank you for the award Emily - what a generous bunny you are. I am particularly good at eating chocoate, can really whine if necessary and would share my candy occasionally! Hope you enjoyed your holiday - I see you up there on kj's blog header sunbathing!

  2. I gracefully accept your award Emily and of course Miss Em does also. And she is always afraid to do those things but she does them because it makes you happy and then once she is doing it she isn't afraid anymore.
    Love Auntie Mim

  3. Hello again Emily. You always make me smile. What a gift you have for it. Do I qualify even though I'm not so sure about the jellybean farm? ... mind you ... is there such a thing as dark chocolate jellybeans? I might be persuaded if so.

    I totally agree about persisting with the line "this is not my fault" regardless of mounting evidence to the contrary. If you stick with it you might just squeak through on an insanity plea if nothing else! xx Jos

  4. :D

    Thanks Emily V.V. Rabbit!

    I'll give the chocolate to Brian and I'll have the wine.

    Oh, WHINE? WHINE! Of course that's what you meant. Sorry!
    I'd like to sit on the couch with Hells and share the chardy ;)


  5. Emily, Emily, I am weally, weally honoured to accept this awwwward.
    You KNOW I wuv you and would smuggle j-beans under the Guard's noses so you can have some if you were in pwison.

    I luv chocolate - do whine (and wine) from time-to-time - and am a great hill roller-downer!

    Pwease tell KJ to have a look at my Animal Wednesday "Twibute"... what a coincidence - as I had planned this for a week or so!

    Wuv ya, Emily! Wuv ya, "KJB"!

    Wuv ya, eveweeone!

    ♥ Wrobin ♥

  6. Sweet Emily Rabbit...sweet. How could anyone want to eat you...even if there was an extra handful of thyme??

  7. Emily thank you so mush, I mean much. You are definitely a hare-brained wittle wabbit! I think Madi would like you very mush, I mean much.
    Madi is very good with the wabbit caught in the headlights look, who me? So you could say I didn't do it and Madi could give the look!
    A perefct hare, I mean pair.
    Thank you so mush Emily, you have made my day and I love you very mush, I mean much!!
    Oh and Emily, does throwing yourself on the ground and laughing with spasms in your stomach count too?

  8. Dear Emily Rabbit, I don't know what to say except that I will share all of my jellybeans with you for all of eternity! An award where I don't have to behave - does it get any better than that?!? I'm off now to roll on the floor and kick my legs because I'm just so happy!! I am hoping though, that just for today I won't have to go to prison and if I do, I hope there will be jellybeans and wine three times a day... You are the best!! Love, Silke

  9. Dear Emily,

    For a little rabbit, you possess a lot of wisdom and humor, and drawing skill too! Therefore, I graciously accept your award and will be pleased to post it to my sidebar. ;)
    I suppose I should have a bit of a poem for you too.....
    Hmmmmmm.....let my little brain think......(creak! groan!)...yes, that's the brain working. Okay, hopefully this will pass muster:

    Huzzah to Emily!
    Her *Bar None Award*
    is inclusive, exclusive and
    keeps all in accord!
    I am happy to win it,
    and post it with pride
    and I'll smile when I think
    of that hare at my side.
    And the eating of chocolate and rolling down hills
    is something I'd do
    till I'm down, green and ill!
    Jelly bean farms
    seem like quite sound investments,
    much better than Wall Street
    in these times of protestments!
    Whining and playing
    and sharing of candy
    is the mark of a soul
    who is worthy and dandy!
    And indeed! Dear Emily,
    I'd bail you out,
    But promise if I'm *there*
    you'll give blog-land a shout...
    They can all come 'long with you
    to bail ME out!

    (curtsey inserted)
    Thank you Emily.....you are a dear hare.

    P.S. I have wild rabbits living here, and when I see them I think how much fun you would having joing in their romps and teaching them interesting things to do other than eat and hop!

  10. dear KJ thanks for your comment to day on me blog. I must say I had already read your list of names several times and had not found mine. Even though you have a disclaimer, I ended up throwing myself on the ground, crying from deep inside me and kicking my feet in the air. In fact the very behaviour my dear mum used to get so upset with me for. I wasnt actually going to say anything for fear of seeming petty or petulant or whatever but since you mentioned the Bar None award on my blog (not by name) I came over again! Do you think I could be added to the list if I contribute to the jelly bean farm? :) hugs and lots of carrots, Suki

  11. Emily! Thank you! I feel so honored and I will be doing a post about it.
    I love rolling down hills and chocolate and whining :-).
    P.S. I just pretend I am not afraid of falling and it seems to work :-).
    Love you.

  12. Oh so cute! Thank heavens you shared the award with me, Anne, AND Pam! One small correction; Anne does not need a good reason to get into trouble. Just sayin. **kisskiss** Deb

  13. Oh, Deborah is quite right.
    I do not NEED any reason to get into trouble and enjoy it immensely when it happens to WANDER MY WAY and DRAG ME IN, KICKING AND SCREAMING!!!!!
    Not that I would go there all by myself.
    I would not want to be a bad influence Emily.......

    XXOO & bunny hugs!!

    P.S. Aunties Deb and Pam are in the same boat as me. Don't let them fool you. (wink! wink!)

  14. How could I resist???
    It was just a short poem....ya know.
    It was the REST of the day with the computer having fits that was NOT fun. (AV run, anti-malware, etc...)
    I am thinking we all need an adventure.......yeeeeeessssss...
    something NAUGHTY!!!! >:)
    Tell Emily if she's getting $5 each, I want my cut.
    Oh, I forgot. the artists never get paid, do they? LOL!!!


  15. Emily! Blogger won't let me post! boo hoo hoo hooo (I am kicking, you would be proud!). I am going to try and post this, but Emily, this is the THIRD time I have tried to graciously accept this award!!!!

  16. Emily! You are a genius! As soon as I kicked and screamed, Blogger gave up and let me post! Weeeeeee! I feel so much better. Now I am going to go see what trouble I can get into, because it seems to me that Anne and Deb are saying that I need to do that. Is that right? Or are they being terrible influences on me? Emily, you are a wise rabbit, and I know you will advise me. xo Pam

  17. what a beautiful and wonderful blog you have here! thank you so much for sharing. you've really made me smile on such a rainy cold day. i am so happy to have happened upon your lovely blog. thank you!

    xoxo, juliette

  18. me cook you, never! i am a vegetarian, so eat only carrots like you do.
    what a fabadabadoolishus award and i am so honoured, i will cherish it. YOU ROCK gal, and that kj is not too bad either.xxx

  19. What a cute award. Congrats to all the recipients.

  20. Emily! Why are all these other people getting MY award too? I alone stand out. I alone deserve this SINGULAR honor. This is an outrage, and I expect your staff to correct what must surely be a regrettable clerical error AT ONCE! I'll bet KJ is responsible for the mistake. FIRE HER! She's screwed up once too often. She's unworthy of you, Emily, and it's time you realized it!

  21. You are great, Emily! I was so happy to see my name in the list with all those wonderful people. Best of all, I love the drawing of you in jail. You must have been protesting that idea to plow under the jellybean farm for a subdivision. Thanks to you, our side won. Jellybeans, long may they live! (Smart bunnies too.)

  22. it's me emily. i am too tired to answer everyone because i snuck out last night and forgot to sleep and tomorrow kj is working and i am sneaking along with her so i will write back soon.

    emily r.

  23. oh my! how exciting! lovely award emily, i think you deserve one too for making up this super cute stripy one. i will gladly do all the rolling sharing investing jailing be niceing that acceptance of this award requires! thank you!
    oh, and chocolate eating (but can i have wine instead of whine??)
    nighty nite!

  24. I accept awards only from rabbits so thank you Emily. Next round of jelly beans are on me.

  25. Your a star Kj, you have such the hugest heart! No judging and loads of fun, even through all these mad parts of life,lol! I certainly would love to roll down a hill and eat chocolate,lol!

    Dearest Kj! Your great!

  26. hey Emily Rabbit...

    though i do not qualify 'completely' for such a great award, i feel honored to receive it... and try to put it on my blog just to introduce you dear funny bunny and my dearest friend Karen to other pals...

    perhaps they might like to bring some jelly beans for you...


  27. this is for you:


    you are
    not very far
    always my shining star

    with no war
    you've put me in your prison
    of chocolate bars



  28. Emily. I'm sorry I'm late, but you understand lateness, right, just like the rabbit in Alice? I'm working too and have to try and read all my friends' blogs early in the morning! I thank you so much for this award and you know, should you come and visit, that I would make sure any animals wanting a tasty, tender little rabbit for a snack would understand they are not welcome! I would not like it if you were afraid to come here because of the animals.

    You have made me very happy with the Bar None award. I will place it on my sidebar...I do believe yours will be the only award on it! But it is so educational...everybody should be able to cry deep from their stomach, whine, and kick their legs in the air, right? Maybe this award will help the people who can't. Thank you so much, Emily, and have a great day with kj!

  29. Dearest Emily Rabbit,
    I tried commenting yesterday but Blogger kept eating my words. I would have been comment #5, but nooooooo.
    Anyway, thanks a whole big bunch for the fantabulous award, dear bunny! I am honored and humbled and speechless. Yesterday I was witty and wise and wordy, but you'll just have to take my word for it.
    I hope you get this message this time. I'm getting frustrated enough to eat a pound of chocolate!

  30. Woohoo! Yippee and Yahooeeeeeeeeee!

  31. Hi Emily!
    It's me, I'm back!!!
    Wow what an honor to get the award and to be mentioned first. You have made my day!

    HAW! and love!!!!!!


  32. here i am!

    caroline, you triple qualify for this award! hee hee

    mim, i know ms. em is a scardy cat but it is good for her to do what she does and besides even when she is a scardy cat she is brave at the same time.

    sincerely for now but later too,

  33. jos, i think dark chocolate jellybeans is a brilliant idea! you are obviously very smart besides for also knowing how to look innocent.

    lololo, when are you going to sit on the couch? i will make sure i'm home

    wrobin, i was very excited to see my name on your blog! that is very nice. did i know you when i was arrested before because i needed jellybeans then and i didn't have any so next time i am glad to know you will help me.

    ms. linda, what does the thyme have to do with the price of jellybeans? i hope you are not thinking gourmet thoughts...

    marie, thank you so mush. yes, laughing with spasms counts for sure, although i'm not very sure what spasms are but i think that's when you eat too much candy, right? marie, do you know how to throw frozen peas when you need to? what about frozen brussel sprouts?

    silke, what did you do that might send you to jail. tell me and i won't tell anyone else. i am going to ask wrobin to sneak you jellybeans and wine if you are arrested. do you know wrobin? i think you would like her but even if you don't you should be nice to her because she will look innocent and be able to get goodies to you.

    yours truly,

  34. anne, i don't want to be mean to kj but you write better poems than she does and you could write a book about you and me and we would both be famous, don't you think?

    your poems
    i would loan
    to someone
    on the telephone
    then i would try
    to fly the sky
    so i could come by
    to just say hi!
    please keep writing
    these poems that are lightening


  35. suki, that kj!!! i made the correction so i hope you see it because kj was too busy and of course your name was there and it was totally her mistake so i am glad i took care of it.


    deborah, no fighting this one time, right? i know that anne is an imp. i could tell right away. that is her best quality besides her art, don't you think so?

    anne, kj is in that boat too. if we ALL get arrested, wrobin will take care of us (right, wrobin?) and maybe silke will too if she doesn't get arrested first. oh anne, okay, i will give you $1 for every poem i sell. is that enough? i have to do the marketing, afterall....

    pam, SEE! whining and kicking works everytime!! now pam, i think you should plan to get in trouble and you won't be alone so it might even be fun. but we should plan that deborah is going to look like ms innocent even though she isn't and anne could get us in more trouble when she starts throwing the frozen peas and i think she will because she has a short fuse when someone is not nice or smart. right? anyway, don't be afraid. let's just be our impy selfs.

    juliette, kj says thank you for visiting and she will visit you. p.s. her blog may not be as interesting when it's not me writing the post.

    yours truly

  36. soulbrush, whew! i'm glad you are vegetarian. once i saw rabbit on a menu in new york city and i cried for a week, and it was a loud cry.

    sophia, thank you. do you know other rabbits? i think you do...

    snowbrush!!!!!!! you need to SHARE this award this one time. but i like the way you complain and bang your fists. you are probably going to end up in jail with the rest of us. you can throw the frozen brussel sprouts instead of the frozen peas.

    lydia, you are so smart. thank god you prevented that subdivision and to think it was going to be a supersized kentucky fried chicken!!! jellies unite lydia!!!

    lori, you can have wine and whine and three whynots.

    walking man, i am glad you are taking this award. and thank you for the round jellybeans. i have never seen them round.

    yours truly
    emily r.

  37. Oh I am so frigging happy to receive this award - BAR NONE - the best award EVER!!
    I have to say, I would especially be interested in investing in a black jellybean farm - they are my favorites : )
    Thank you Thank you Emily Rabbit, I am grateful to receive this honor - I summersault, cartwheel, and kick up my heels with glee!! xox Karin

  38. Emily forgive me for being late here as I've been out and about playing in the fields... well not quite fields, I've been spending a lot of time at the beach with my much loved animal bestest friend Harry the hound.

    xxxxxx thanks a big bunch of organic carrots for this awewome award :)

  39. ms. julie ann, you and kj are obviously good friends and you like eachother! i am glad you like to roll down hills and about the chocolate. that is a good start for a happy life, don't you think so?

    dear human being, do you know that kj loves you because she told me so? i will let you know if i get jellies.

    dear human being again, this is a super poem. i hope anne sees it and kj did and she told me you should be a world known poet. and now i know i can lick and eat my way out of jail!!!

    marion, we can promote world peace if more people whine and kick high, right? you are very smart too. i would like to come and visit and i hope i do. can you imagine how LOUD i would cry if someone tried to bite me?!

    angela, YAY AND YIPEE UP THE SPINE!! thank you for trying to be # 5 and i am glad you like the award. i would send you a giant chocolate candy bar if i didn't need the money for myself.

    MARIANNE!!! YOU'RE BACK!!! FROM EEEGYPT!!! of course you are first. you are my best friend.

    oh karin! i can tell already you are FUN!! i am researching black jellybeans. i think they are hard to grow because then you can't find them in the dirt. but i will check it out.

    emily v.v.rabbit

  40. robyn, if you and harry have been playing that is the best so i am glad and you're really not late because you know i take my time anyway and here is your award which i'm glad you accept and you are welcome.

    you are a lucky duck to have a beach to play at all the time. i have to wait until summer on cape coddy

    your friend

  41. "you are probably going to end up in jail with the rest of us."

    I know, Emily. Why is is that the best of us spend most of our lives behind bars?

  42. What a wonderful award, Emily... I will hang it proudly on my blog. ((((HUGS))))

  43. Oh Thank you so much :-x
    i have been out of town and now i have returned and am playing catch up, up, up ;) will you be around over the weekend or today?
    love you too and hope all is one :D

  44. Emily!!!! I am so behind in my bloggie world I'm getting super late to this party of all parties - but what an honor! Cosmo and I are deeply touched you thought of us and we accept this award graciously and proudly! I love the idea of chocolate jelly beans and Cosmo would love to help develop a salmon & beef jerky variety - why not?

    As soon as the grass dries out around here I will go roll down a few hills.

    Love to you and kj xoxoxo Susan