Monday, July 20, 2009

What Time Is It?

What time is it?
The time is now.
Time to take care, have faith, give thanks,
remember fondly.
Time to welcome home a good friend,
comfort another,
dance the jitterbug in the wet sand.
Time to let love do the heavy lifting.
And why not?
It's time.


  1. Where was 'love' when I was unpacking??? ;P

    Nice words Ms. KJ. You always put it out there and give us something to think about or just say 'wow.'

    As I look back on my last post it makes me smile to know you knocked on that very door yesterday.
    Wow!! And you did indeed enter with a happy heart.

    love you~

  2. lo, yesterday was significant! (you know the word i would normally use, right?!)

    i am planning and plotting in my mind the next time there is a knock on the door: a luncheon cafe? an afternoon of drawing? a comfy couch absorbing the wishes and dreams of heartfelt women?

    it is a total pleasure, my dearest friend. that universe: you just never know how it spins its axis...


  3. What a lovely post! It made me smile throughout!

    Thank you again for the lovely award - it will be posted tomorrow. It was supposed to be today, but I wanted to draw attention to the fires in British Columbia. So...tomorrow!

    I am so happy that you found my blog, because now I know about yours! A warm, welcome place to visit and be inspired!

  4. I think this summer place of yours is good for you.

  5. What a sweet post!
    Is that really your clock?
    Love it!
    Jealous of your meeting.......

    Have a nice day!

  6. "Let love do the heavy lifting..." Indeed! Beautifully said!! Blessings!!

  7. you and lo met yesterday, why didn't anyone tell me???OMG was it awesome? two souls meeting, i vow to meet you two one day....have been wanting to meet lo for a very long time jelly-ass.

  8. Thank you so much for those reminders!!!!

    I love that clock! I have chickens and it would be perfect!

  9. that's my kinda time :) that was lovely x

    but ~what time is it here...

    time to find a home
    time to get well
    time to enjoy all things winter
    ... in my neck of the woods

    xoxo keep on enjoying your glorious summer


  10. The time is now. We only have this moment, that is all we ever have, for sure. Lovely poem.

  11. audrey, thank you. you are very sweet. the feeling is mutual.

    cs, yes, i'm not out of the emotional woods but my hope and silliness are returning. the ocean rhythm is a salve for me. xo

    marianne, yes, this is a clock made by provincetown artist susan baker. you can google her--she does signs and benches and dogs and all kinds of whimical paintings.

    marion, i was surprised that this phrase came to me from i-don't-know-where but i liked it alot too. i like that you noticed that.

    ms. soulbrush, well, what are your plans for visiting america? inquiring minds want to know....xo

    pattee, hello! it's a damn happy chicken, yes?

    val, why thank you, my dear sweet fabulous friend. i miss you, i miss you, i miss you. xoxo

    ribbon, find a home and get well? i am as of right now officially wishing this into reality for you, esp. the get well part. you bring such wonderful energy and insight into your visits and comments. we need you to be as happy as this clock chicken! xo

  12. annie,

    the time is now.
    the place is here.

    i said that over and over one summer. to anyone who stopped and asked me the time, i would say, 'the time is now'. he/she would pause for a milosecond, and then we would break into smiles together. xo

  13. Soulbrush, I know where you could stay in October and you could meet KJ and Lolo and ME......just saying.

    Or, if that is not possible with your schedule, if you'd let us know when you COULD come, I know I would move heaven and earth to meet up.

  14. debra kay, and mim...


  15. I know KJ....
    Well it's a cycle that sometimes just has to run it's self out.
    Thanks for caring : )

    Yes would you blow that negative energy out to sea...
    I'll help over here on the Pacific ocean!!!

  16. Very good post! I really enjoyed it.
    It is time many to give it a thought

  17. I'm afraid it is time for the rain over here. I'm sitting in my veranda and I can hear rain softly pattering on the roof of the veranda.
    I hope it stops so that I can cycle to the railway station.
    And so you see, it is time for different things all over the world.