Monday, July 13, 2009

Stroke of the Brush Award

I have created this special award in honor of two bloggers who will also be its first recipients.

This is the Stroke of the Brush Award, which recognizes and celebrates the willingness to take risks, speak honestly, act with integrity, and in the process create and share colors and/or words that stroke our curiosity and brush aside our differences.

This award was inspired by two bloggers who reach, stretch and try every single time. It is my pleasure to award the first annual Stroke of the Brush Award to:




When you have the chance to visit their blogs, you will find Soulbrush's love and enthusiasm for painting, family, and all mediums of art a balm for your soul. And you will settle into Snowbrush's touching and courageous memoirs and story telling as though you are sitting in front of a warm fire, taking it all in.

And now, something I forgot to do when I posted this yesterday: I is my pleasure to also give the Stroke of the Brush Award to the following worthy bloggers:

Sonia.....Deborah....Studio Lolo.....Mim.....Suki.....Deborah Kay.....Angela R.....Sweet Mango.....

Melissa.....ValGal.....Baino.....Human Being.....Walking Man.....CS Blogging Incognito...

Kate.....Bella Sinclair.....Marianne.....Chewy.....Kay/Chief......Tessa,


Teri C......Babs.....Annie.....Lavender

Ribbon....Sidney....Yoon See.....Julie....Maithai.....Wieneke.....Hildegarde.....Pieterbie....

Cestandra.....Merlin Princesse.....Laughing Wolf...Jessie....Ruby....Jon.....Barbara....

Singleton....James Oh....Carla....Kris.....Andrea....Miladysa.....

Shubhajit....Ascender.....Hopeful Notations.... Mariana Soffer.....Silver.....

and of course..... Renee

Please feel free to pass the Stroke of the Brush Award to the special bloggers who inspire you. Let this award circulate around the blogs, because Soulbrush and Snowbrush personify what it's all about. Both are both deserving and delicious.


  1. I am honored, KJ, to not only be one of the first recipients of your "Stroke of the Brush Award," but to also know that the award was created partly in my honor. Thank you so very much. I have worked as a house painter--among other trades and professions--so the brush seems especially appropriate.

  2. and i am deeply touched by this award kj, it means a lot to me. and having an award specially created for me, means even more. THANKYOU so much, my brush does really come from my soul.

  3. Perfect for the two of them

  4. Aren't you supposed to be just realxing and writing your book? :)

  5. snowbrush, i was afraid you might not accept this award or that it would be uncomfortable for you. so i am so glad you like it.

    soulbrush, tsup!

    mim, i so like the idea of an acknowledgement award for these two bloggers circulating around the blogs

    cs, well, what's more relaxing than blogging?! and the book, i'm trying for a minimum 2 hours a day in ptown, which is four days a week. research needed in this book, which i also love.

  6. What a wonderful new award - congratulations to the recipients! I've just checked out both blogs, and I see why you selected them. Thanks for the links.

  7. Yay....Snowbrush....woot woot friend...Congrats Soulbrush...


    Sonia ;)

  8. Thank you so much kj. I know both of the people that you created this award for and I love and respect them both.

    By the way, I have to tell you I absolutely loved the comment about Domenic.


  9. wow... thx so much, kj... honored to be a recipient :)

  10. What a lovely surprise! Thank you so much - I'm greatly honored!

  11. I'm humbled and honoured my friend,

    Blessings to you and many thanks,


  12. a beautiful surprise...
    thank you very much.

    I love all your beach photos..
    I've been sitting sipping coffee and enjoying catching up on posts I've missed.

    Blogland is a lovely land indeed.

    catch you soon.
    love and best wishes
    Ribbon :-)

  13. Both are so deserving and you are so right, but you are just like them too! Thank you for naming me, it is always an honour to find my name mentioned in your bloggy, but most of all I love seeing my image as your avatar :)

  14. KJ......Girl I am laughing my ass off....You are so sweet...I am honored...Love ya Nut...I am honored to be among all..and Snowbrush....Hugs Sweet Lady...Put spf on Emily..

    Sonia xoxoxo

    PS..I was thinking when you left a post on my site...I was there already and woot wooted Snow and Soul...LOL

  15. It is a perfect award for those two deserving 'brushes'. And thank you for giving me one also.

  16. Lovely award. Congrats to Snowbrush and Soulbrush! Thank you for passing it on to me too :-).xoxo

  17. Thanks kj,,,,I am honored!
    (and now we all have brushes!)

  18. well - thank you dear...thank you very very much!

  19. Hi KJ. thank you for dropping by to my blog and giving me lovely & constructive comments as always.
    Same, you always give out cool awards to your friends. Thank you for being my friends.
    I feel not lonely because there are your accompaniment here and there. You always so positive and supportive. I love you KJ.
    Trillion tank you KJ, I am very honoured to receive this award from you. I will post it up the blog later.
    Please give me some time too. I am happy that there are so many creative friends like soulbrush, snowbrush....and other friends also getting this award!
    Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you KJ!

  20. I forget to congrats the two girls here and other friends that get this creative brush awards.
    Congrats to Soulbrush, Snowbrush and the other friends out there.
    I love you all too.

    So creative, brush award is a living art award!

  21. I love your right side top banner.
    Your "Steps" collaboration with your beloved young kid!
    I want to read it loud & clear here!

    Step Up
    Step back
    Step Down
    Step Really High

    Can I add some more

    Step and pets
    I reverse it here!

    Everyday reach out a step with your pets
    you will have a complete day of joy!
    Animals (pets) are our life companion, our friend!

  22. Soulbrush is a wonderful painter and a caring human being. I follow her since 2008. I will visit snowbrush soon.

    And Thank you for your award.

  23. Hey, thanks for this award, KJ, you honor me far too much, I'm sure I don't deserve this.
    But much appreciated, anyway!

  24. Yowza! Double happy whammy! I managed to get in here without freezing solid and look.....I have been honoured with an award as well.

    Thank you so very much, kj, I'm thrilled to be a recipient of this wonderful award, especially as it was created for two of the most luminous of bloggers. Big hugs from across the pond, kj - I will display the award with pride on my blog. It's perfect - thank you.

  25. KJ: Thank you very much for including me and considering me an interesting blogger among the other
    interesting people I see you are surrounded by. Besides It is great to be able to check new interesting
    blogs like the main 2 you mention for the award, and several of the other which I already know and respect deply (including you)
    This is what the world need, a little more encouragment from one to another,
    Take care kj

  26. Awww Thank You KJ it is much appreciated even though not well earned in comparison to soul and snow brush'.

  27. Thank you so much, kj (I saw my name, so I'm just assuming it was me you meant, and not some other Barbara! lol)

  28. all these comments leave me feeling so humbled, thank you so much again my dearest kj, you have come to mean a lot to me dear one and crept right into my heart along with our LO. love ya and thanks for all the comments everyone. i feel so blessed.

  29. Oh KJ, you are such a Sweetie, thank you very much, you are such a special spirit! Hugs!

  30. Hey, you have an award over on my blog too :-).

  31. Wow what a cool award...
    How do you make awards?

    I love that brush coming down the page like it was going to paint these peoples blogs!


  32. Thank you KJ - you are sweet and I am so proud to be counted among the stars in your friendship sky!

  33. inspiring
    all of you
    all of you

    blessed to have you all

  34. How sweet of you kj. Thank you for thinking of me. x

  35. you are sweetness personified :) You bring happiness to so many and laughter to all, including me!!
    oh and stellan does not mind you having a crush on me one little bit :) in fact he said that he completely understands why you would LOL. I think you are quite wonderful too kj

  36. Thanks for the wonderful award!
    yeah this really fits Soulbrush!
    Glad to have it as well!!!!

  37. I love you, kj!!!!!!!!!!! :)