Friday, July 17, 2009

Redundancy: Thursday 13 Revisited

I was not happy with the photos I posted yesterday. I stubbornly wanted two side-by-side and in order to do that I had to shrink them which is fine, except because I am barely computer literate, they got distorted in the process. So I am giving myself permission to recreate the reality of Thursday 13, this time focusing a bit on the houses and buildings of Provincetown.

Okay, so this isn't a house. But isn't she beautiful? The flower accessory is temporary, placed by the ghost of Michael Jackson for all I know, and actually, she's most stunning all by her naked self.

The town has a new library, a massive and historic renovation on Commercial Street. For almost a year (my estimate only) the massive steeple sat on the ground. I wish I had been around to witness it being hoisted up the equivalent of four or five stories. The renovation continues, including magnificent scaffolding. I love scaffolds. I don't know why, but they make me want to fly.

This is the hardware store. I've taken this photo strictly to brag that Provincetown has an artistically and historically appropriate hardware store. No blatant chains or signage for this coastal town.

This is JB walking in front of me, heading home, probably wondering why the hell I stop so often and/or take so long with my camera.

Oh...did I mention that I will never hear the end of this? We are on the Cape, stop for pizza, and I can hear her squealing from the back seat. "Look! Look!" she screams. "It's a relative!"
"Oh, Emily, " I say, "I'll be damned...."

It's back of an ordinary building, which happens to have a first class view of this:

And here we have the single family house JB and I watched being restored for the better part of a season and wished it was ours...

Liz and JB and I sat at a picnic table outside this bakery on a brisk sunny day and shared our soups, sandwiches, and three and a half chocolate macaroons. I will remember this because this might be the moment in time, looking back, when I understood I had to move forward, that I could not continue to mourn the loss of someone I've loved, that my inability to understand was best served by choosing acceptance and forgiveness for both of us.

Ta Da! Witness the facelift of the Town Hall. I made the mistake of attributing so many beautiful gardens to the high numbers of the gay, lesbian and art community, and my sweet forever friend Baino nailed me on it. So I will tread lightly here: most town halls are white, at least that has been my experience. And until this year, this town hall was white. But in Provincetown, with "so many residents having a natural flair for color and good taste" (how's that, Baino?), these new colors are simply awesome.

And finally, for years I've bought magazines, newspapers, gum, candy, postcards and suntan lotion in this little convenience store. But the truth is every time I step inside I want in the worse way to buy a pack of Marlboro Lights. It's been years since I smoked my two packs a day, and God help me if I ever fall to that addiction again, but sometimes, looking across the bay or feeling my toes in the wet sand, I just want to blow a smoke ring or two straight up in the air, that is, after a long deep orgasmic inhale......

Tis the weekend. Here's wishing you a good one. And here's a special smooch to Sonia...


  1. Pretty pretty. So very different from the desert.

  2. God it's beautiful. So lovely when things are restored to their former glory instead of rebuilt or renovated to look modern. Haha . . I 'lose' people thanks to frequent photo stops! Or maybe they lose me.

  3. deborah, i love the desert too, though i can't find myself too far from water. i've been to scotsdale twice for r & r. i came to appreciate the desert in a way i did not expect. and you have that pool and all those great parties, where renee and i drink too much and dance on the tables (we won't say anymore about her sitting on that hat...) xo

    baino, so you too. here here, how about some understanding that a good shot should not go unnoticed?

  4. I'm cracking up-my first thought upon seeing the statue was "that's why people don't sleep naked-someone will post their picture on the internet".

    Of course my rational self know that probably only relates to sleeping nekkid in public places. I NEVER do that!

  5. kj I definitely like the bigger pictures.

    What a beautiful place.


  6. I feel like I've had that virtual cup of coffee with you now - what a beautiful town. Lucky you - all the more reason to (as you say) move on.

  7. i liked both sets. some things are enhanced by cropping, some are better left alone. happy saturday pal. btw, you are (of course) the only one who saw the 'real' me in my self-portrait.

  8. Hi KJ,
    I'm back from Orleans on the Cape. I didn't make it up to P-Town as there were eleven of us and I didn't have my own car. Lots of catching up to do in blogland. Thanks for the award.

    I remember seeing that woman lying statue from a past visit to P-Town.

  9. deborah kay, since you're stretching so much anyway, why not include sleeping naked until further notice? if you manage to escape intruders and electrical fires, it could be liberating, yes?

    renee, you are a 'big picture' kind of woman. it's part of your charm. xo

    kay, your avatar here always makes me smile....

    soulbrush, sorrow has deep colors. you are a shining star.

    chewy, welcome back! did you have a good time? what did you do? the sun was mostly good, right?

  10. KJ, can I come live with you? How can you stand so much exquisiteness every day? It's mind-blowing, all those beautiful buildings, the water, the statue---everything! (I could live in the steeple-topped library and never leave!) I'd have to resuscitate myself every morning if I lived there from the sheer loveliness of it all.

    Thanks for stopping by my crazy blog. Glad you enjoyed your visit and I hope you come again soon! Blessings!

  11. marion, welcome here! sometimes i can't believe i am spending my summer here. it really is exquisite in so many different ways. i will be over to see you.

  12. Hello there, my new friend!

    I can't get enough of these photos! What a beautiful place - I don't even want to look out my own my window anymore. I need a road trip!

    I have an award waiting for you on my blog.


  13. Thanks for sharing these photos.
    Beautiful looking place.

    best wishes

  14. ps... yep bigger photos looking better :)

  15. Wow! Love that library steeple.

    I liked the nude better when you showed her whole body. What? Why, no. It's NOT because I'm a dirty old man--that's beside the point. The reason is that she looked asleep in the full body photo, compared to which I thought she looked dead in this one. The problem with the first one as I saw it was that the wall of the house was ugly.

    I found a MUCH better photo (of a painting) for my latest entry. I actually found it yesterday before I posted, but somehow it just didn't hit me.

  16. Ahh thanks for the wonderful stroll you took me for.
    lovely buildings and memories.
    I haven't smoked for 20 years but I still dream I have started again and then all that worries me is the ordeal to stop.................
    When awake I don't long for cigarettes anymore.

    Enjoy your Sunday there!

  17. I never get sick of your Ptown summer...I live vicariously through the posts. Keep 'em coming KJ!