Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Animal Wednesday: Emily Rabbit & lololo

Illustration by Studio Lolo
Okay, hello everyone, it's me Emily. I am late writing this week because kj made me wait until she could give out some FullerBrush awards to people she likes and she told me I would be very selfish if I wrote over that because then people wouldn't know that they had an award and kj said that would be bad not good so the bottom line is I waited until now to write my weekly story even though I didn't like the wait. And kj also said that she wanted two people named Soulbrush and Snowbrush to be happy because the award was named after them because they are nice people and that was another reason kj wanted me to be nice.
Sometimes you have to be nice even if you don't like it.
So this week I thought I would write about kj's friend, and kind of mine too, lololo who has just moved from California to Rhode Island. I really don't know what that means because rabbits don't normally follow history or geography but kj says it's a big move and she says lololo drove the whole way and has to get settled and unpack boxes, plus her dog and cat are nervous, plus she had to set up her phone and computer and then besides all that, she is tired and needs her beauty sleep.
So I am going to keep things short and sweet this week. Here are some observations about lololo. Most of them are mine.
1. She has a good laugh, kj loves her reaction when she is shy or appreciative (she says 'awwww' in a very sweet tone of voice), and she is never prissy or stuck up.
2. She is going to teach kj how to draw a few basic things like, for example, a rabbit that looks like a rabbit, and kj is so excited about it she goes on and on about it sometimes and jb and I fall asleep while she's taking.
3. She draws things that make people feel happy or sad or silly or glad. kj says she has a good heart but I would just say she draws so well that even rabbits like it. I am going to give my mother a picture that lololo drew except I haven't told lololo yet and she has to agree to draw it. I don't know if she will charge me for it or not, but I am going to explain to her that it is a present for my mother so maybe she will just charge me a little. See, this is a good reason why I need money of my own. Contrary to what you probably think, I don't just spend it on jellybeans, I might spend it on lololo's artwork sometimes too.
4. lololo told me jellybeans were bad for me and she mentioned the word SHELLAC which was not nice of her and almost made me choke but after I forgave her she is very nice to me, including telling me how to post bail when I got arrested (1-800-BAIL-MY-ASS I think)
5. She is very cute and this includes her eyes and her sneakers and other body parts.
6. I think her favorite colors are blue and green. That is okay but I would not like it if those were the only colors jellybeans came in. Maybe she likes polka dots too, I'm not sure.
7 She doesn't brag about it (I don't know why she doesn't) but she is a famous author and her 2 children's books have sold more than you could count on 10,000 fingers and toes.
8. She loves loves loves her blog and her blog friends. She never gossips about them and is always nice and sweet. I would like to see her be not so nice and not so sweet every so often, but kj says 'dream on', which I think means it won't happen.
9. Guess who has a birthday next month?
10. If lololo wants to trade the picture for my mother, I would be willing to teach her not only how to cry from her stomach (you know by now that is a special talent I have) but also how to make tents from radish leaves, have extra special temper tantrums, and forget-about-being-nice if someone deserves a punch in the nose instead.
This is all I have to say this week. I am in Provincetown with kj and I am meeting my friend Gregory tonight. He is going to teach me to swing in the trees (That's all--don't go thinking he is interested in my purple bikini because we are both little and we don't know anything about that stuff). Then tomorrow I am going to bob with Muck, Ruck and Truck Duck, and you know there could be a Fuck Duck too but I am not allowed to say that word so I have to spell it with dashes instead, which is ridiculous if it's F--- Duck's name, which I think it might be.
Anyway, please don't be mad at me because I was a day late writing. As usual, it was not my fault. I hope kj pays me this week.
Yours Truly,
Emily Rabbit


  1. Awwwwwwwww. Miss Emily!

    I'd be happy to draw a picture for your mother when I uncover my art supplies. What would you like?

    I'm still feeling very tired because of the hard work of unpacking things. I thought I'd LOVE shopping for all the new things but I don't. Not really!

    Bliss and Emma like the new house.
    It's very old and comes with it's own set of all of us!

    My printer exploded during the move. The ink soaked everything in the box! Now I have to buy a new one so I can print my cards for my Etsy shop.

    So much to do!
    I think KJ should still pay you this week even though you were late. It was her fault because she asked you (told you) to wait!

    I have to go now. We're supposed to get thunder showers today and Bliss and Emma might be scared. I also have more shopping to do and today is lunch with a friend and dinner with friends tonight.

    have a super day! I hope you had fun with Gregory ;')


  2. OMG! This cracked me up! I think I'll be randomly giggling all day. Thanks a lot!

  3. Haha . I don't usually play with you Emily. I live with hundreds of rabbits and they're dirty and smelly and do rude things to each other in public so I don't care for them much and they dig big holes under my pool and shed but I would love to pinch your picture for my next Joy Rebel post on Monday? Do you mind? Your chance to prove that rabbits are sweet and generous, not flea infested, hole digging poo factories.
    PS I hope Lololo doesn't change you too much and that she settles in to her new house.

  4. Hooray for Lolo! :) What a beautiful tribute, Emily! I feel happier just reading it, so I'm sure Lolo must be pretty special in person. Good luck to Lolo and her furry kids in their new home!

    And thank you, my friend, for that award ... it means so much coming from you a creative and awesome and funny and super woman, whom I'm so glad to know. :) xoxo Can't wait for Sept!!

  5. lololo, well i am very glad to hear from you again. did you buy me presents on your trip from california? oh and i am sorry your printer exploded but i'll bet the box looked very black and pretty when you opened it.i will tell you about a picture for my mother later and thank you that you will draw it. how much will it cost? would you accept jellybeans? i know you won't. then how about colored rabbit pellets? ps kj says welcome to your house

    ms angela rocket, (do you mind if i call you that because i think it says something very fun about you?), i am going to like you very much. i can tell already.

    baino, of course you can use my picture but i have to ask lolo so i will and i'm pretty sure she will say yes. but baino, you can't say all those terrible things about rabbits because some of those disgusting rabbits are probably my relatives. i would not be allowed to say that about people but come to think of it i would anyway so i guess you can do but please try to be nice to me so i don't cry. because it seems nobody likes to hear me cry even though i myself enjoy it.

    ms.melissa, all those nice things you said about kj are sometimes true but sometimes she can be quite a handful (i got that expression from my teacher who said that about me). anyway i will tell kj you like her.

    yours truly,
    e. rabbit

  6. ps baino, how would lololo change me? i don't think anyone could change me and i think everyone should be glad about that because afterall, isn't it good that i am not afraid to be 100% myself?

    e. rabbit

  7. Aw, what a perfect topic, LOLOLO. And everything you said is so true. She is so special. You have such good taste Miss Emily.

  8. A $20 post today, Emily! Make sure you get the money! :)

  9. ms. teri c, how come everyone likes lololo so much? i like her too but she seems to be very popular. i am curious because i would like to be very popular too and i am wondering if she has any special secrets about it.

    ms. barbara, well now! i like you VERY MUCH and i can tell you have a very good head on your shoulders especially about money and how to reward a sweet little rabbit who deserves all the jellybeans she wants. thank you and i will tell kj you said so.

    sincerely yours,
    emily r.

  10. Emily-Oliver and I missed you on Wednesday....don't you just hate it when people say that? Are you supposed to feel SORRY that you worried them, or GLAD that they missed you? If you are glad, doesn't that mean you are kind of mean?

    My head may explode thinking about it.

  11. sweet lolololo, i love her to bits and i have talked to her on the phone once for nearly 2 hours and it felt like we had known each other forever, and i am so happy she is going to meet kj and jb and you, and she is just the most special person caring for animals like she does, and i often get little gifts in the mail from her, and i love her...oh and i love kj too, not just cos she has given me this awesome award (which i am going to post about now), but also cos she is super special, and she cares for people like lolololo does and she looks after them and she just KNOWS when someone needs an award specialy for them, and i know she and lololo are gonna love each other, but don't be jealous,'ve got us. Can i have $20 for this comment only, no cheques no credit cards.

  12. debra kay, i am always totally glad when people and/or other animals miss me. i like being missed very much, except i could care less about anyone i care less about. then i don't care one bit because why should i? right?

    soulbrush, everybody likes lololo. even kj says she's the cat's meow and the rabbit's foot. whatever the heck that means! i plan to be present when kj and lolo meet eachother but i am going to be very quiet and size up the situation. maybe i'll tell you how it went. but soulbrush you cannot charge $ 20. i think you should pay me instead. okay?

    truly yours,
    e. r.

  13. do you take a cheque or credit card...or maybe jelly beans? and btw, i have given you my award right back, cos i love you (kj, not you em). sorry, sorry, i love you too em, really really, oh no, now I've spoilt everything, please stop crying little em.

  14. You forgot to say that she is a Raven.

    The most beautiful, loving, sister raven in all of the world.

    Love Renee xoxo

  15. emily - we love you anyday you show up. and we do really love lolololo and kjjjjjj and soul....and and and...

  16. soulbrush, i am not crying. i am only stomping my feet and just alittle. i can only take cash.

    renee, i should have said that lololo is a raven. i don't know what i was thinking to forget that. maybe i can fit it in somewhere like maybe next week maybe.

    mim, you sound very mushy like you love everybody. kj is like that sometimes too and i tell you that's okay as long as you have one or two people you don't like and you can swear at them at least under your pillow.

    r. rabbit

  17. Nice piece about Lololo!!!
    And hahaha about the other things .
    ~Ruck and Truck Duck, and you know there could be a Fuck Duck..............`~ If his name is Fuck Duck you should call it that. it is not your fault he has such a F-------n funny name!
    Charge well for this post, it is not your fault you are late!
    I didn't do a Animal Wednesday as I couldn't upload anything in Dubai.
    You take care and enjoy everything that is crossing your path!
    Love from your forever best friend (I hope)

  18. "Sometimes you have to be nice even if you don't like it."

    Yes, Emily, we call it being civilized.

    "I am going to explain to her that it is a present for my mother so maybe she will just charge me a little."

    Right again, Emily. We call such advanced manipulation being VERY civilized. It differs from simply being nice when you don't feel like being nice in that the former is also known as "rising to the occasion" whereas the latter is entirely focused upon your own (perceived) self-interest, and raises some profound ethical questions. For example what constitutes self-interest, and what do we owe to other people?