Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Animal Wednesday: Emily and kj's Bridge

(blow this up if you want to see kj's pictures better)
Hello everyone, it's me, sweet innocent little Emily Rabbit, here for my weekly story that kj sometimes pays me for but usually not enough because alot of people have said I should get at least $ 20 a week and I'm lucky if I even get $10. kj says rabbits do not really need money and she is trying to stop me buying my jellybeans, which is not right and I would not be surprised if I fall on the kitchen floor and kick my legs in the air and cry from my stomach like you know I do very well (boo-hoo-boo--hoo-boo-hoo-boo-boo-boo-hoo-boo-hoo: this is a reminder in case you forgot but you shouldn't forget because you should cry like this too when you need to.)
Anyhow, this week I went to this psychology class that kj goes to and it was kind of fun mostly but sometimes it was sad too. The woman who teaches it likes art and alot of times she asks kj and everyone else to draw something and this week she told them to draw a bridge, that she said could be as simple as a line. So kj drew a curve line but then she kept doodling and it turned out to be a fancier bridge.
The teacher told kj and everyone else to put a dot where they were on the bridge but kj drew herself instead. Then the teacher asked alot of questions like which direction are you facing, what's on either side of the bridge, what's underneath the bridge, is anyone else on the bridge with you? and a few more I can't remember, but anyway this is what kj drew. She told me it made her a little sad because there was one person who left the bridge and was standing far away on top of it near a banana tree and also because she did not know what would be there when she crossed the bridge (kj likes to know these things--myself, I could care less because I would just hop across the bridge and play on the other side period).
Anyway, this week is probably not very interesting because it's about kj and not about me but sometimes I just decide what I'm going to do on the spot and that is what I did this week which I think is actually fine so if you don't like it maybe next week you will enjoy what I do more (and if you don't, please don't tell me because that would not be nice).
I am hoping I get paid extra because I wrote about kj and if she gets mad at me for telling about the bridge she should pay me anyway because I was just trying to be nice.
Sincerely yours,
Emily V. V. Rabbit


  1. It's not what's on the bridge but what you can see from the bridge that's important. It gives you a good vantage point to make choices . .go back or cross over and move forward. Just don't jump off it because you might hit a ferry and make a mess like a lump of strawberry jam. Are you sure that's not the Sydney Harbour bridge? Sure looks like it.

  2. Emily thank you so much for sharing about KJ and the bridge drawing. Most interesting and I certainly think you should get a few extra jelly beans for this story. bridges are certainly significant symbols and in fact i may try this sketch myself.

  3. That is such a sweet and interesting story. I think you should get double pay for this one (and you did talk about KJ and she will like that).


  4. emily i am soo glad that no one decided to jump off that bridge...whew...and i think kj deserves to have this one post about her (although you were going on and on about jelly beans and throwing yourself on the floor before kj even got one word in...)i think you should pay kj $30 for this post....(here i go causing trouble again....)

  5. Emily-when I was a brat of a teenager I would listen to the instructions, try to figure out what the intent of the exercise was, and then make my drawing to reflect what I felt would confound the shrink the most.

    If they appeared to be really disturbed by it, I would confess my game, but that always made them a bit angry. I was doing it "wrong" because I wasn't following the spirit of what they were trying to do.

    I laughed and asked one "what about the spirit of what I'm trying to do?" which I believe to be a valid question even today. The chubby little psychologist turned red in the face and left and told my parents I was too smart for my own good-and wished them luck.

    That memory used to make me angry because the little fellow didn't understand me. Know it doesn't-I didn't take the time to understand him either so we are even (although he was getting paid)....LOL.

    Every Wednesday I get a craving for jelly beans.

  6. Emily, I see a big opportunity here.
    Why didn't kj draw you on the bridge with her?
    I'd pitch a large fit,,
    (do it in public of course)
    Might be worth a few jellies,,,

  7. Oh, Karen, your bridge drawing looks so happy I could just move right onto that bridge and live there forever!!! You have people, palm trees and there you are right in the middle, happy. You give me hope, you do.

    I love that Emily shares so much about you. If even one of my cats got ahold of this keyboard, I'd be in deep doo-doo, for shure. LOL! Hugs & Blessings! ;-)

  8. Yes, Emily, I myself live by the phrase, "If you can't be kind, at least be vague".

  9. Emily, do you know what, if anything, KJ got out of her imaginary bridge exercise (If I were you, I would have left)? Since she was in a psychology class, I assume it was all about sex.

    Did you know that in some languages, the word bridge is masculine, and in others feminine? In the former, people tend to describe bridges in terms of masculine characteristics; in the latter, feminine ones.

    "Anyway, this week is probably not very interesting because it's about kj and not about me"

    Well, well, well, welcome to the adult world "sweet innocent little Emily Rabbit." Yes, the adult world where life isn't all about cool and crisp carrots, but is also about limp and wilted celery. Some would even say it is MOSTLY about limp and wilted celery, but that's a matter of perspective. Here's wishing you lots of cool, crisp carrots, Emily, dear.

  10. I like that drawing!
    Think KJ is getting better in visual art every time....
    Thanks for telling me the story.
    I love it when people can tell things from the drawing you make, bet it was interesting!

    HAW dear rabbit friend of mine!

  11. Jelly Belly Beans makes ice pops. A whole box for a buck at the Dollar Tree store. Cool treat for a hot summer day. I love them.

    There are a lot of looping lines. Maybe kj is a little dizzy? At first I thought it was you, Emily, on top of the bridge, because you like to do things a little different sometimes... like taking the high road for a better view.

  12. Dear Ms. Rabbit,

    I have been sent here by Snowbrush to meet you, I am delighted to make your aquaintance! That bridge looks surprisingly similar to a bridge on the central Oregon Coast called the Yaquina Bay Bridge. Draw a couple of shore pine trees and you have it, spot on!

    Snowbrush reports that you are one of the few non-human bloggers that he knows, and I must agree, you are the only other one I have seen to date, and the only rabbit in the bunch that I know of. Perhaps you would be interested to know that I, Mrs. Slug, had a rabbit friend living in my kitchen at one time, her name was BunBun and she traveled with me extensively by car. I calculate around 3 or 4000 road miles may have accumulated over her lifetime. She was a wild coney from the streets that I invited in. BunBun was incredibly smart, was litterbox trained and knew how to play "catch" with her favorite toy, a shiny silver kitchen magnet that had gotten knocked off the fridge. She has since gone to that great carrot in the sky, but is remembered fondly by many who knew her. She would have loved your blog, she routinely used email and would have happily corresponded with you today. You will have to settle for a rather gooey but loving Slug for the time being. Thanks for a very entertaining and intelligent blog!
    Warmest Regards,
    Your new slick and viscous friend,
    Mrs. Slug

  13. I love the bridge and I think Baino is right about the view being the important thing and I think you should get 20 dollars if anyone is listening :-).

  14. Oh Emily, being nice is its own reward. LOL!
    Please say Gday to KJ for me, Mwah!

  15.'ve outdone yourself Em - I think $50.00 and a BIG package of JB's.

  16. I'm pretty sure I know who all the 'players' are in this scene.
    I know who's surrounded by the hearts...they belong to the little ones. The lady in purple is doing the RIGHT THING by tossing that f-----g bowling ball over the bridge!
    For C-----'s sake KJ, let the bowling ball go.
    'kay, nuff said.
    I'm going to bed now.

    Was I even close?

    You know I love you, right?

  17. baino, hmmmm. this is true. but kj looks at who's behind and ahead of her too on that bridge. she thinks alot as you know. and since i for one don't wish to look like strawberry jam, i will not jump. tsup!

    suki, i'd love to see what you sketch. please do. maybe you should include a few rabbits too.

    teri, double pay? you are a very nice person. :)

    soulbrush, you are a blabbermouth but you make me laugh so it is okay besides i know you are really nicer than you want me to think you are.

    debra kay, i've been told i'm too smart for my own good too, and my answer is what a very silly thing to say! i like that you want jellies on wednesdays. i understand 100%

    babs, you are so right! i'll let you know if it works. thank you for everything.

    marion, i told kj what you said and she said i should tell you to tell your cats to spill the beans. well, okay, kj didn't really say that. i made it up but isn't the reference to (jelly) beans very clever? i like that you read my story today.

    deborah, i like how you think.

    sincerely yours,
    e. rabbit

  18. mr. snowbrush, i cannot say anything about sex because i am too little and i don't understand it, especially the loud noises.

    and mr. snowbrush, as you know i prefer jellybeans even to cool and crisp carrots, but if either you or I get limp and wilted celery we could make tuna fish sandwiches and roll down a good hill together after we ate them, plus the jellybeans. anyway, i can tell you are very smart and you make me laugh even when you tell me about the adult world, which i don't understand most of the time and who cares, since i might not decide to grow up anyway. maybe you shouldn't grow up either, at least on the days when we roll down the hill.

    my best friend marianne, kj is mad that i cut off part of her drawing and she says i should have asked her before i showed everyone the bridge, but i don't care except if she doesn't pay me than i do care.
    (you are still my best friend, don't forget)

    chewy, ice pops? you are very smart. kj likes to make those loopy lines. she is going to make more of them. i can tell because she is doing it already. and chewy, that most certainly is NOT me on top of the bridge because kj did not include me in her picture, even though it could have hurt my feelings but it didn't so she is lucky this one time.

    emily r.

  19. dear mrs. slug, whoever you are i like you so far. i am sorry to hear that BunBun is now inside a giant carrot but maybe that is not so bad really. since you are obviously a friend of BunBun's and BunBun was a rabbit, i am glad to make your acquaintance too. i like mr. snowbrush and he is nice to me most of the time. by the way, i have traveled 3000 miles too. i lie to my mother and tell her kj's partner jb is sick and needs me to help her so i can get out of school and then i go on vacation with kj and jb and hope my mother doesn't find out. so far it works.

    annie, every one is being nice to me today. do you know why? i was nice wondering.

    hello lavender, i told kj you said hello and she told me back that you are one of her favorite people and that you are a good friend to cats and flowers. do you want to be a good friend to mrs. slug and me? oh any maybe my best friend marianne too.

    mim, this is really a secret,and please don't tell soulbrush because she gets jealous and then might squeal on me, but i like you alot alot, because you are nice to me and you understand about money. shhhh.

    lololo, i told kj what you said and she fell to the floor and starting crying.

    no, not really. i was just kidding about that. but she said to tell you that she put the bowling ball in there because she was supposed to draw a dot. and she said to tell you that you are a smarty pants because you know her and you tell her to smarten up. oh and she said to tell you that she loves you too. i think i should be paid for having to say all this back and forth. but i am doing it this one time for free because i am trying to be nicer every once in a while/

  20. Emily I am glad to see that you aren't behaving perfectly.