Thursday, February 12, 2009

Next Stop: LA

This is my niece Hannah. This photo does not do justice to how beautiful she is inside and out, but the real point here is that she is wearing a dress handmade by her GREAT GRANDMOTHER. Hannah's mom gave it to her this weekend and it fit like a glove. The dress has a zillion pleats and has survived years of storage before making it to a new and improved body. Classic...
And while munching bay side in Seattle, I see these ducks and think of Anonymous Bird (Anon). I think of her often and I hope she is well and happy. My head and heart miss her one-of-a-kind blog, and my feathered education has come to an unhappy standstill.

From Seattle JB and I fly to Los Angeles, rent a car, and take our place on the five lane LA Freeway. We will head for Palm Desert for some R & R, but not before we travel to a special place to meet a special person for a special reason.
TA DA! The highlight of my vacation: Time with ValGal! She is wonderful, adorable, engaging, compelling, peaceful, wise, beautiful, talented beyond description, and she is my friend.

Next Stop: Palm Desert


  1. hey, Hannah is VERY nice looking... and the dress is adorable! Its a rare luxury to have such family heirlooms..

  2. hb, oh how i wish i had hannah's body. okay, i would settle for being able to tuck my teeshirts into my pants! maybe in 20 pounds...

    the dress seems almost sacred. it was sewn so artfully, and that has endured all these years.

  3. My niece is also a Hannah! The only heirloom we have is a 51 year old Christening dress but all the kids have been christened in it. I miss Anonybird too . . strange departure that one. Brave girl driving on a five lane freeway on the wrong side of the road! Enjoy your rendezvous with ValGal!

  4. what a great picture that is, you both look so happy! Enjoy your vaca

  5. Well what a story on such an old (but beautiful!) dress. It must be a special feeling to wear a dress made by her grandmother.
    have a great trip too !

  6. Wow, stunning dress!! It's like it was made for your beautiful niece.

    Awwww, Val! I wish I could have been there. Love the photo of the author and the cover artist :)

    There's nothing like the L.A. freeways. Awful! Those drivers are nuts! Glad you made it to the desert :)

  7. I'm loving these pictorial updates! What a lovely dress and young woman! That photo of JB in the hat is my favorite of her! So glad you two are having a blast. :)

  8. Gee, what a whirlwind trip! You girls are jetsitters :) It was a blast kj! hannah is darling xo valgal

  9. baino, ditto to everything you said. i can drive anywhere as long as it's not at night in the rain. then i cry.

    mim, spending time with val was incredibly special.

    ann, thank you, and welcome.

    lo, here i am in the desert--i can't get over the palm trees with huge mountains as a backdrop.

    melissa, i thought jb looked just adorable in that hat. she is indeed a cute girl.

    val, xo xo xo xo xo xo xo xo. i could go on and on. you rock. xo