Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Rhyme Time Revisited

I can't stop rhyming. It's like lying in the hammock. Or a weekend at the beach. Plus, it's cheap!


The toilet’s fixed
The grasses cut back
The appointment’s made
The snacks are packed.

The taxes aren’t done—
You can’t have it all—
But the trip’s been booked
& the garbage hauled.

The work’s wrapped up
The car’s been serviced
The stoops are painted
& no one’s nervous.

The time got spent
Finally put up the sign
Put the car in reverse
Put aside the divine.

The garden’s weeded
New bulbs on their way
& detoured hearts
Have had their say.

The weight’s been moved
To a straighter line
I might even be
okay to fine.

Still, I’m dealing with less
It’s a good mile wide
I’m trying my best
To put it aside.

I’m familiar with hope
I wear it quite well
But after the finish?
Only time will quite tell.


  1. Well this is the last time I work on my leave
    Painting the ceiling is making me heave
    Just having a break to catch up on the blog
    Before tossing the Dell into some smelly bog!

    Ha! You're travelling somewhere?

  2. well done, baino. yes i'm traveling somewhere... :)

  3. can feel your struggle
    within and without
    only on a journey
    can you expand and grow....

  4. Make sure to have a great time wherever you are going :-D