Thursday, August 09, 2007

With his own hands he built their six room house for $ 3400. When the mortgage was paid off--$ 150 a month--they said they were free at last.

When he died 12 years ago, she started doing the things he did not approve of or did not enjoy with her, like going to movies and playing cards to her heart's content. She did this without one shred of guilt or remorse.

She lost most of her memory a few years ago while helping the family dog jump on the family bed. When she hurt her back all it took was one day's worth of narcotic pain meds to erase her short term memory and replace it with a zest to live fully anyway.

He stills visits in the flowers.

She loves her life.

When she fell and broke her hip, all she can remember is yelling "help, help". She tells this part of the story with a smile and a joyful rendition of the "help help" part.

She is in a nursing home for the first time in her life preparing to walk without harm or pain so she can go back home and read and play cards.

Don't tell her she can't be independent because she will glare at you.

They were married for 56 years. She is not sure about reunions in heaven because "What about people who were married to more than one person? How would those reunions work?", she asks.

She's my Mom and he's my Dad. They did right by me for all these years and for that reason alone, I will willingly return the favor.


  1. Simply put, that was a love story...beautifully written. So hoping she'll be home playing cards soon, KJ. Sending healing thoughts and smiles, and hugs for a daughter.....

  2. my first look at your blog! i'm very impressed, karen :) great picture of rose & red...just as i remember him. looking forward to saturday! xoxo, annie

  3. You should, you know, you should.
    Love and gratefulness are great things.

  4. I love it when you write about family ... beautiful words, my friend.

    Have a blast this weekend! I wish we could be there! xoxo

  5. ps ... Happy belated birthday!! Many hugs are being sent you way, and wishes for love and laugher to fill the year ahead!

  6. Enjoyed the reading and really cute photograph too! Cookie is back! He knows you will have a great weekend HHAHHAHHHAAAAAA.

  7. this is such a lovely tribute to your parents kj.

    I really hope your mom feels a lot better soon. Enjoy the weekend!

  8. Simply lovely!
    I love this:
    "He stills visits in the flowers."
    Good memories are impossible to erase.

  9. This is the most beautiful thing I've read today - and I've read a lot of things today!
    Just so tender and real.

  10. Nice tribute to your parents! Lovely post.

  11. I really should stop by more often!
    Good wishes for your mother and "birthday bests" to you, KJ.

  12. its been days, what's the latest report? Know you're about ready to drop, but hoping progress is showing her smiling face!

  13. My Word 56 years!
    Can you imagine. I'm glad that your Mom is enjoying every day and I agree about the big schmozola in the afterlife.

    I think that one day of narcotics would erase what is left of my short term memory and I'm just turning 50.

    You are lucky to have such fond memories and wise to share them.

  14. 56 years! You are a wonderful daughter and your mother obviously deserves you! I hope she'll be home soon and I hope your birthday was fun.