Monday, August 20, 2007


I've always wanted to love someone more than they loved me. Not that I've ever had a long line of suitors, but as far back as early teenagehood, my attention and attraction usually found its way to those who didn't make it too easy for me.

If that sounds weird, perhaps it is, but I know others who prefer the opposite: they want to be the adoree instead of the adorer. Not me--maybe it's the breathless and sometimes insecure chase and challenge of love's wonderous roller coaster, but I just love being so smitten, everything stretches at once: your skin, your thoughtfulness, your life, your possibilities, your heart.

So based on another Big Yellow prompt, a few weeks ago in my writing group I wrote a silly corny poem about this very subject.

I Love You More!

I love you, you know
I wish it weren’t so
Before you I coasted
And now I am roasted.

A peanutless shell
What a story to tell
You’ve wrestled me down
I’m a mat on the ground.

I’m a wimp in a suit
Being cool is so moot
You offer a slice
and I’m thanking you twice.

Whatever you ask
I’m up to the task
If I’m heard but not seen--
I’m just stuck in between

The grill and the grate
Where I rev up my fate.
I’m tempted to stay--
It’s even likely I may

Camp in your parlor
And gear up each hour—
For an encouraging word
Though sometimes absurd.
If I fold when you fawn
It’s because all along
I’m smitten by you:
What else can I do?

You speak and I jump
You coo, I’m a lump
I used to be tough
But now soft is enough.

Just don’t think I’m cheesy
Because it’s so easy
When you call out my name
My heart flutters lame.

This love is for real—
It’s a honeysweet deal.
I don’t need much back
I have what I lacked.

And when you see me today
These words would you say?
Ok! Fine! I do love you too !
Hey! Too funny:I already knew!


  1. Oh my God!!! This poem is equivalent to how I feel about Kung Fu Hustle. It's a corny, slapstick movie but it sure makes me smile and laugh out loud even just at the mere mention of it. You are too much.

  2. Oh my God!!! I have Kung Fu Hustle here to watch tonight :) It had better live up to KJs poem! KJ, When reading this, I saw you in a suit at a microphne with a spotlight doing the introduction, then for the poem there were sweet dancers posing daringly and you looking pathetically fragile!

  3. Then they start stuffing dollar bills on her waistline!!!

  4. This poem is going to drive everyone on the edge. I think I will have to find a ledge.

  5. I sit here with a broad smile on my face, KJ. What a poetic woman you are :-)

  6. Kung Fu Hustle? Love?
    How do these mix?
    What did I miss?

    (Thats a little poem itself LOL!)

    I remember a woman I worked with describing another couple to me, when she said:

    "She loves him more than he loves her, thats very bad! A woman should marry someone who loves her more than she loves them"

    Im not sure how long I sat looking at her with one eyebrow raised, before realising - She was right!!!

  7. I am reminded of the book about a rabbit and her baby and both of them were outdoing each other on who loved more. The child said, "I love you as far as the moon" and the mother replied " I love you as far as the moon...and back." I think it went that way. My children and I used to play that contest and I always won, I had to win for my children's sakes. There was no way I could have let them win.

  8. ces,knowing how you feel about kung fu hustle, thank you for the compliment!

    anon, yes, i'm on stage with that little spotlight, as dramatic as hell!

    dione, hmmm, that would be ok...

    ces, ? it's just a poem about love...

    isabella, how come you are agreeing with me? should i be suspicious?

    wieneke, thank you so much.

    lavender, different strokes for different folks, but i know what you mean.

    ces, how sweet. it made me smile.

  9. Kung fu hustle?
    What the...
    OMG, I've just watched the trailer on youtube. No thank you very much :-)
    I think I enjoy KJ's poem more.
    It makes me smile, that is good.
    I had a headache before I started reading her poem. It is better than medicine, it kills pain.
    Thanks, KJ!

  10. Yes, it was a bit like what Hell probably is.

  11. oh my gosh, i love that game.

    i love you more.
    no I love you more!
    noooo IIIIIIII love YOUUUUU more!
    NO! IIIIII love youuuuuuuuuu more!

    you make me smile, kj.

  12. pieterbie, you make my day. you really do.

    anon, do you think i can get strawberry smoothies in hell?

    why, thank you jessie. my good wishes follow you...

  13. No stawberry smoothies. Is that who your Love Poem was written to?

  14. Lovely poem! Achy, funny, sweet...

  15. Ha this is dee-lightful! I smiled at the slice part as I noticed you managed to fit some pizza into this love song! Well done and fun!!!

  16. My children were able to top this when I told them "I love you as much as infinity". They retorted "and back!!!"

  17. Nice poem because your love is answered. But if it isn't, it is a ticket to unhappiness. I agree very much with Lavender.