Thursday, August 30, 2007


Don't ask me how I got lucky. That's for the universe to answer. The writer and philosopher Hugh Prather once defined "soulmate" as 'the person you just happen to be with when you finally realize the limitless potential a relationship can offer'. That might be what happened to Ces and me--time, place and circumstance, perhaps intersecting with destiny, so we two women amazingly, thankfully found eachother and became friends.

This post is an acknowledgement and thank you to Ces for being my best and dearest friend. It's enough that her vocabulary and fund of knowledge keep teaching me at every turn. It's fascinating that our opposite opinions invigorate rather than separate. It's remarkable that we enjoy listening to eachother for hours on end.

But most of all, it's miraculous that the two of us joyfully put up with, reach out to, tend and care for, unconditionally love and trust eachother, and laugh, laugh, and laugh some more. This is what the universe has awarded me, and I can only say thank you, thank you.

If you haven't already, you can visit Ces here. Count on her to entertain and educate with humor, civility and sometimes ingenious controversy. Following the recent honors she gave me, I am happily bestowing both the Thoughtful and the Creative Blogger awards to my friend Ces.

And, since writers write, here's one last way of making my point:

Friendship (To Ces)
I tell you about my bank account
The challenges I mount
My heart’s desires,
My passion and fires
The guy at the bar,
My avatar.
The near accident,
The words I meant.
The way I pace,
An occasional grace
The lights at the park,
My fear of the dark
The reasons I cry.
The times that I try.
My zero fashion
My deepest passion
My life on the lane
The times I’m insane
My college days
The places I’ve played
When I fall down
My sacred ground
Life in the Midwest
The times put to the test
Living abroad
Loving lobster and cod
The things I feel
When I try to be real.
You patiently listen
With an honest glisten
Thank you my friend
For fun without end.


  1. great tribute to your friendship with Ces. Friendships like yours aren't that common and should be treasured for the gold mine that it is. :D

  2. You are a great friend to have, the above is all the evidence one needs..:)

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  4. All i can say is
    To this sweet post that's this:

    Why does it not ryhme
    Did you not have the time?

    The distance of this friendship
    Is a cause for hardship.

    Many images about me
    Are made when she is on the phone with thee.

    So thanks KJ
    You are a sweetness and grace, Hey!

  5. This is so much public display of affection!

  6. I have been to Ces's blog and have read her comments in other blogs. She is obssessed with laundry. Maybe you should talk about how she does laundry - it may make her ecstatic!!!

  7. Priceless! Friendship and the celebration of it!

  8. mench, hope to have lunch with you one of these days! really!

    marloes,thank you so much.

    ces, :)

    isabella, i only rhyme
    some of the time

    dione, it's a mutual admiration society, and so what?!

    boboregard, friendship requires discussion of laundry? well, ok, if necessary...

    singleton, totally priceless. totally.

  9. Hi, i just popped bij via Wienekes blog

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  11. Haaay! Is there something more interesting here than talking about the same person? Where is Mr. Ryan and what about Stella or that cute doggie who jumped on Ces's bed and tried to sleep with her during the yArt sale? I think her name was Saddie?

  12. So nice to catch up - my you have been busy - what a fantastic Art Sale you had - what a fabulous idea - what a grand get-together. And all written up and photographed perfectly. You look so happy my friend. And that too-cute grand-baby of yours ... now isn't he just something? :)

  13. Yer so lucky! Your friendship and love is like one of those great movies or books that you read or see that you never want to end!

  14. It is good that you cherrish friendship and don't take it for granted. Real friendship is rare.
    And you are both very special people, you and Ces.
    Keep op the friendship, that is all I can say.