Tuesday, September 20, 2022

Betty Bird

 This is Betty Bird, made by my partner JB from a piece of driftwood and embellished to her heart's content. JB is finally realizing her passion and dream as an Artist. She's in a local gallery and she's as happy as a clam. 


  1. Interestingly beautiful. I wish I could see it in all dimensions.

    1. 8, it really is gorgeous. xo love kj

  2. KJ, I thought about you daily during the hurricane, but took comfort in the thought that no damage to your area was reported. Still, it must have been dramatic. I know hurricanes were dramatic at my Mississippi house which was 100 miles from the Gulf.

  3. snow, I was no where near the hurricane so there was no drama at all. I'm enjoying a very beautiful autumn and counting my blessings. love kj

  4. KJ, while on its way to Canada, Fiona caused 12-foot waves in North Carolina where Peggy's sister lives, and the Boston Herald reported high surf on MA beaches, which is why I was concerned. Sounds like you had enough natural protection to have missed the drama.

    I'm glad you're enjoying autumn. Things are pretty horrible in Eugene due to smoke from a nearby fire that has been burning for six weeks now--I just posted about.