Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Through The Seams

What can I tell you?

Of course the world is turned upside down:

Wars and worries wear thin

Even though the seams.

But the sweater of the years was knitted tight,

Weathered wool that softens and warms 

The prickliest skin.

I’ve had that sweater for many years

And I’ve faced the nighttime shakes

Until then, never did the chill

Overtake me.

Until then is too often still now

But I am better. 

With better comes hope

And hope is the warmth

Of days to come. 

So why am I not writing more poems? It is because I work in the city three days a week? Because I'm trying to finish the novel that won't quit? Because I don't see Jess and Mike and the kids enough as it is? Because I have this new research gig? Because I try to visit my Mother several times a week? Because I love the holidays and I'm getting ready! Because I blog surf with glee? Because I have chores? Because I can't write about loss one more time without thinking myself ridiculous.

In any case. here is an old and new poem and I'n glad to post it.

With love


  1. I like your hopeful Pom...wishing you well...love the banner photo.

  2. the sweater of years....ha, i like that....also like that better brings hope brings warmth toward the days that come...its a journey you know...and poems come when they are ready you know...

  3. "Because I can't write about loss one more time without thinking myself ridiculous."

    So, you're saying that you want to maybe be a little more enlightened than you sometimes feel? Me too.