Monday, November 19, 2012

Ah Dr. Seuss

Hello Dr. Seuss,
I hate to tell you
I hope this won't fell you
but did you know
poems that rhyme
are considered low
(er) than a fairy tale
the kind that bob
but don't much sail?
I write rhymes too
and one bad time
they gulped mine down
like bitter lime.
But that was then
when I cared a bit
now i'm just a happy twit
so Dr Suess, do you mind
if I follow you
the way you rhyme?
Your cat in the hat,
my rabbit in the jam
they both for sure
don't give a damn.
Pass the candy,
throw the eggs
and when we tire
we'll go to bed.

maybe in 2013 I will follow the rhythm and line pattern of Cat in the Hat and write myself a long Dr. Seuss poem. maybe I just will....



  1. No better mentor to have than groovey Seuss say Rubye I am.

  2. Penning in rhyme
    may not be high falutin all the time
    But those prisses who say
    it's no good on any day
    They are so full of it
    And their high end stuff smells like sh**
    Rhyming all the time may make you broke
    I say Fu** um if they can't take a joke


  3. well there was a cat who under his hat said that rhymes andmeter must be perfect or youno poet just a jerk with words that goes together like turds. then on the other side of the fence was a dude who said to cat number one, son I don't need no rhyme to make me poetry sounds so good because rules can be tools but it's the point that puts people nose back in joint.

    Maybe no Seussian but it depicts well enough the decades long literary battle between Frost and Sandburg. As for will or it won't I don't thinks about it when I write the bits_____________ of whatever you tank b'longs in the blank.

  4. Seuss is the main reason I love children's literature. He was beyond brilliant as a writer and as an artist. It ain't easy to rhyme, and to tell a story at the same time, and to enchant. I have One Fish, Two Fish in my head for life! :) xoxo

  5. ha. dr seuss is amazing...and i dont mind the rhyme for sure, esp if done well and not forced...or just all glitter you are who we are and right thusly...

  6. Awe, Love Seuss and you too! **blows kisses** Deb

  7. Sometimes the greatest wisdom comes in rhymes :) Dr. Seuss was awesome!

  8. Oh, kj, beauty and those who point it out are not very "trendy" these days. It is up to you to correct the situation! Bring on the Dr. Seuss rhymes, I love him and anyone who loves him too.