Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Animal Wednesday: Emily Rabbit Shows A Picture of Herself and Writes a Poem

It's me Emily, how are you?
I thought I would show you what I do
While people worry and carry their cares
I  relax and throw avocados and pears.
 Frozen vegetables make missiles to throw
at mean people who think they are so in the know.

This is the first time I've shown you a shot
Of what I look like and who I am not.
If you don't know me already I will tell you right now
I'm a smart little rabbit, not a grass munching cow.
I eat jellies and gummies and my Uncle Bunny is famous:
he knew Janis Joplin and the cookie guy Amos. 

You should fall on the grass when you can't have your way
Then kick your feet  high and  slowly display
a boo hoo boo hoo boo that starts slow to a scream:
Just cry from your stomach when someone is mean.
It usually works, but in case things go bad
Pretend you are innocent and don't waste time being sad

And one more thing just in case you don't see
You should lie on nice grass and stretch out just like me.
If you don't have a tail, so what? stretch yourself out
And don't be afraid to have a good pout.
Okay, be nice, but maybe charge money
To teach grumps and grouches how to be sunny.

Sincerely Yours
Emily V.V. Rabbit



  1. Dear Emily,
    You're lookin' good (and it seems very appropriate that you would share a picture of your backside)! Hee hee!

    p.s. Please tell kj that I'm wondering whether she played it safe with the auburn, or if she matched her hair to her blue toes?!?

  2. Ms kristin, kj did the unthinkable ! She's letting her hair go white on top and all around and she says 'we'll see"

    Maybe you might show your backside too ....

    Emily R.