Monday, December 01, 2008

The Light Stays On!

Well, it's happening. Look at the cover!! This painting of my partner JB's Magic Cottage (her art studio in our back yard) was done by fellow blogger and friend, ValGal, who painted this specifically for my first book, and did so as a gift! I think it is one of the most beautiful book covers ever made!
In two days I will receive the final proof in book form. Once approved the book itself will be listed and available on and Barnes and, as well as through me directly. I will post information about when and how to order as soon as the arrangements are officially in place. I am pretty confident of availability no later than December 10th. (Wink...wink: in time for Christmas). Anyone who wants an signed copy can either order from me or I will mail you a signed book plate to insert inside.
At the first of the year I will begin to contact bookstores and libraries and book reviewers and radio stations and....


  1. Yay, kj! And yay, Bill!! ;) The cover's fabulosity simply matches the fabulosity of the words inside.


  2. wow wow wow wow WOW!!!!!
    What a gorgeous cover and such a generous, loving gesture from Ms. Val! I can't wait to get my hands on an autographed copy and dig in.
    I'm so happy for you KJ! I'm sure this will be a blockbuster :)
    Keep me posted!

  3. very excited for you, kj! and the cover is DELICIOUS!!!


  4. kris, yay indeed! and yay indeed to our mutual friend bill--what would i have done without his graphic design and incredible patience?

    lolo (may i affectionately shorten your name?)m thank you so much. i forgot that you are also a fan of our ms. val. she has been incredible and incredibly kind to me. i only hope i can repay her...

    ruby, how are you?! are you still nearby? thanks for the word 'delicious': i am having so much fun getting reactions to the cover. i only hope the book delights as much!

  5. Yay! That's so exiting!

  6. O - M - G !!!

    Fabulous :D

    I definitely want to place an order for a signed copy. Just let me know when they are ready ;D

    Really excited for you - it is a dream come true!

  7. Oh I'm one of the slackos who only read the last few incredibly moving chapters so I can't comment on the cover re it's relevance but it is very pretty . . but I will buy the book! And I'm in there for a signed copy please . . pretty please?

  8. I am so honored -I feel like I have been a part of the birth of this book, and it makes me feel like perhaps I could write my own. Beyond the wonderful story and entertainment value of the book, you have been a great teacher and I want to thank you for that.

  9. Wow!!!!! I love what Val did with the Magic Cottage. This is unbelievably exciting!

  10. Where can we see some of JB's work? I'd love to see what happens in that magic cottage :)

    Your comment (regarding my bovine) made me smile.

  11. That is one gorgeous book! Hooray! (claps hands wildly) Can't wait to order my *signed* copy ... I'm so proud of you. :)

  12. It really looks so pro!!! Very exited for you :) always your pal, valgal
    sorry for my message, I was venting...

  13. a fantastic painting for the cover !! Success and congrats with your book !

  14. cs, i am very excited. i just want to hold the book in my hand.

    miladysa, i will be over the top sending this book to you!

    baino, a signed copy? you bet your private parts! :)

    debra kay, you HAVE been a part of the birth of this book. that i may have taught you something gives me great joy. i am glad to know you and grateful you have been on this journey with me.

    carla, unbelievable, our friend val. i love love love her painting.

    lolo, i will post some of jb's art pieces just for you.

    melissa, your signed copy will say you've been the wind beneath my wings...

    val, always your pal too. i am so proud of my book because of you.

    hildegarde, how nice to see you here! yes, the painting is fantastic.

  15. Congrats, KJ, indeed a great and classy cover.
    Keep us informed, I'm always game or a good read!

  16. Can't WAIT to get my personally autographed signed original copy of such a beautiful and wonderful book.