Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Take a Guess

It’s a shimmer alright
Right into the light—
This by day,
That by night.
It shakes and glows
Slithers and sows,
Flickers and flashes
Straight down to my toes.

Do you think it’s fame?
A beast to tame?
Something foreign?
Or more of the same?
No! No! It’s none thereof,
Not a diamond or golden glove
Not a treasure or cooing dove
It’s just old fashioned gooey love!


  1. Great stuff, isnt it?! Sweet little ode to love KJ!

  2. I was guessing love for sure,
    that kind of tremor has no cure.
    But who needs one,
    it feels so good,
    I'd sit right in it if I could.

  3. pieterbie, melissa, lavender, yes, hooray!

    rm, ooooh, very nice. and yes, no cure....


  4. I guessed before the last line too! Clever poem KJ, even though I don't like gooey things :)

  5. I thought for sure you were talking about a snake!

  6. Lovely! Great to catch up. Thanks for the insights.